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Demo crews unleash every weapon as they tear down Busch Stadium so a new ballpark can be built, with less than 90 days to do it. What super-sized tools are needed to widen one of deadliest four-lane highways in the nation? From a hostage crisis to a bank robbery to an armed standoff, when lives are on the line, Special Weapons and Tactical units known as SWAT teams, rely on high-tech Tools of the Trade. He had jaw-dropping good looks, threw lavish parties, squandered his money, married six times. To maintain power, Catherine the Great would have to overthrow and assassinate her husband, battle the Ottoman Turks to submission, and face the wrath of the Russian people. From the great Outback of Australia to the bustling outskirts of Los Angeles to the towering mountains of Bolivia, NGC reveals the deadly combination of forces that create the world s most lethal roads. In three deadly structures, accidental error, design flaws, materials failure, and extreme environmental conditions conspired to make them death traps. The California Game Wardens patrol the state around the clock on foot, by car, or with their off-road vehicles. He’s lost his wife and job to his passion, but Charlie Andrews and his Knights of Mayhem will need a week of intense training and preparation to make full-contact heavy armour jousting a pro sport. Follow one of the toughest law enforcement agencies in the nation, patrolling alone on unforgiving terrains.
One Bear and Cat Tail capture a bevy of adorable baby gators and take them back to Billie's Swamp Safari.
Check out the show and Silva, and you might look at yourself a little differently after watching.

The host is Kal Penn, who is known for his role as Kumar in the Harold and Kumar movies, but who also spent time working the White House Office of Public Engagement. The Parents' Choice blog is a place to read more, play more and learn more about children’s media and toys, and the people and policies that shape them.
Reading is Power, What-Kids-Who-Don't-Like-to-Read, Like-to-Read are trademarks of Parents' Choice Foundation. Go behind the scenes to see how these massive tools work around the clock to make it safer to drive this Tennessee highway. He transformed Russia from an isolated and primitive borderland into a powerhouse, yet remained consumed by fears that his son was seeking to overthrow him. From tsunamis to rip tides, discover the mysteries beneath the most exotic, yet most dangerous, beaches on earth. They pursue poachers, polluters and drug runners and make sure hunters and anglers follow the rules.
Responding by land, air, and sea—with backup sometimes days away—these troopers patrol hundreds of miles of rugged terrain in bone-chilling temperatures to protect the people and wildlife of Alaska.
Scott Sims lets his hair down and takes a wild ride to catch some feral cats, tries to save a neglected horse and puts on his inventor hat to give a dog born with only two legs a new way to get around.Episode 7 - My Chicken Ate What?Episode 6 - Trouble in Paradise1 year agoScott tackles the ordinary to the extraordinary. And how can it not be given that our world today is constantly bombarding us with choices we can make. And if you visit Nat Geo’s Brain Games site you can take some simple decision-making tests and play some fun interactive games. Follow the experienced veterinarian as she sees clients and makes house calls across thousands of square miles in the Yukon, helping animals big and small, wild and domestic.

No two days are alike as the officers and their dogs patrol sparsely populated areas where help can be hours away. Small issues, such as a chicken with an infected eye and a goat with mastitis, are easy enough for Doctor Sims. They had to come up with a way for a pickup truck to crash without detonating a box of dynamite. Winners move on, competing for $50,000 and a one-year contract job with WET (Water Entertainment Technology) Enterprises, the company that devised the famous choreographed fountains at the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas.
Scott's friend Robin has a horse with colic that's facing death, so Scott hoists him onto the operating table and gets to work. Viewers can see the competitors’ minds at work, get to know their personalities, see the design theories the teams come up with and then watch to see how successful the projects are at the end.
Luckily, he's able to handle this potentially life-threatening operation.Episode 5 - Hog Wild1 year agoThere's a multitude of animals that need attention on Kauai, and Dr.
Scott has his hands tied trimming beaks, fixing broken wings, and stitching up hunting dogs. We meet Ella's uncle Randal, who has a pack of hunting dogs that help control the wild boar population on the island.Episode 4 - Last Resort1 year agoDr.

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