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Award-winning filmmakers and National Geographic Explorers-in-Residence Dereck and Beverly Joubert set out 30 years ago on a quest to get close to big cats. Filmmaker John Varty, who filmed a wild female leopard for 17 years, opens an extraordinary window into the lives of Africa’s most secretive big cat. In the video below, watch Manana as a cub, exploring the world around her and learning essential survival skills.
The video below shows the initiation of two Maasai teens where they will officially become warriors and men. Ruaha National Park in Tanzania used to be a true paradise for wildlife gathered around the rich Ruaha riverbanks.
Also featured during Big Cat Week are two specials that take place in Botswana’s Okavango Delta: Eye of the Leopard, which captures the life of a female leopard, from cub to feared predator, and Relentless Enemies, which focuses on the fight for survival of highly specialized lions that prey almost exclusively on buffalo.
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With this adorable baby onesie by Grizzly Bear Greetings, your baby's legs become the sloth's legs! Kilimanjaro in Kenya, Maasai warriors have a centuries-old tradition of killing the lions that kill their cattle. If given the opportunity I would love to bring my kids in some areas with wildlife animals and have an up close and personal experience with the cats.
It’s that time of year, where clients are trying get everything squeezed into year end, so busy busy! But now only about 2000 lions are left in the country (and the number is dropping), so Maasai elders and chiefs have forbidden the warriors to kill them. I am so happy that there are still lions or tigers being protected and preserve despite the increasing cruelty and abuse in the wild. This time Pictures By The Wayside just finished producing a series of PSA’s (Public Service Announcements) for Nat Geo Wild.

Wildlife filmmaker Kire Godal, with the support of executive producers Dereck and Beverly Joubert, captures firsthand the struggle of these modern-day warriors, who are reinventing their traditions to help save the lions they once prided themselves on killing. We had some great fun pulling them together and it is true what they say about working with kids and animals!
Watch the hunting strategies of the lion pride as they attack a herd of zebras in the video below.

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