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In China's southwestern Yunnan province exists a place of mystery and legend -- here, among mighty rivers and some of the oldest jungles in the world, is a bounty of wildlife. Nat Geo WILD sails around the world to reveal what happens when nature's fiercest shore dwellers turn on their own kind, as we expose the coastline's toughest and meanest animal fights. Adventurer Richard Terry travels to a remote Indonesian island chain to investigate reports of a flying creature said to attack humans. Deep in the Brazilian Amazon, an unknown creature is responsible for a string of brutal attacks on villagers. Explore the forces that have shaped this remarkable landscape while scouring the lush fauna. Home video footage and stunning HD, combined with super slow-mo action replays, break down each battle in striking detail -- from the moment a polar bear aims its massive jaw at a rival's neck to incredible images of shark embryos fighting for their lives inside their mother's womb.

Villagers say the monster has a huge wingspan and makes a terrifying sound before it attacks, swooping in on its victims in the forest and in villages.
The monster is said to strike ferociously and when least expected, and disappear into the jungle before it can be caught, leaving its victims with horrible wounds and terrified to enter the waters again.
Travel deep into the jungle that serves as home to domesticated water buffaloes and jewel-colored birds.
Determined to find out what animal is behind the attacks, Nat Geo WILD follows Terry on a journey that takes him from the rainforest canopy, along crocodile-infested rivers and into dark, damp caves. Nat Geo WILD joins adventurer Richard Terry on his quest to track down this Amazon River Beast. And navigate the forests where ancient tribes coexist with wild elephants as Nat Geo WILD goes inside Wild China.

With the help of nature, we create a world of beguiling scents and colors … but many of the creatures living in our gardens go unnoticed. They carry out their lives in private, hidden from our eyes in a secret little world right under out feet. From the shy and elusive to the colorful and flamboyant, our gardens are just a little piece of paradise.

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