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An Indian boatman sits near the polluted river waters of the Ganges at Sangam, the confluence of the Ganges, Yamuna and mythical Saraswati rivers in Allahabad. Even as pollution levels in the Ganges River continue to rise, recent legal rulings may offer up a new defense of the sacred waterway. Last month, the Allahabad High Court, in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, ordered the closure of more than 100 tanneries that pour tons of toxic chromium into the Ganges each year in the industrial city of Kanpur.
The ruling was the latest in a series of decisions by the court that have stopped giant construction projects in the Ganges floodplain and mandated the construction of new waste treatment plants in cities along its banks. A recent visit to the Triveni Sangam, as the confluence is called, found hundreds of pilgrims walking under a blazing white sun to bathe and to collect water in plastic jugs to take home. Past rescue efforts have failed due to fatal gaps in planning, implementation, and administration, said professor B.D. A new cleanup plan for the entire 416,000-square-mile (1 million-square-kilometer) Ganges River basin is gathering steam, but it will take decades and cost tens of billions of dollars, according to the World Bank.

These orders, if properly carried out, will change decades-old practices, costing developers and factory owners many millions of dollars.
Pollution has only worsened on the Ganges during the years that Gupta and others have been battling in the courts, according to data seen by National Geographic News. Just like how we feel comfortable sharing our joys and pains with our mum, the devotees feel the same respect, love and comfort in sharing their special moments with this sacred river. Tripathi, of the Center for Environmental Science & Technology at Benares Hindu University.
They could also harm the bureaucrats and politicians who often feed off public works projects and big industrial polluters. Gupta says, nearly 60 percent of the 70 sewage canals that currently dump human waste into the river at Allahabad will have been capped. The Yamuna arrives burdened by raw sewage from New Delhi, some 1,900 million untreated liters (502 million gallons) each day.

Pandey, a recently retired judge, directed a visitor toward a spot in the expanse of water. Those many millions of believers, Gupta said, will indulge in a cleaner, healthier holy river.
And just like sometimes mothers are taken for granted, the river has also faced this for granted attitude and is severely polluted in several parts but is being restored.

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