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I was home watching NAT GEO the other day and started thinking of cool ways to display ads via print or digital media.
Dave on NFL Graphics in PhotoshopDave on Broncos Win Over Steelers in OTBrent on Broncos Win Over Steelers in OTBrent on NFL Graphics in PhotoshopAlex on Battlefield 3 vs. Nat Geo Wild Channel and advertising agency DDB from Paris have released a new exciting campaign. As the strongest climber of all big cats, leopards can carry quarry twice its weight up into a tree. National Geographic Explorers-in-Residence Dereck and Beverly Joubert are working diligently to protect big cats in the wild.

Video Preview: Meet a man whose close relationship with leopards allows him to follow mere feet behind one as she runs in for a kill. Despite an agreement protecting these endangered big cats, 2,000 leopards are illegally hunted each year in Africa. In addition to trophy and meat hunters, leopards are threatened by livestock farmers who purposely minimize predation with wire fences, fires and poisons to protect their livelihood.
By dragging fallen deer, pigs and other prey aloft, these big cats safeguard their food from scavengers. Learn more about the leopard species and follow the conservation efforts of National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative.

To make a film on Nat Geo Wild Channel it doesn’t take the writers and re-writers, and producers and spoiled movie stars. Their skins are often used in local rituals and worn by church leaders, witch doctors and presidents as signs of noble power.

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