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Sky-watchers from New Jersey to Iceland enjoyed a vibrant celestial show as the annual Geminid meteor shower peaked last weekend. A Geminid meteor streaks across the sky above the beach in Ocean City, New Jersey, in a picture taken December 14.
Ten meteors on seven different frames combined to show the radianta€”the point in the sky from which the Geminid meteors appear to originate.The picture was taken December 14 in Yosemite Valley, California. A Geminid meteor zooms over a barn in Saukville, Wisconsin, on December 14.Historically the Geminids were overlooked by most amateur astronomers simply because the annual event occurs so close to the busy holiday season and frigid winter nightsa€”but that's beginning to change thanks to its rising intensity over the past few decades.
Israelis relax in a hot spring near the Dead Sea during the peak of the Geminid meteor shower in a long-exposure photograph taken December 14. A Geminid shoots over the Hurricane Sandy-damaged remains of the 59th Street Pier in Ocean City, New Jersey, on December 14.
Parks, green roofs, and urban trees all welcome animals, but people have to learn how to share their living space, experts say.
A two-million-dollar rodent eradication program flopped in the South Pacific, and now scientists think they know why. Previously seen only around the Milky Way, balloon-like puffs that glow with gamma rays may also sandwich the nearby Andromeda galaxy. In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing, the city finds itself in mourning and on high alert while a manhunt ensues. When two bombs exploded near the finish line of the Boston Marathon on Monday, many photojournalists were already at the scene, watching as one of the world's best-known running competitions turned to confusion and terror."The Marathon finish line scene is usually one of celebration," photographer Ken McGagh told the MetroWest Daily News. Rescuers tend to the injured after the Monday explosions, as a cloud of smoke hovers over the sidewalk; over 100 people were hospitalized with injuries from the two blasts. Boston Marathon participant Robert Wheeler, 23, of Ashland, Massachusetts, kneels to help an injured man. This photo, produced by the Joint Terrorism Task Force of Boston, shows what was left of one of the devices after it exploded. Boston Marathon runners (left to right) Lisa Kresky-Griffin, Diane Deigmann and Tammy Snyder stand with their arms around each other at the entrance to Boylston Street, blocked off a day after the two bombs exploded.
Well-wishers gather with candles on Tuesday to memorialize Martin Richard, an 8-year-old boy from Dorchester, Massachusetts, who was killed in one of the explosions at the Boston Marathon.
Martin Richard, 8, was waiting at the finish line to hug his father, a runner in the Boston Marathon, when the blasts went off. Authorities say that the bombing suspects shot and killed a campus police officer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on Thursday night, spurring police to issue a "shelter in place" warning for much of the Boston area. On Friday, SWAT teams were deployed across Watertown, Massachusetts, in search of the remaining suspect,A Dzhokar Tsarnaev. A resident looks on as police search an apartment complex for the second suspect in Watertown, Massachusetts on Friday.
The Solar Impulse 2 gets one more big step closer to finishing its historic trip around the world.
After two years of avalanches, earthquakes, and tragedy, climbers return to the worlda€™s tallest mountain. Rare, red, bulbous deep-sea anglerfishs that can a€?walka€? and change color are recorded thousands of feet below the surface.

The first live observations of anglerfish in their natural habitat revealed that not all of them are red or rose-colored, as previously thought."One of the things we noticed right off the bat is all the larger ones are red and the smaller ones tend to be blue," MBARI's Lundsten said. Yellow sediments cling to the fins of an adult deep-sea anglerfish photographed swimming near the Taney Seamounts, off Californiaa€™s Central Coast at a depth of about 8,530 feet (2,600 feet).C. Extinct in Stockholm less than a century ago, the rebounding rodent is damaging the city's treesa€”and at the same time charming locals. Peek at Jupiter through binoculars and you should also see its icy moon Europa, thought to host a global ocean that may support life. Cablelinks Operates in Southern Parts of Metro Manila but they Expanded the Cable Connection in all Metro Manila Areas. Using a telescope with a special solar filter, photographer Thierry Legault captured the tiny silhouette of the space shuttle Atlantis crossing in front of the sun in May. The tightly cropped shot shows Atlantis in orbit--a day before the shuttle latched on to the Hubble Space Telescope so that astronauts could perform a series of spacewalks to repair and upgrade the iconic instrument. Listen to your favorite National Geographic news daily, anytime, anywhere from your mobile phone. A newfound hoard of prehistoric golden neck ornaments and a huge haul of Roman-era British coins are headed for display in Britain.
Fifty thousand Roman coins found in a field in Somerset, England, in 2010 (including the artifacts above) amount to the largest hoard of coins discovered in a single vessela€”and the second largest hoard of ancient coins ever found in Britain, according to British Museum experts.The coins, along with recently discovered Iron Age gold jewelrya€”both found by amateur treasure huntersa€”will be acquired by museums, thanks to a series of grants and donations, officials recently announced.
A groundbreaking study finds calcified hearts in ancient fish at least 113 million years old, the first whole fossil organs of their kind.
This view of the Bubble Nebula is the latest and greatest in an image set spanning decades that will help astronomers study powerful stars.
New research suggests that limiting warming to 1.5 degrees instead of 2 degrees can dramatically reduce the impacts of climate change around the world. Laurent Cartier, a PhD candidate in environmental sciences at the University of Basel in Switzerland, inspects Tahitian black pearls at Kamoka Pearl, a small family-run pearl oyster farm in French Polynesia.
Cartier (no relation to the international jeweler and store) studies the environmental impacts of the pearl industry, with a particular interest in how raising pearls can be made more eco-friendly. Pictured are buoys used at Kamoka to anchor pearl oysters in shallow water, so fish can pick them clean. Pearl oysters live for a few years, which is plenty of time for marine organisms like barnacles and sponges to encrust on them. Instead, Kamoka periodically moves their oysters to the shallows for a natural cleaning process. Surgical tools await an oyster who's mantle, once removed, will help to produce up to 30 pearls. Contrary to popular belief, according to Josh Humbert, there is rarely a grain of sand at the center of a pearl. The process of inserting a bit of mantle and a bead into a pearl (grafting) is tricky work that takes time to master.
Whitman places oysters into a mesh basket, which will get submerged for two years, allowing the grafted proto-pearls to develop into large, shiny objects of desire.
A new map shows how abnormally warm waters have damaged the iconic reefa€”and it isna€™t pretty.

A Since Geminids hit the atmosphere at about 20 miles per second (32 kilometers per second)a€”slower than other meteor showersa€”they create beautiful long arcs across the sky that can last for a second or two. Geminid meteors appear to radiate from the shower's namesake constellation, Gemini, the twins from Greek legend.
According to the New York Times, Arredondo has been handing out flags to Boston Marathon runner since his son, a Marine, was killed in Iraq in 2004. The other suspect, Dzhokar's older brother, Tamerlan, was reportedly killed by police early Friday. On its head is a piece of dangling flesha€”called an "esca"a€”that functions as a lure for prey."They're ambush predators," MBARI's Lundsten explained. Tumawag ako sa customer service wala pa silang service sa area ng UPPER BICUTAN sa loob ng FTI Compound. 293, since Carausius was assassinated that year.The find also changes how archaeologists see such hoards.
The farm is on the palm-fringed atoll Ahe, in the Tuamotu Archipelago about 300 miles (480 kilometers) northeast of Tahiti. The group is planning a conference on sustainable pearls and is investigating developing a certification program that would signal to consumers that pearls are raised in a responsible way. In one innovation, the farm eschews powerwashing of oysters because that common practice can cause nutrient loading in the water. When that happens, oysters tend to make smaller pearls, however, so farmers opt to periodically clean them.
Pearl oysters are loosely packed into baskets or nets, which are hung vertically to a depth of around 20 feet (6 meters). Carpenter, a professor of biology at Old Dominion University in Virginia, recently conducted a study that suggests Kamoka's oysters are good for local fish populations, since they provide hiding spaces for small fish and some food in the form of encrusting organisms (learn more).
A bit of the mantle will be implanted with a nucleus, or bead, into each of several other pearl oysters, to stimulate them to grow pearls. Instead, natural pearls usually form when an oyster builds up mother of pearl (nacre) around worms that invade the animal's shell.
Instead, Kamoka moves pearl oysters to shallow water periodically, where wild fish pick them clean.
As on other farms, participants receive free room and board in exchange for their labor, as well as a chance to experience pearl farming. A year later, half-way through college, Josh Humbert joined the business (he eventually became the sole owner, although Patrick still works there). Coin burials from the era are more common in Britain than in any other Roman territory, according to Moorhead and colleagues.The hoard was discovered by metal detector enthusiast Dave Crisp, who was searching farmland with permission of the owner.

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