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Sterling Correctional Facility is the newest and largest prison in Colorado ' home to more than two thousand killers, kidnappers and drug dealers. Prisoner Mark Booher is digging an escape route under the Indiana State Prison when a routine drill places the facility on lockdown. The Maryland Correctional Institute for Women is one of the nation's most dangerous facilities and the state's only all-female institution. NGC takes you inside one of the United States' most dangerous maximum-security prisons -- Stateville Correctional Facility outside of Chicago, Ill.

At Indiana’s juvenile prison for girls, there is one thing in particular that distracts them from their classes.
A lifestyle of addiction and crime led this college grad to spend her pregnancy behind bars.
With 60 percent of its population serving time for murder and 20 percent for rape and other violent crimes, the prison is home to some of the world's deadliest men.
Inmates here are often locked down 24 hours a day for days at a time, and officers and prisoners alike must contend with the frustration and anger of being isolated.

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