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INS Viraat completed 25 years in the Indian Navy on Saturday, 12th May 2012. INS Viraat has been maintained and run by the Indian Navy for a quarter century after 28 years as HMS Hermes in service with Royal Navy, making Hermes-Viraat one of the longest serving aircraft carrier in the history of naval operations anywhere in the world. India might keep the aircraft carrier in service until 2020 when  two Indigenous Aircraft Carriers (IACs) seemed likely to be fully operational. INS Viraat is fitted with a 12° ski jump to operate the Sea Harriers, a reinforced flight deck, and 1.2 inches of armour over the magazines and machinery spaces. INS Viraat’s Air complement comprises of  15 Sea Harriers for Air Craft Defence, Kamov Ka-31 Helix-B as Airborne Early Warning system, Sea King Mk. The most useless air craft carrier nothing in front of Chinese carrier can we make of our own kind without any kind of help from Russia USA. This carrier is totally indigenous.The Russian carrier you are talking about is INS Vikramaditya not INS Viraat.
Better to buy OR Lease the decommisioned USS Aircraft Carrier from USA,which can deploy 100 aircrafts which can really be a threat to china & pakistan rather than INS VIRAAT. In the height of the WWII, the Japanese found no match with the US power, then they devised the kamikaze, and you can count the number of US surface vessels that were sunk. Our sailors and pilots are skilled and the constant mission voyages they undertake in the IOR, give them the greatest advantage while defending our motherland from any foreign threat. Its a waste of money and resource to unnecessarily buy a carrier when you can extend the service life of the current carrier.
National Geographic has been spreading its wings in foreign nations for some time, but now the outfit is broadening its reach in India by announcing that four new channels will soon be available in the ever-growing country. An adult owl marches about the countryside looking for food to feed its brood of hungry owlets on a farm in Lancashire. Two-month-old Bengal tiger cub Tily at the animal refuge La Fundacion Refugio Salvaje (Furesa) in La Libertad on the outskirts of San Salvador. Tourists had reported seeing the fashion-forward feline, but only recently Deon De Villiers, a photographer and safari guide, caught the kitty on film. The light-furred leopard may have erythrism said Panthera’s president, Luke Hunter, in National Geographic.
Forest elephants gather at Dzanga Bai clearing in the Dzanga-Sangha reserve, in Central African Republic. A newborn common wombat (Vombatus ursinus) baby peeking out from its mother’s pouch in the Budapest Zoo, Hungary. National Geographic fellow and photojournalist Reza (who prefers being known only by his first name) is in India for the release of the three-volume book set National Geographic Around the World in 125 Years (Taschen, 2013). INS Viraat is the flagship of the Indian Navy, the oldest carrier in service and one of two aircraft carriers based in the Indian Ocean Region.

It then underwent several re-fits with new fire control equipment, navigation radars, improved NBC protection, and installations of deck landing aids for its proper functioning and increased life span. The multinational exercise includes naval forces from India, Australia, Japan, Singapore, and the United States. By then, the warship would have completed 60 years of service, over twice its initially estimated sailing life of 25 years. Nat Geo Wild, Nat Geo Adventure, Nat Geo Music and Nat Geo HD have all been approved for airing in India, though we aren't told what carriers will be picking 'em up. The leopard had been stalking the herd of around 15 elephants when one decided to frighten it off.
Erythrism is a genetic condition believed to cause production of either too much red or too little dark pigment. Image taken in Motswari Private Game Reserve in the heart of the Timbavati Nature Reserve in South Africa.
The Iranian-French photographer has reported from the frontlines of the 20th century’s deadliest wars, documenting their devastating impact on the most vulnerable and marginalised populations. The vessel retains commando transport capability for up to 750 troops and carries four LCVP landing craft in the aft section. In war it all depends on the training imparted in the men who work on these platforms and the courage and presence of mind they have at that time.
In this three-part series, each episode focus' on one iconic ecosystem, a snapshot of how life works in each unique environment.
Now, he dedicates most of his time to his several humanitarian projects that include Aina, a Kabul-based media organisation that trains Afghan women and children.
Packed with beauty, bizarre coalitions, hardship, death and new life, this series gives the viewer a front row seat to the wildlife spectacles that are the jewels in the crown of Asian natural history.
INS Viraat is suited for two missions: supporting amphibious operations and conducting ASW operations. At the launch of the book set, Reza presented some of his most renowned and moving pictures and the often poignant stories behind them. I remember this image, because she seemed to be in front of a firing squad composed of Sikhs. The Pashtun have never recognised the formal border cut through their territory, the “Durand Line” drawn by the British diplomat Sir Henry Mortimer Durand in 1893 to separate British India from Afghanistan, and later used as the basis for the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan.Afghanistan, 1983Fleeing the war back home, this old man had left his village and his past behind.
They had stopped there when he had raised his hand and waved the caravan to come to a halt. His decision to set up camp there was against all reason, since they were still within reach of the Russians.

He said to me, "Your house, your country, your history are within you, if you let them enter. It is, at first, a face-to-face encounter in 1985, followed by a glimmer of mutual recognition, a game of chess in the Panjshir Valley, a handshake, an embrace, a discussion, and a promise to meet again. It is 17 years of foiled attacks, observations, intense discussions, and poetic verbal jousting until dawn.
It is access to the liberated city of Kabul and a visit to the only enclave yet to fall under Taliban control. It is the memory of these peaceful daydreams, a longing for freedom and yet a duty to resist.
It is, above all, a promise to a friend.Azerbaijan, 1992The small town of Khojali was the site of a massacre by Armenian troops in February, 1992. Those who survived would go to the morgue in the city of Agdam, looking for a family member who had disappeared, each day wandering among dozens and dozens of corpses wrapped in white plastic. Slowly, carefully, they examined each face, one after the other, discovering the horrors perpetrated by the Armenian soldiers. Their eyes had been torn out while they were still alive, according to the doctor who was assisting her in her search. I can still hear the unbearable anguish of her wails.Pakistan, 1986From revolutions to violent conflicts, tribal confrontations to genocide, women often end up as the victims of wars they did not choose.
In 1988, Benazir Bhutto became the first woman to be democratically elected the head of a Muslim state. Fearing a Tutsi retaliation following the Rwandan genocide between April and June 1994, the Hutu fled their country and sought refuge in this makeshift city in neighbouring DRC. But something seemed to be missing; something that would put the finishing touch to my visual reunion with this mountain. In them, I saw my brother, Manoocher, and myself, when we were children, accomplices in our games just as we were in the dreams we had for our lives.Afghanistan, 1990I remember the time I was working for the United Nations in the Afghan provinces of Badakhshan, Takhar, Baglan and Kunduz, I was handing out wheat to people who were building roads, irrigation channels, and clinics. When I took this photo, I asked him, “What are you going to do with your plant?” His answer is perhaps one of the major lessons I have received in my life. He said, “I’m going to grow a tree”.National Geographic covers shot by Reza over the years.

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