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Select your travel style--whether it's our signature expeditions, our active outdoors adventures, or our lower-priced journeys. Our newest small-group trips, provided in partnership with G Adventures, blend fun, hands-on exploration with meaningful cultural encounters, as well as more free time and choices. Introduce your family to the rich culture of Egypt on an expedition to Cairo, Abu Simbel, Aswan, and Luxor.
Step back in time to the age of the pharaohs during a sound-and-light performance at Karnak. At the Egyptian Museum, see the treasures of the tomb of Tutankhamun and face a lineup of historic pharaohs in the Royal Mummies Room. Fly to Abu Simbel to view the towering Temple of Ramses II and the Temple of Hathor, dedicated to Nefertari. Our jet-setting friends on Facebook never fail to impress us with their adventures near and far — from Switzerland to South Africa.
About Intelligent TravelNational Geographic believes that to know the world is to change it. The Delwara temple complex near Udaipur has striking black and white marble sculptures of Mahavira.
An hour and a half drive from Abu Dhabi, the Emirates desert can best be experienced by taking an off-road safari trip.
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We're on the front lines of travel that illuminates, celebrates, and preserves irreplaceable places—and we're taking you along for the ride. Sail a traditional felucca, and come face-to-face with mummies as you delve into the history and mythology of ancient Egypt.
Stop at the Luxor Museum to see its fabulous collection of pottery, jewelry, furniture, and statuary. The village, not to be mistaken with the Dilwara temples near Mount Abu, is also a refreshing departure from the throngs of tourists that glut the old city, and indeed many of Rajasthan’s attractions. Be sure to let us know where you’re off to each Friday, or just poke around for inspiration as you plan your next trip. As we left Udaipur city, we wound past hills that seemed to be dozing in the warm glow of soft winter sunlight.
Flashes of greenery appeared and disappeared as we rounded the roads hewn into the ancient rocks of the Aravallis. On our second night in Luxor, ancient Egypt comes alive at an enthralling sound-and-light performance. Our guides—two young men smartly dressed in Sadhna kurtas—took me to a vast workshop with modern sewing equipment, mounds of green, red, yellow, pink, orange, and purple cloth, and about 20 women who all turned around to look at the interloper.
The guides, Himmat and Kundan had been trained by Silberstein over a year, and vastly improved their English as a result.
Along with four others, they spent hours recording and talking to local residents to glean various aspects of Delwara’s history and the social changes currently underway. As we walked through the meandering streets, pausing every once in a while, the guides pointed out where the neighbourhood of one caste ended and that of another began.After exploring a beautiful old stepwell, another guide, Dinesh, joined us. Ducking in and out of centuries-old Jain temples and walking past traditionally built houses hidden between their concrete cousins, we came to a potter’s workshop.

The potter was resting on his charpoy, but got up to give us a demonstration, despite the fact that we had intruded on his afternoon nap. I asked the guides if I could leave something for the old man, and they suggested it would be better “for the dignity of the potter” if I bought something instead.Further along, we went into the 900-year-old Parshvanathji Bhagvan temple where some old statues and carvings had been recently unearthed. The community’s recent restoration of the temple was not a patch on the intricate work I saw in some of the other, older Jain temples, such as the Rishabdev Bhagvan temple with its 149 carved pillars and 52 devalkulikas or individual shrines. Later we also passed the 11th-century Kasheshvar Mahadev temple, which was recently restored by Seva Mandir, using funds from a group of concerned citizens.Another very different Seva Mandir initiative we encountered was a man with a rickshaw partitioned into two halves for compostable and non-recyclable garbage, who was going door-to-door to collect waste.
Delwara was far cleaner than many other rural towns I have visited—an outcome, I was told, of the way trash collectors were formally employed by a people’s council organised by Seva Mandir. Further evidence of Seva Mandir’s work with the nitty-gritty of Delwara life was visible in a Bhil neighbourhood, where the Adivasi community lives on the outskirts, much like it did a century ago. Here, toilets had been built to prevent people from having to go into the fields.Later, we would visit Indra Kund, a large stepwell, where a women’s self-help group was discussing a fund for wedding loans. We also stopped in a charming chowk with a Jain temple, a Hindu temple, and a mosque festooned with pink and green flags.
Himmat pointed out that the various religious communities of the town lived side by side just like these houses of worship. The area’s inhabitants would have as much trouble getting into the luxury hotel today, I realised, as they might have had getting a royal audience a hundred years ago.

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