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I was home watching NAT GEO the other day and started thinking of cool ways to display ads via print or digital media.
Dave on NFL Graphics in PhotoshopDave on Broncos Win Over Steelers in OTBrent on Broncos Win Over Steelers in OTBrent on NFL Graphics in PhotoshopAlex on Battlefield 3 vs. NAT GEO WILD - National Geographic Channel - TurkiyeInternet sitemizde yasayacag?n?z deneyimi artt?rmak, size ozel reklamlar c?karmak ve ayarlar?n?z? hat?rlamak icin ilk ve ucuncu parti cerezlerini kullan?yoruz.

Cerezler; internet sitelerini ziyaret ettiginde bilgisayar?na depolanan cok kucuk metin dosyalar?d?r.
Follow your instincts to the video link and check out the sweet graphics we did for the Nat Geo Wild promo. Bilgisayar?nda depolanm?s cerezleri istedigin zaman silebilirsin fakat bu sitemizin baz? bolumlerini kullanman? engelleyebilir.

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