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Learn and talk about Shark Wranglers, 2010s American television series, 2012 American television series debuts, English-language television programming, History (U.S. Shark Wranglers, and check out Shark Wranglers on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet. A similar series first aired on the National Geographic Channel, first as "Expedition Great White" in 2010, and then as "Shark Men" a year later. In 2011, National Geographic didn't renew Shark Men for a fourth season, but the next year Fischer sold it to the History Channel, which renamed it Shark Wranglers.

Imagine you're sitting at the bottom of the ocean, amidst 500 sharks in a feeding frenzy. When viewers of Shark Wranglers last saw the crew one member looked to be falling overboard with part of the anchor cable aimed for his head.
ET on History) the OCEARCH crew were tagging a Great White shark on deck when something went wrong. ET on History) chronicles the crew of the OCEARCH are on a mission to tag great white sharks to learn more about the sea's most infamous predator.

ET on History) viewers got to see just how dangerous Great Whites are, even out of the water.

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