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Yesterday was International Women's Day and to celebrate, National Geographic Adventure posted a fantastic list of Ten Top Women Adventurers with a number of ladies that we love getting a little recognition for their adventurous spirit.
Unsurprisingly, topping the list was Edurne Pasaban, who was named the People's Choice for Adventurer of the Year by Nat Geo a few weeks back. Joining Edurne on the list are Jessica Watson, the teenager who solo-circumnavigated the globe, ocean rower Roz Savage, who is busy preparing to take on the Indian Ocean, and climber Steph Davis, who seems to like to fall off of things as much as she likes climbing them.
I came across this great video earlier today while catching up on the news at the Goat Blog. Expedition Week returns to the National Geographic Channel starting this weekend, with a fantastic line-up of shows, including two new premiere's each night. National Geographic has launched a new line of adventure sports videos called Fringe Elements that looks to have a ton of great potential.
Adventure travelers looking for a good website to help sift though all the available options for their next journey may want to checkout Kumutu. New Zealand’s South Island is split by the snow-capped spine of the Southern Alps, fringed with karst cave systems and wild beaches, laced with gorgeous fjords, and iced with glaciers.

Prepare for the apocalypse by building your dream bunker and storing in the right supplies.
Sign in using your National Geographic login or register now to track your Pop Quiz scores and compare them against those of other players. Become the mayor of Greenville and transform your city into a fresh, thriving eco-community. Explore 20 actual shipwrecks in the Atlantic as you search for hidden gems and try to rescue your kidnapped father. In 1925, Colonel Percy Fawcett disappeared while trying to find "The Lost City of Z" in the Brazilian jungle. Proceeds from the sale of our games help further National Geographic's nonprofit mission to increase global understanding through education, research, and conservation. Dth Blog, Television news, tv channel images, new channels, upcoming channels india, Dish tv, sun direct. We all know Edurne's story by now, and she is certainly a worthy member of this list having spent nine years climbing all 14 of the world's 8000-meter peaks.

I'll let you discover the rest of the list for yourself, suffice as to say that it is populated with some fantastic athletes and explorers, regardless of their gender. Set off on a multi-sport adventure, paddling along the pristine northern coast in a sea kayak, hiking coastal trails between soaring mountains and the Tasman Sea, trekking across a glacier that descends through a rain forest, and black-water rafting on a subterranean river. Familiar items from our lives become abstract and unidentifiable under the lens of an electron microscope. Now you can help rescue a fictitious Nat Geo employee who disappears while following Fawcett's trail.

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