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Of course, all cats are perfect – the jaguars of Central America, the snow leopards of Asia, the tigers of India, the cheetahs and lions of Africa. When she’s out looking for food, the movie manages to avoid all of the tasteless “when-animals-attack” type of video. The Jouberts prefer to go poetic, and their narrator, actor Jeremy Irons, is more than happy to oblige, stretching every word, lingering lovingly on the final syllable of every sentence-c-c-e in his very English voic-c-c-e.
Dad makes a brief appearance when nature calls and mom is ready to be in the family way once more.
But this family of leopards in Botswana’s Okavango Delta succeeds in capturing everything that’s perfect about big cats.

We meet young Dikeledi (so named by the filmmakers for the four teardrop spots under each eye) when he’s just 11 weeks old and irresistible, not only to us but more importantly to his mom. And while we’re told that young Dikeledi’s chances of making it to adulthood are only one in four, there are none of those typical attempts to keep you in suspense about whether he’ll make it or not. Clumsy, big-eyed, playful, clambering up a tree to go eye-to-eye with a family of giraffes, and then struggling with his oversized paws when it’s time to come back down.
Then he disappears back to his life’s work – patrolling the enormous range these leopards need in order to survive.
And Nat Geo WILD is in partnership with Panthera, which works to protect them wherever they can.

To turn him into a better tree climber, his mom soon decides to put dinner way up in the branches. But the youngster always seems happier closer to earth, and in the later scenes, when she finally tells the lazy teenager that it’s time to leave the nest, we see him truly coming of age and making his new home in the tall grass of nearby swamplands, where there’s plenty of cover and good food.

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