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With Canadian rock and pop groups making it big, it’s easy to see My Darkest Days’ new songs invading the radio play lists not too far down the road. Last Saturday I was at a Christening and so it was the perfect occasion to wear Orly Darkest Shadow nail lacquer.
The formula is a bit on the thicker side, it applies quite nicely and glides easily across the nail but it tens to pull just a little bit around the edges of the nail. I like to wear dark nail polishes like this one, regardless the season and I especially like them when I have shorter nails. I got 5 days wear from this formula before the polish started to chip at the ends  while the color was still looking intense and shiny. Xen-Tan boasts that their Dark Lotion gives you a natural olive tan that can last up to ten days. So once I'd had a shower, I was seriously impressed with the colour, it was a natural colour that looked like the colour I go when I tan naturally.
I hope you've all had a good weekend, like I mentioned above mine has been real productive as I've spent most of it watching Geordie Shore, I've watched so much of it that now whenever I think it's in a Geordie accent! Dizzybrunette3 is a UK beauty and lifestyle blog, written by a make up obsessed dizzy brunette. I was hoping today would be the day that my motivation and inspiration for blogging just reappeared.
I must admit that there are a few items right now in my make up bag that I am completely digging. From the author of Me and Earl and the Dying Girl comes a novel about music, love, friendship, and freedom.
President Abraham Lincoln said he wouldn't have been able to survive the Civil War without his jokes and amusing stories.
The band’s sound is a cross between a heavy-rock band and a pop boy band, but they make it work.
Tunes like “Sick and Twisted Affair” bring Three Days Grace to mind; but it’s no surprise – the founder and lead singer of My Darkest Days, Matt Walst, is the younger brother of Brad Walst, the bassist of Three Days Grace. It’s not difficult to figure out the title of each song because each song’s title is repeated multiple times in its chorus.
Their lyrics could use the help of a thesaurus, but there’s no denying the power of a catchy song.
This shade was released last year as part of Orly Smoky Fall 2014 Collection (info, photos) and was exactly what I need for an elegant classy look that will go perfect with my simple black dress.

I applied Orly Darkest Shadow in two coats on my left hand nails and then added a thin layer of Jordana Yellow Out Top Coat.
On the nails where I haven’t applied top coat I also got minor chipping and a mattified color.
I'm what you'd call a tanorexix, I hate being pale and luckily in the summer I tan well naturally but in the winter I like to keep the bronzed glow up so I turn to fake tan. When I read this, I was like 'alight then we will see how long this lasts.' The majority of fake tans I've used tend to last five days before going patchy and fading, I was interested to see how Xen-Tan's dark lotion fared to the claims. I was impressed with my face though, as tanners don't usually work on my face that well but woah.. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Air Force.His books have been selections of the Preferred Choice Book Club, the Quality Paperback Book Club and the Book of the Month Club.
Heavy bass lines and a smoky voice that is characteristic of rock mix with the lighter drumbeats often heard in pop to create an album that will have the girls “Stutter”ing. It would be nice to have some variation, but all of the songs seem to have the same format. After completing a fashion business program, she realized journalism was the right path for her.
Those nice shimmering particles gives Orly Darkest Shadow a nice touch and a fine elegance, making it perfect to be worn with every special occasion. On my right hand nails I kept the nail polish in only one coat and without any top coat so I can compare the results after a few days. I've used so many fake tans over the years but one that I'd always wanted to try was Xen-Tan. His work has been published as far away as India and Singapore and has been translated into Japanese and Finnish. The positive side to this is that it’s almost impossible to get these songs out of your head. When not in class or writing for Cadence, she creates her own artwork, volunteers for an animal rescue and goes to concerts - she's seen over 200 bands live. Raved about by so many of my favourite bloggers, and known for having some of the darkest fake tans around, I knew Xen- Tan would be right up my street. The bottle has a pump dispenser which means applying is made so much easier, you can measure out how much you want for each limb so for example 2 pumps for a full leg, 1 pump for your arm and then layer till you reach your desired shade.

John also has the distinguished honor of being quoted around the world next to such luminaries as Abraham Lincoln, Mark Twain, Lord Byron and Franz Kafka. Although it’s easy to compare the group to other Canadian groups, it’s unfair to say My Darkest Days isn’t making their own name in the industry. So one day I had a little impulse splurge and bought Xen-Tan's Dark Lotion from Feel Unique. But what I've most been impressed with is the longevity of Xen Tan's Dark Lotion, one week on, I've not got any patchy areas and I still feel tanned which is impressive in my eyes especially as I tend to have two showers a day. They even printed jokes on the front page of newspapers, mixed in with the top news stories.Mark Twain is, of course, the most famous humorist of the nineteenth century, but there were others who were famous then that aren't quite as well known now. It doesn’t take long to learn the lyrics, so it won’t be a surprise when these songs catch on. The lotion is easy to apply, it has a guide colour so you see where you've missed and it smells so much better than other fake tan I've used. Seriously impressed with Xen Tan's Dark Lotion as I seriously think it may take the crown of my new favourite fake tan.
It smells of marzipan which I'll admit I'm not a fan of to eat but the smell is a lot nicer than the usual potent fake tan smell. Over all I'm really impressed with Xen Tan's Dark Lotion, it layers really well and gives you a natural colour that does last a week. Also the next day I didn't reek of biscuits, I smelt normal which was brilliant as I always feel a little conscious that when at uni people can smell my fake tan! But keep in mind I do moisturise twice a day so this may of helped the longevity of my tan.
I applied this with a mitt as I always do to avoid orange hands and I mixed a half pump in with some gradual tanner for my face and hands. I then popped on my fake tanning onesie and left the dark lotion to develop in my sleep, in my opinion the longer you let it develop..
Retrieved through extensive research from books, newspapers, speeches, letters, and personal diaries, some of this material hasn't been published since the war.

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