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National Geographic Channel is going off the deep end with its next live television event, “Free Dive Live With William Trubridge.” The network will partner with DSP (Darlow Smithson Productions) for the event, which will feature the holder of 15 free-diving world records and current world champion attempting to swim deeper than any person has ever gone before on a single breath. 0 0 0 0 0 Email Print Comments The world record-holder will attempt to dive deeper than the height of the Statue of Liberty. Following TV specials for Nik Wallenda’s tightrope walk across the Grand Canyon and Joby Ogwyn jumping off Mt.
National Geographic Channel's “Life Below Zero” returned last week and viewers were reminded of the harsh conditions of winter in the remote wilderness of Alaska. Blast off with Soledad O’Brien and National Geographic Channel and orbit the earth with the scientists on the International Space Station. The two-hour event draws on footage from the ISS and Mission Control, as we all go into orbit with astronauts Rick Mastracchio and Koichi Wakata from the ISS, while astronaut Mike Massimino will be the man on the ground with O’Brien live from Houston. Mastracchio and Wakata will take the world on a video tour of the ISS, and reveal details of how they live, eat and sleep in space.
As the astronauts are orbiting earth, the second screen will allow users to explore the hottest music, food, places and cultural trends for the places below its orbital path. Nat Geo has set up its own hashtag to draw questions for the astronauts, who will respond via video.  Here are some particulars. LIVE FROM SPACE will air on National Geographic Channel in 170 countries, and on Channel 4 in the U.K. GOOD WITCH Fans Asking, 'Where is Chris Potter?' but Hallmark Urging Viewers to Save the Date! Before You Go!Don't forget to sign up for our FREE weekly newsletter, the "TVRuckus Weekly Round-Up!" Just enter your name and email address below:Your information will *never* be shared or sold to a 3rd party. Americans today constantly have their eyes locked to screens — their phones, tablets, and televisions. National Geographic Channel’s new series Live Free or Die examines one of America’s most remote subcultures, following five individuals living in the country’s backwoods and swamps with few of the trappings of modern society. These five individuals are participating in a lifestyle trend known as “re-wilding” — a new term that refers to the un-domestication of humans and reverting back to our wild roots. Colbert is a former financial advisor who, after raising two daughters, quit his job and abandoned his mainstream existence, moving to the swamps of Georgia to live a simpler life. Thorn lives on 120 acres in a remote corner of the Blue Ridge Mountains, relying on the forest for his daily survival. Seven years ago, Tony bought a seemingly barely habitable plot of land on a Blue Ridge mountainside and built a home on it with his own two hands. The premiere episode, Live Free or Die: Rise of the Wild, dives straight into the world of wild living as five individuals tough out winter in America’s backwoods and swamps. I do think the program shows promise if they would just turn down the background music or eliminate it all together. I have been looking for a fund to donate to help Colbert out but I haven’t found one. Well, I did try to watch the latest episode, but due to the loud background noise, I could not make out the dialogue. I watched this with my 14 year old daughter and we saw the commercials for the next episode where Colbert’s home burnt down. This is one really stupid show- good concept- interesting idea- lots of starving pilgrims- gimme a break- sell that bobcat pelt and buy some beans- is that the best they can do for water?
Whether some of the things are done specifically for the camera or not doesn’t bother me at all. Watching this for the first time and it’s going to be the last …frontier men with funny hairdo and an old man running around the forest naked NO NO NO !!!!! Ron and Life is Good, I agree about the background music in the shows, can’t stand it.
I just think that they would have seen the massive amount of smoke filling the sky when the house was burning down. Well first of all kudos to all of the hard working men and women I really would love to be Living Free.

The triangular, serrated teeth of the great white shark can cut a 44 pound chunk of flesh in a single bite. Preferring the temperature of surface waters, blue marlins feast on mackerel and tuna, but will also dive down deep to eat squid. Newborn cubs are smaller, relative to their mother's size, than the young of any other placental mammal.
The American Black Bear has a large global population, estimated at more than twice that of all other species of bears combined. The total number of black bears in North America is likely within the range 850,000–950,000.
The most accurate way to tell the age of a bear is to count the rings in a cross section of a tooth root using a microscope.
The length and depth of hibernation is genetically programmed to match the regional norms of food availability.
Black bears shed their footpads during hibernation and when they first emerge in spring their new footpads can be quite tender. Black bears have two kinds of fur on their back—visible guard hairs about 3 inches long and, in winter, a hidden layer of fine underfur so dense that water can scarcely penetrate it. Taxonomists generally separate black bears into 16 subspecies based on minor differences in appearance and DNA. Getting fat is very important for bears, especially females, whose reporductive success will be effected if they are too lean. Black bears have 42 teeth adapted to an omnivorous diet of vegetation, nuts, berries, insects, and some meat.
Trubridge, 33, will attempt his dive into the abyss at the infamous Dean's Blue Hole in the Bahamas. A few of those video questions will be sent to the International Space Station (ISS) to receive a personal video response during the March 14 broadcast. Freed from the constraints of a technology-fueled existence, they are modern-day pioneers who rely only on skill and intuition to harness the natural environment.
They live almost completely off the land, in simple homes without any electricity or running water.
At age 10, Gabriel met a man who inspired him to deepen his relationship with nature, which led him to this lifestyle as an adult. Everyone is in search of food, but the winter weather is making the hunt difficult for some.
He stated he had two daughters and that after his bankruptcy and divorce he moved to the wilderness. I am one of his daughters and even though he has moved to the wilderness, he does still come to see us(his two daughters, our kids, and husband) and we go to see him and spend time on his land. You need to un-wrap your head around that all mighty dollar that obviously controls your life. Its truly a shame when those that DONT understand the meaning behind the desires of the individuals on the show. I enjoy the concept of people making a living outdoors with absolutely nothing but some basic tools. Thorn has been seen numerous times in our little town eating at restaurants and coffee shops.
I would bet everything I own that most of you idiot Morons in this forum wouldn’t last 2 weeks before you were completely broken physically, spiritually & psychologically! The shortest chameleon in the world—clocking in at just under an inch—is the pygmy leaf chameleon. While other ants search for food individually or send out scouts, army ants set out in large groups. In 1991, a black bear was recorded eating over 4,000 hazelnuts in a 24 hour period (about 12 pounds, over 12,000 calories). With a single breath, and nothing but his own hands and feet to propel him, he will swim down 350 feet, a depth deeper than the height of the Statue of Liberty.

The woods furnish their rugged lifestyle, and wildlife populate their dinner plates, bringing significant challenges that often require quick and innovative solutions in their constant struggle to survive. He hunts, traps and forages for food, herbs and medicinal plants, using only what the swamp provides for his survival.
For the majority of the year, he lives a simple life with his wife, Luna, in a cabin with no running water by the coast.
In the Blue Ridge Mountains, primitive woodsman Thorn struggles to find even a trace of wildlife to turn into a meal.
Or do you know that the show isn’t any good and this is your attempt to make it better?… Or do you assume that the tv viewing public are mindless idiots that are so easily influenced by beats and musical notes? You’re either still mooching off of friends who rely on society or you yourself rely on society for something.
The younger generations would highly benefit from seeing people function without all the crap that people think that they need.
I have seen first hand how people leave their city jobs and move North to the Wilderness area and think they are going to live like a Voyageur! This show is awesome my wife and myself both enjoyed this show I can’t wait for another season if there is going to be one. They are faced with natural obstacles like brutal weather and depleted food sources and must find ways to subsist that don’t violate the strict code they hold themselves to in order to remain self-sufficient. He has a 5-year-old daughter who spends part of her time living with her father in the woods. Meanwhile, close by, homesteaders Tony and Amelia battle the cold in their small cabin, making use of any meat they can get their hands on. He is a loving father and grandfather and shares with us all that he has learned over the years. In this nation, they could choose to become leeches on the Tax Payer and sign up for Obama Phones, Food Stamps, Housing, Insurance, etc.
He parades around town in a loin cloth and chaps and does a big stretch in front of some young girls so his junk will hang out for them to see. Snap a photo of your wave hello to them and post using the same hashtag, and it will be part of the LIVE FROM SPACE community on the interactive website and second screen experience. They’re moving away from the cities, living with only the bare necessities, pledging to Live Free or Die. It is this very code, the difficulty of keeping it and the potential to triumph over nature that fuels their desire to remain on these modern-day frontiers. Down in a river-swamp in southern Georgia, modern frontiersman Colbert shows his expertise when he catches a large beaver near his home. Do you think his 5 yr old kid really spends days in those conditions, with no food, and no heating.
Also trying to figure out why Colbert is wearing a fox skin hat when it’s obviously hot.
And across the country, in drought-stricken central California, nomadic hunter Gabriel sets his sights on small game and lands a rat, providing him with food to get by. William Trubridge is an incredible man with an extraordinary skill and his unique journey will engage and inspire audiences around the world. It's hugely exciting for DSP to produce this landmark live event for National Geographic, an organization that consistently champions human exploration.” The post Nat Geo Channel Greenlights ‘Free Dive Live With William Trubridge’ appeared first on TheWrap. So move on and bitch about your life somewhere else nobody cares here about what you think.

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