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In a list that includes destinations like Rio Grande de Norte (Brazil), Eastern Bhutan, Greenland and the Okavenga Delta (Botswana), the Philippines sticks out for being "quirky". Nat Geographic best trips for 2016 - A skier descends a mountain slope with powder snow in the ski area of Niseko, Japan.
Monster Croc Hunt, a documentary about a group of Filipino villagers terrorized by a monster crocodile, is set to launch on Nat Geo Wild across the globe later this month.
Produced for National Geographic Channels International by NHNZ, the film (pictured above) was shot in the small Filipino community of Bunawan, where a group of villagers believes that a saltwater crocodile has been killing people from their village.

Prohibited from killing the animal because its home is a strictly protected Wildlife Reserve, the villagers work with a wildlife officer to set traps in the creeks near the village, eventually trapping what is claimed to be the largest crocodile in the world. The ocean’s abyss is a virtually undiscovered black, cold landscape with more underwater creatures than the Amazon River or Great Barrier Reef. Join Emory Kristof, National Geographic explorer and photographer, as he explores the web of marine life thriving 2 miles beneath the ocean’s surface in the Celebes Sea. About 200 million years ago, when the planet’s land mass broke apart, deep ocean basins and tall ridges were created in this particular underwater world.

We know very little about what lives and thrives in these deep sea waters, partly because the abyss is one of the hardest places on the planet to explore.
This region between Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines is known for its incredible biodiversity (such as over 3,000 species of fish and 600 species of coral).

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