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Filled with exhilarating tales and astonishing photography, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 125 YEARS is an engrossing visual chronicle of the last 12-and-a-half decades through the eyes of the explorers, writers and photographers who captured it all. Laid out chronologically, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 125 YEARS explores the history of the Society from a small group dedicated to spreading geographic knowledge of the world and all that’s in it to the international nonprofit and media company it is today. The more than 600 images by world-renowned photographers from the Society’s history illuminate the legendary storytelling of National Geographic. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 125 YEARS also looks into the future of exploration, celebrating not just where we have gone but where we can go next.
National Geographic Books is a global publisher of 125 new books annually in Adult and Children’s combined, as well as a publisher of digital content and services with more than 50 partners who translate our books. The National Geographic Society is one of the world’s largest nonprofit scientific and educational organizations. Featuring show-stopping imagery and thrilling behind-the-scenes tales, National Geographic 125 Years captures the heart of National Geographic's fascinating history, from its earliest days as a scientific club to its growth into one of the world's largest geographic organizations. Mark Collins Jenkins is the former chief historian of the National Geographic Society's archives. Due settimane piu tardi i membri fondatori, dopo aver stabilito un regolamento e un piano per l’organizzazione, elessero Gardiner Greene Hubbard primo presidente della National Geographic Society che vedeva cosi la luce nel lontano 27 gennaio 1888.
6, 2012; $50 hardcover), by author and historian Mark Collins Jenkins, a former National Geographic Society archivist. Readers will be able to dive deeper into the iconic yellow border and get a behind-the-scenes look into the stories that have shaped the world, including Hiram Bingham’s discovery of the lost city of Machu Picchu, the arctic explorations of Richard Byrd, Jane Goodall’s legendary chimpanzee research and the epic dives of Jacques Cousteau and James Cameron. Each era of the Society’s history is highlighted, featuring the most significant expeditions, field research and photography. The book celebrates the history of National Geographic and showcases the quest for knowledge and adventure that has driven the Society’s mission for well over a century.

Founded in 1888 to “increase and diffuse geographic knowledge,” the Society’s mission is to inspire people to care about the planet. The book reveals how much we've come to know about our fascinating world through the pages and unforgettable imagery of National Geographic, and taps key voices from the forefront of ocean and space exploration, climate science, archaeology, mountaineering, and many other disciplines to peer with us over the horizon and see where we are heading in the future.Organized thematically, chapters focus on major accomplishments in each of the three realms of Earth, Sea, and Sky (featured on the National Geographic flag).
Nessuno ancora pensava che la NGS sarebbe diventata una delle organizzazioni scientifiche e pedagogiche piu famose al mondo. Author Mark Collins Jenkins presents the subject matter chronologically, focusing on great leaps forward that dramatically changed our understanding of the planet, from summiting Everest to landing on the moon to discovering Titanic. A century and a quarter later, after landmark shipwreck discoveries, stunning images from countless cultures and expeditions from the top of Mount Everest to the bottom of the Mariana Trench, the National Geographic Society has expanded beyond those original founding members, but the organization’s goal of spreading geographic knowledge around the globe has remained the same. Grosvenor, the Society’s former chairman, president and National Geographic magazine editor, who is a fifth-generation member of the Society’s founding family. Bounty, and marine biologist Sylvia Earle, as well as writers and photographers in the field fill each chapter, along with quotes from important figures associated with the Society, including paleontologist Louis Leakey, underwater explorer Robert Ballard, geneticist Spencer Wells and many more.
Other featured photographers include such renowned masters as David Doubilet, Chris Johns, Emory Kristof, David Allan Harvey, Sam Abell, Brian Skerry, Paul Nicklen, Frans Lanting, Annie Griffiths, Mattias Klum, Jodi Cobb and Joel Sartore. Sidebars feature famous names including Jared Diamond, Sylvia Earle, Buzz Aldrin, Bob Ballard, Jane Goodall and more, contributing thoughts about big questions of exploration, key frontiers in research, and enduring mysteries. With only 1,000 names enrolled, he needed to attract a broader spectrum of dues-paying members, and the only instrument he had on hand was National Geographic. No mere insidera€™s account of internal affairs, National Geographic 125 Years focuses on the impact that the National Geographic Society has made on the world and how it has reported and reflected a dramatically changing planet. Grosvenora€™s task was to help volunteer editor John Hyde make it as smart and appealing as the nationa€™s leading magazines. Special galleries between each of the sections focus on storytelling techniques pioneered by National Geographic, including photography, television, and digital reportage.

These offer behind-the-scenes glimpses at the process of telling the greatest stories on earth. For every sobersided article he published on the work of the governmenta€™s scientific bureaus, he tried to print a countervailing cultural piece on, say, the Boxer Rebellion in China or the revolt of the Ashantis in Ghana.
Il primo National Geographic con illustrazioni a colori risale poi all’anno successivo: comparivano qui disegni a pastello del Nicaragua, e la prima cartina, diventata poi parte integrante del periodico.
And wherever he cast about for material, he seized every picture he could lay his hands on.
Fu pero solo dal 1896 che la rivista comincio poi ad essere venduta nelle edicole, al prezzo di 25 cent. In January 1905 he published 11 rare photographs, shot clandestinely by Russian explorers disguised as Tibetan monks, of the forbidden city of Lhasa.
In April came 138 photographs of Philippine tribesmen, pored over by Americans curious about the people in their newest colony, ceded to them as spoils of the Spanish-American War. Nel 1910 furono pubblicate ben ventiquattro pagine con fotografie della Corea e del Giappone e a quello stesso anno risale l’adozione dell’ormai inconfondibile riquadro giallo. Era invece il 1927 quando il National Geographic pubblico le prime fotografie a colori subacquee del mondo, ritraendo i fondali della laguna delle Dry Tortugas, in Florida.
I 125 anni della Society e i 15 della rivista italiana raccontano appunto una storia appassionante che non potra che stupire anche il piu distratto dei visitatori.

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