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Les Stroud, the star of the Discovery Channel’s show Survivorman, has paired up with Camillus knives to bring us some quality survival tools.
Most of us have smartphones and, whether its a Galaxy, iPhone, or Droid, we tend to carry them wherever we go. Since our phones are with us almost 100% of our time, and since they have so many features, why not look into what our smartphones can do for us in the area of survival?
This article lists 40 apps for your smartphone that can be used in survival situations, from simply getting lost in a city to some SHTF situations.
National Geographic’s show, Ultimate Survival Alaska, has┬ásome of the toughest and most extreme survivalists from across the United States.
They have to┬ánavigate treacherous glaciated river valleys, barren ridgelines, high mountain peaks… all while battling hunger, perilous weather, and hostile predators. Suppressors are great for shooters who have sensitive or damaged ears that would normally be too vulnerable to loud gunshots.
Famous vets Noah Galloway, Nick Irving, Tawanda Hanible and Rorke Denver will appear on the FOX reality show as mentors. Judging from accounts from the time, the elementary-school textbook tales of pilgrims and Native Americans holding hands over a harvest are too simplistic. Scharbo and his wife, Gina Matthews, were making the project as a short-run series for NBC when that network backed out a year ago. After some ups and downs, the leaders forged a peace with Massasoit, leader of the Pokanoket tribe. Tim Pastore, programming chief at National Geographic, said the network takes depictions of violence on the air very seriously.

The pre-emptive attack led to a 50-year stretch of peace between the settlers and Native Americans. The filmmakers said they were surprised at the amount of strong source material available to help with the story, and that there were many more characters and subplots that could have been used but they had to be left out.
This story has been updated to correct the name and tribal affiliation of Native American killed by Plymouth settlers, and clarifies that severed head not displayed at first Thanksgiving. This article was written by David Bauder from The Associated Press and was legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network. Rees believes his show has found the right home in the geeky corner of National Geographic Channel. I made this cover shot as a spoof on some of the things that happened within our unit while on deployment.
It's still in the planning stages, but the series will likely explore one national park in each episode. The national parks series is the third in a string of massive nature documentary projects National Geographic Channel has undertaken in recent years. However, their most recent project, Untamed Americas, a four-part series that debuted in June, featured even more stunning photography, and a spare, well-crafted script that suited the exhilarating footage of North and South America's wildest creatures and the extreme ecosystems they call home. They made a deal with National Geographic, an affiliation the producers believe will enhance the film's legitimacy.
Think of it as Geek TV, although the network works very hard to make shows that will appeal to the channel surfer. The new season gets more abstract; tests measure compassion, anger, addiction and intuition.

It explores ways to make people change behavior, like painting stairs to look like a piano so people use them more than an elevator. An episode on how to strike a match delves into the science of fire, which Rees finds not as haphazard as he thought. Teams of filmmakers have already fanned out to scout locations, he told OurAmazingPlanet, in search of scenes and storylines that will give people an up-close and personal feel for the national spaces. The first, Great Migrations, which premiered in October 2010, showed off dazzling cinematography and captured moments of heartbreaking struggle, yet the incredible images were sometimes overshadowed by a heavy-handed and flowery script. It tells the story of the religious pilgrims and thrill-seeking opportunists thrown together on the Mayflower and their efforts to build a settlement peacefully among the Native Americans they encounter. National Geographic pressed for historical accuracy, even hiring an expert to teach actors the Abenaki language used in the film. The settlers, led by William Bradford, held a meeting with other tribal leaders ostensibly to forge peace, but instead the English turned on them during the meal. He finds a scientist with striking new designs for real airplanes to talk to on his show about paper airplanes, and is shown glacial ice hundreds of thousands of years old in his ice cube program.
Producers flew in an expert on knots from Australia for the shoelace episode.

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