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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 introduces a new twist to the co-op-focused Spec Ops mode with Survival. Anyone can jump into a Survival match and feel like an unstoppable army of one for a few rounds. No need to avoid Survival until you hit level 50, but it's a good idea to at least give the 16 Spec Ops Missions a playthrough to get yourself going. More importantly, these factors force Survival mode players to really keep moving around the maps. The thing that pushes Survival to be extra challenging is the abundance of enemy types you'll encounter.
The 16 Survival maps are broken into four groups, based on their difficulty: Easy, Normal, Hard and Insane. Self-Revive is a fairly early unlock and a vitally important one to have, especially if you're going solo on Survival. An important thing to note about any AI-controlled equipment you can buy: they'll earn you points. Sadly, one of the most useful unlocks -- the Sleight of Hand perk -- doesn't become available until you reach level 50.
In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 "Spec Ops" Survival mode, you'll face wave after wave of enemies trying to bring you down.
Tips for Fallen on survival mode in spec ops, on Call Of Duty Modern warfare 3 learn how to get far!
Remember that i do suggest you read my guide above, as i go very in depth on all the aspects of the survival game mode and talk about all the benefits of each sections of the game and everything you can buy.
For Solo SurvivalGuide for all Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 spec ops survival mode maps for SOLO players Includes alThis Hub, will go through a short strategy for every map. 352First-Person Shooter Online GamesTips for Resistance on survival mode in spec ops, on Call Of Duty Modern warfare 3 learn how to get far! Anonymous 4 years ago I think I'll have to look for the building ur takin about n then I'll probably feel stupid. Johnrr631992 4 years ago from Tampa, Florida Author When i initially tried that strategy for that building, me and my buddy ran it a few times, and we found a few things, then jumping out of the windows, or off the side, it takes just enough damage away where if you get shot from ANYTHING you go down.
BG11 4 years ago I've yet to use your strategy but my first go at this round i went into the builing on the north west part of your map and found significant success. Johnrr631992 4 years ago from Tampa, Florida Author Nice do what works, I am solely here to help you.
32First-Person Shooter Online GamesTips for Seatown on survival mode in spec ops, on Call Of Duty Modern warfare 3 learn how to get far!
Survival Mode is a new addition to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and seems to be capturing a lot of players’ interests. Online it’s more of a minefield, where your partner, despite their level, can be a nightmare to play with, and go running off into large hoards without any real thought of the consequences. One of the biggest assets you can have in the heat of battle is a full understanding of the arsenal available to you and what each one can do to make your life a whole lot easier.
Weapon Armory – Here you can buy all the various guns featured in the game, their upgrades, and refill your ammo. Defense Armory – Here you can buy armour, sentry guns, grenades and other various countermeasures. Air Support Armory – Here you can call in air strikes, launch predator missiles, and even get support from Delta squads.
Now there are no bad choices available to you, but there are bad combinations of weapons, and more crucially, bad times to buy certain weapons as it can be a complete waste of your funds and mess up any potential strategy you have going. Each map obviously has its strengths and weaknesses and these can be exploited to your advantage. Now this may be frowned upon by some, but in this instance I believe it to be perfectly acceptable and will probably be the difference between you surviving to wave thirteen or surviving to wave thirty and beyond.
You want somewhere that allows you to get to all of the available weapons quickly, so preferably somewhere towards the middle of the map is ideal. Now there are some exceptions where you will have to move, such as when explosive attack dogs break through, and that’s when you will need to take them down, wait for them to blow and then revert to your position.
With every enemy you kill in the game you’ll be given funds, as you will at the end of each wave, and knowing what to do with these at the right time will help you immensely. The first rule is to take out enemies on the first few waves primarily with melee attacks as this saves ammo and ultimately money. Sentry Guns can help land more hits faster, which means you can move onto the next enemy faster and this can be vital in not getting overrun. You are allowed one per person so make sure there is one near each of you at all times and when the time comes to replace it do so as quick as is financially possible.
As with Sentry Guns, each of you will be able to call on a small team of allies to aid you in your quest. A great way of thinning the herd is to plant claymores in places you know enemies will spawn near and also key areas around your location that they will have to pass in order to reach you.

These are the main source of death for most for all sorts of reasons and we will try to cover a few of them here. The best way to avoid this scenario is to always stay on the move while they’re in play. Remember not to panic and not to find yourself in a place where there’s no escape because more often than not this will spell the end of your game.
The only problem with running and gunning is when you have to tackle a chopper while one of these things’s is pursuing you it limits your field of play to an indoor arena. Some make the mistake of using their predator missile on the first Juggernaut that touches ground, which is all well and good early on, but when you have many to deal with and a chopper it may not help you as much. Another tip if you struggle for time is leave the chopper until last, if it's safe to do so, and then use that time to duck and cover whilst you restock. The waves for each map will always follow a set pattern and if you want to make it above and beyond wave twenty, which is usually a good benchmark, then remembering when to buy a predator missile, when to deploy a Delta squad and where to plant your Claymores are all thing’s you should be thinking about.
I don’t claim to be the know-all expert on this mode, these are simply observations I have made after some fifty hours of gameplay.
By all means I welcome differing strategies or variations on anything I have mentioned here which I’d be more than happy for you to share with others. It's a wave-based endurance trial in which you must take down groups of different enemy types as they appear in increasingly difficult combinations. It doesn't last long though, since without careful planning you can quickly find yourself overwhelmed by superior forces even in the early rounds. Whether you're playing Missions or Survival, the points you earn count toward your overall Spec Ops level progression, which is completely separate from MW3's multiplayer. It's much easier to rack up your early levels doing those and then take what you've earned as a starting point for Survival.
There's nothing for you during the first round; the second, third and fourth rounds will see shopping stations unlocked for weapons, equipment and air support, respectively.
They'll also split up into smaller groups and execute flanking maneuvers, from two, three and more directions. It's tempting to set up in a fixed position, call in a sentry turret or two and some Delta Squad support. Take careful note of each map's description; this is where you'll find all of the information you might need on what kinds of enemies you'll be facing on that map. Juggernauts are susceptible to flashbangs, but they're even more susceptible to Predator missiles. Kristin Adams has the cheats and tips you'll need to survive, and not run out of cash at the worst possible moment.
Better tip get a Sentry gun a grenade sentry an 2 100 Bullet weapons with Sleight Of Hand choose a spot where u can run away when neccessary, Get Body armor an Self revives!!! The key to this strategy is your accessibility and easiness to leave when in stressful situations. This has several "points to leave" as well, plus you can move your turrets inside on the chopper rounds. So therefore i moved where i did, because yah the turrets are vulnerable but the escape routes are endless..
I’d very much recommend tackling them with a partner, as with each progressively difficult wave the task becomes a daunting one, and having someone there to back you up or revive you when the going gets tough can be invaluable. There’s nothing worse than having to carry the burden of dispatching enemies and saving your partner every time they get swamped and bleed out.
A good tip is to friend those who you work well with, although you should also peruse the leaderboards. For the completely uneducated, the armouries are split into three main categories, and are located at different points on the map. For example, there’s no point in using a predator missile towards the end of wave nine when there are few enemies left and the toughest enemies in the mode, the riot shield Juggernauts, are about to arrive in wave ten.
The main thing you want to be aware of is the locations of your three armouries as running like a headless chicken between these can make or break your survival in the next wave. It needs to be somewhere with two entrances and no exposure to enemies from surrounding windows or ledges. This is important as becoming adept with the art of executing all in front of you quickly is achieved with familiarity. Of course it depends what map you’ve picked, what compliments your team mate and a whole host of other circumstances as to what is selected at what time, but there are some general rules to follow. It’s also a good idea to pick up the weapons dropped by enemies and then upgrade to more suitable weapons later on as and when you feel they are needed. There’s nothing worse than bleeding out and forcing your team mate to leave his post to come and save you, leaving you vulnerable in both spots. If you can afford it go for the riot Delta squad as they are far less susceptible to being taken out and have the added bonus of being able to charge down on enemies.
You want to make sure if you can that anyone with bombs strapped to them are taken out far away, so that your guys aren’t taken out in the blast.

This not only makes your job easier when they finally reach you, but it’s also a way to rack up kill streaks and rampages that give you more money to play with. Guns with short bursts or a long reload time are no use to anyone in this particular instance. The main fopaux is becoming trapped in a corner by one of these things and then being blasted away to oblivion. You should aim to take out all the lesser enemies first, preferably before a Juggernauts even reaches you so that way you won’t have to worry about additional fire from other targets.
You can always outrun these things and if needs be take turns with your team mate letting off shots at him while the other recovers. The key here is to run to a safe place and take out that chopper as quickly as possible, before turning your attention back to tackling the Juggernaut. Unless it’s something imperative to staying alive, such as an ammo refill, it may be best waiting for a more suitable opportunity. That way, in theory, you have unlimited time to equip yourself for whatever lies in the next wave. Many of these hours spent experimenting with the various trials and tribulations of the mode and discovering what works and the most efficient way to get the job done. A Survival match only ends when all human players -- the game allows for either one or two -- are dead.
This guide won't give you any surefire strategies, mostly because there really aren't any thanks to Survival's frequently unpredictable AI, but it'll help you prepare. As you rise through the 50 levels, you'll unlock an array of tools -- weapons, equipment, air support and even perks -- for use in Survival mode. Money is earned as you kill enemies, with bonuses awarded for killing multiple enemies in quick succession or racking up a no-damage killstreak. You can take off running and get a group to follow behind you, but as soon as you slow and try to defend a position, the enemy will respond accordingly and break off pursuit to prepare a coordinated strike.
Your AI-controlled enemy is easier to kill than your average human player, but the group tactics coupled with the lack of snap-to aiming help balance this out. Make sure you buy the right tools for the right job by knowing what that job will be on your chosen map. This spot makes it so they have to come up the two stair cases to get at you, also has obstacles so at high rounds when grenades are thrown you can hide behind things. When you come under pressure you will be able to very easily get away with no trouble by jumping off any of the many edges that seem to benefit you the most. Then get comfy in the crouched or prone position, pick an entrance each and get ready to pick off the enemies one by one as they come into view.
So if by chance you do get hit by a rogue grenade or similar then you can simply blast your way back to life and continue slaughtering all before you. You also want to be aware of where you throw your grenades and plant your explosives in conjunction with their position.
Again, just be wary of you, your Delta squad and your team mate potentially being caught in any blast. You are now trapped in a small room or corridor and when your team mate comes to rescue you he is downed too. From here it’s a case of flash banging them and letting loose as near to their head as is physically possible. Preferably having a Predator Missile to hand is the easier method of taking out any flying foes. You need to be prepared to abandon your position though and beat a tactical retreat until you can regain your footing. Body Armor is useful too; you'll always start with it, but you can buy more at the equipment station. This will prevent the enemy from easily penetrating you, along with allowing you to protect your turrets. This will become very useful on juggernaut rounds when the juggernauts come up the stairs and then have to go back down the stairs, and will let you get far enough away to cal in those predator missiles. This way once one is running low you can switch out to the other and continue the carnage, using your money for more useful things. Another benefit of the area i chose is that on juggernaut rounds, or if you do get overrun you can easily jump of at any point, and run away without having to worry about getting trapped.
Now depending on the placement of the turrets on each stair case you may or may not have trouble finding exactly where you want to place the turrets. What i mean by this , is if you put them to far down on the staircase the enemy can shoot them and take them out and you will not be able to defend against them, and you will find yourself replacing them after every round.

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