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From card tricks to Vegas bets, true con artists always have an extra trick up their sleeves. During the daytime hours, the Buffalo Trace distillery in Kentucky produces bourbon whisky. The practice of body modification has pervaded religion, science, and art in cultures across the world since ancient times. Kingston, Jamaica, is in the hands of highly organized and warring drug gangs who manage drug trafficking and distribution at all levels.
For the first time ever, ‘Drugs, Inc’ heads to Ghana and Nigeria in West Africa, to follow the supply of cocaine from Peru on a new trafficking route to Europe.

And while it’s re-saturated some urban markets that witnessed major heroin waves in the 70s and 80s’, heroin’s begun creeping into different communities where opiate abuse was historically much lower than the national average. Tonight, two new episodes of Meltdown follow the fiercely competitive world of urban treasure hunting. Over 100 people have perished from snakebites during church services over the past century, and despite the outlawing of the practice in several southern states, a new generation of pastors is reviving the dangerous practice. With the patronage of politicians, they fight hard to protect their turf in a city where poverty and guns drive the drug trade. These precious metals experts employ unorthodox methods of gold prospecting to scrape up profits from junkyards, pawn shops and city streets, hoping to recover metal treasures and melt them down for cash.

The Monster Project, a Nat Geo WILD event that explores the urban legends of mythical creatures. After five churchgoers died from snakebites in church in 1947, snake handling was banned in every Appalachian state except West Virginia. The Monster Project pairs Friedlander, comic and self-proclaimed karate master, with a crack team of researchers.

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