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I arrived in Satu Mare, a city about 13 km from the Hungarian border on Thursday afternoon. This project aims to improve the disaster preparedness and strengthen the co-operation between the various professional and volunteer emergency services in the Hungarian-Romanian border region. The operational collaboration in this border region should be improved as soon as possible. To support and achieve this, yesterday and today a two-day preparatory training was given at the Szamos river near the Hungarian border town Csenger for around forty participants.
But in winter heavy snowstorms batter the countryside and in spring masses of water flow down the mountains from Ukraine and there is little time for this low-lying country to respond. To provide effective advice it is essential to map the structures of the participating organisations: What is their expertise, how do the communication lines run and who has what authority?
The goal is to disrupt, to decode and thus to develop a counter-fragility within the aid organisations and their individual members, combined with a self-regenerating and improving structure.
While speaking with Laszlo Gyenge, a Hungarian Civil Protection Officer, he told me that on March 15, 2013, a raging windstorm caused a breakdown of critical infrastructure cutting electricity to over 69 villages. It soon became clear that the Hungarian and Romanian organisations have a long-standing traditional hierarchical structure.
Naturally this complicates matters, especially in winter, but also in other times of emergency. In my opinion one of the key elements is the available flexibility within the command and control structure. During these two days a number of points of attention arose that can be used to prepare the upcoming exercise, the results of which I will include in an article. In the next few days I will travel with Adam, a Romanian German, through Siebenbürgen, Transylvania, an area where around 1,200 mainly Schwabian and Saxon tradesmen, farmers and labourers have settled in to protect the Eastern border of Hungary.

Using virtual reality to save lives in disastersThe best way for anyone to learn is through failure. By requesting for a free copy, you will also be subscribed to our newsletter which you will receive via email. As Romania is not yet part of the Schengen Agreement, my passport was checked at the border. The historical centre and its decrepit but beautiful buildings from the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy are striking.
I will blog and write about this process for the Crisis Response Journal and my conclusions and recommendations will be presented to my clients. Both countries are increasingly vulnerable to the effects of climate change, including heavy rainfall, flooding, ice, snowstorms and drought, resulting in the breakdown of critical infrastructure and all of its attendant consequences. Numerous poppies and cornflowers display their beautiful colours, birds are singing and birds of prey skim the fields searching for easy prey.
This is why contacts and procedures need to be aligned and everyone has to be prepared to the utmost. In other regions people were trapped in their vehicles by snow and it took days before everyone could be rescued.
Furthermore it is not permitted to cross the river, as the Schengen Agreement has not yet been approved. In regular mission command, local commanders and troops will receive the mandate to act autonomously and use their own insight within a certain range in order for an emergency situation to be effectively addressed. I look forward to finding medieval remains of German settlements, cities, castles and churches. By making mistakes, we begin to understand what went wrong in our processes and how we can avoid repeating such errors.

Although a minor storm by the time it made landfall, it is obvious that there had been extensive damage to homes, infrastructure, public facilities, agriculture and businesses,” said Kim.
But it is the communist, concrete city council 'watchtower' from the Ceausescu era that dominates the city. The knowledge and the experience are available, but can the mindset, consciousness and awareness be heightened and attuned in such situations?
The Romanians are required to contact headquarters in Bucharest and to wait for received permission before taking any action. The area was devastated in November 2013 by super typhoon Haiyan, one of most destructive storms in modern times.
It left thousands dead or missing in its wake, and had an incalculable impact to loss of property and livelihood. The workshops provided participants with insights into international best practices in the field of disaster science and is part of a three-year project funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA).The NDPTC will integrate the information obtained from the Puna, Haiyan and Indonesia visits in its research in areas such as urban planning, environmental management, and hazards such as storms, sea level rise, volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis. It actively engages internally with FEMA and the University of Hawai‘i, as well as with external partners across the region to integrate the delivery of its trainings, products and services. Its vibrant student-centered academic climate supports outstanding scholarship through internships, and active and service learning approaches to teaching that prepare students for the life-long pursuit of knowledge.

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