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The channel wanted to create a buzz about the show on social media and launched an app that allowed people to create their very own Nat Geo Cover Shot on Facebook.
Guess which were the most talked-about brands of the year 2015 and win exciting prizes (Hurry! Palladium hosts a Nat Geo Cover Shot Photography Exhibition.Palladium, city's luxury destination, in association with National Geographic Channel provides you with a chance to witness the beauty of Sri Lanka and North East - through a stunning collection of photographs! I made this cover shot as a spoof on some of the things that happened within our unit while on deployment. This year, 10 photographers will compete with each other in the nerve-wracking run to get their photograph on the cover of a National Geographic Traveller magazine.Set in the serene Northeast, the show will bring out the competitive best of these young guns and make them do whatever it takes to click that perfect shot. The destination will host an exhibition presenting a collection of photographs showcasing the two exotic regions, seen through the eyes of the contestants of Nat Geo Covershot, starting 23rd April until 27th April 2014.Walk into Palladium and experience the mesmerizing landscape and colourful silhouettes of Sri Lanka and North East.

The show premiered on April 26 and will be aired every Saturday at 10 pm on National Geographic Channel.Mentoring and judging the second season of Nat Geo Cover Shot will be two esteemed personalities - award winning photographer Lana Slezic and actor-producer Rajiv Laxman.
You must not reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit any material on the Website for any commercial purposes. A walk through the exhibition is sure to take you on a journey and leave you with flavour of the regions. Possessing both, professional skill and knowledge of psychology, the two judges will present a series of tasks for the contestants, urging them to bring out their best shot this season. Hostess Shibani Dandekar will accompany the aspiring photographers in this life changing journey in the magnificent locales of Northeast India.Before the show went live, National Geographic Channel wanted to create a buzz and find a way to extend the battle of photographers to social media. To achieve it, digital agency Flying Cursor created an app that allowed people to create their very own Nat Geo Cover Shot on Facebook.The app allowed people to upload pictures in the typical yellow frame cover of the magazine.

Every picture had a call out on the top which mentioned the name of the person who had taken the picture.
And this show captures all the things - from patience, perseverance, intelligence, attitude to mind games that go into making a good shot.

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