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Some disasters Texans may experience and should prepare for are power outages, floods, wildfires and hurricanes.
For any disaster, the best thing to do is follow the story on your local news station and stay informed. With the 2015 Texas Floods fresh in our memories, it is a good idea to get flood prepared now. Because fires are unpredictable, a great thing to do is make sure you have homeowners or renter’s insurance to cover your property and belongings. Main ContentNational Preparedness Month serves as a reminder that we must take action to prepare for disasters now and throughout the year. As the 10 year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina passes, we are reminded how disaster can strike in our own backyards. Losing your power in the middle of the Texas heat can be a dangerous thing and we recently experienced the tragedy of massive flooding this past May. Just a few things you can do are: purchase flood insurance, elevate critical utilities, flood proof basement, clear debris from gutters and downspouts and move valuables and documents to a safe place. Because hurricanes can be tracked, the first thing to do is stay alert and follow the hurricane’s path on your local news station.
Although wildfires can occur anytime within the year, the potential is high during periods of little or no rain and can occur anywhere from remote wilderness to your own backyard. Who wants to spend time thinking about what would happen if their cat was injured or trapped in a house fire?

Learn what we are doing and what you can do to help keep yourself, your family, and even your community safe and healthy when a disaster strikes. Some of us may remember the 2011 Texas wildfires that occurred in Bastrop and other parts of our community which were devastating to our community. If you have pets, have your pet carrier ready to go in a location that is easy to get to in case you have to escape danger quickly. Think of where you can travel and who you may be able to stay with until the hurricane is over.
Have your important documents and valuables in one safe location that you can quickly get to. Protect your home by having boards ready in your garage with the tools needed to board up your windows. It may seem like bigger is better, but keep in mind that a kit with so many components will only be useful if you know how to use each of them.
In a moment of crisis, an overwhelming kit could put your cat in more danger.The Humane Society suggests a more basic (but still effective) kit.
To help create a positive association, don’t hide her cat crate or carrier away in a closet to only bring out for trips to the veterinarian.
That will only force her to associate the crate with stressful car rides ending in uncomfortable exams filled with poking and prodding.
Instead, leave the crate out in the open (tucked under a table is fine, as long as she can access it).

First, it allows her to sniff and explore it, which will make it less scary and unfamiliar. Second, a crate that’s amidst the bustle of your home instead of tucked away in a closet will naturally pick up the smells of your home, which will comfort your cat.Attend An Animal First Aid CourseMany organizations such as American Red Cross offer hands-on courses in cities across the country.
You can get a free rescue alert sticker, along with a magnet with information for the Animal Poison Control hotline, for free from ASPCA.Prepare For A Lost CatMany cat parents never prepare for the potential escape of an indoor cat, but it’s not uncommon for a cat to go missing during the chaos of an emergency, such as a house fire.
Preparing for the possibility that your cat may bolt if she’s scared will greatly improve your chances of being reunited with her later.Make sure your cat has a collar with an ID tag with a current phone number. Keep the information associated with your cat’s microchip up to date.Have recent, clear color photos on hand of your cat in case you need to make a Lost Cat poster. It also helps to have pictures of any distinguishing marks or features, such as a white smudge above her left eye.Have A PlanDo you know where you could go if you needed to leave your home quickly in the middle of the night? Have a list, complete with phone numbers, of friends and family members that could house you and your cat if necessary.

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