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Chronicling trends in entertainment, pop culture, politics, the arts, and the uncategorized et cetera. Watch live video and replay of Donald Trump’s foreign policy speech at the National Press Club in Washington, DC on Wednesday, April 27, 2016. Watch live video and replay of Donald Trump’s speech at the rally in Warwick, Rhode Island on Monday, April 25, 2016. In late 2013, Air New Zealand launched a global search to find an environmental enthusiast keen to share the wonders of the Antarctic frozen continent with the world. Australian student filmmaker Marli Lopez-Hope and Kiwi ‘outdoorsman’ Michael Armstrong were selected from almost 2,000 applicants across 52 countries to travel to Antarctica on assignment with Air New Zealand.
Marli and Michael deployed to Antarctica in January 2014, where they spent two weeks assisting National Geographic photographer Jason Edwards capture life on the ice and to help draw worldwide attention to scientific research and the environment in Antarctica. The harshest place on Earth stands up to its reputation of being remote, extreme and of grand scientific significance.
The nine hours in the Hercules was described to me as sitting on a deck chair in a cookie tin.
Humbly perched on the edge of Ross Island with a beachfront view of the frozen Ross Sea is Scott Base. Respect for science is more important than ever when the world is faced with an uncertain future.
Meet Andrew Martin and Marius Muller, two scientists who are studying some of the smallest living organisms in the world. Scientists know a lot about the surface of Antarctica, but far less is known about the landscape under the ice. Craig and his team spent the Antarctic summer in a skidoo train dragging radar equipment across the ice shelf. This record in the ice provides greater understanding for the ongoing research that Air New Zealand is supporting of the effects of Polar Amplification. If spending two months with one other person, squatting in an outhouse bucket-toilet, with no Internet or phones while enduring long hours counting animals every day sounds like an awesome life, then Landcare scientists, Amy and Hamish have the greatest job in the world. It is a mystery as to where the Adelie penguin lives when the sea ice refreezes and the temperature plunges to -45 degrees Celsius in winter. Armed with a long bamboo stick and hook at the end, Hamish stands amongst thousands of penguins, reaching out ever so gently to coax a chick into his arms. Sitting amongst predatory Skuas and 60,000 smelly breeding pairs of Adelie penguins and chicks in Cape Bird was one my most exhilarating experiences. Jason rested his 800mm lens on my head whilst capturing the most relentless and moving battle between a baby Adelie penguin and a Skua.
I have walked away from this experience with a greater level of understanding about Antarctic science and the need to continue supporting relevant and essential scientific research here and around the world. You really can’t beat the look in a seasoned Antarctican’s eye when you ask them about their work. To the Base staff: Graeme, Trotts, JP and everyone else for looking after us and sharing such a magic experience with us, and in eternal debt to Jason for teaching me so much about photography and beyond.
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Study will see if supercooling allows wounds to be repaired quickly enough to preserve brain function.
A member of an emergency medical team practices operating a pump that sends cold fluid into a patient to cool the body and increase the patient's chances for survival after loss of blood. Surgeons at a hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, will soon try to save the life of a gunshot victim by killing him firsta€”or almost.
When a shooting or stabbing victim goes into cardiac arrest due to massive bleeding, even the most heroic attempts at resuscitation fail 90 percent of the time. The University of Pittsburgh hospital study will treat ten patients with this supercooling protocol and compare their survival rates with those of ten patients given standard CPR and surgery without cooling. As part of the study, any gunshot or stabbing victim who comes to the hospital ER in cardiac arrest will first get standard treatment: open-chest manual manipulation to restart the heart. Doctors use a catheter to push cold fluids into the aorta of patients who have lost large amounts of blood.

Tisherman and Kochanek plan to bring other medical centers into the study, known as Emergency Preservation and Resuscitation for Cardiac Arrest From Trauma (EPR-CAT).
There could be ethical concerns about conducting research on patients who are not conscious, are in cardiac arrest, and are therefore in no position to give informed consent.
When news broke that Rupert Murdoch, evil overlord of Fox News, had purchased National Geographic, it sent shockwaves of panic through thinking individuals everywhere.
While National Geographic promised that there would be no editorial “meddling” from 21st Century Fox, Murdoch is already getting involved in other ways — specifically by laying off hundreds of the staff that made the company worth acquiring in the first place. Then, the staff waited, one by one, to be called into Human Resources to learn their fates. “No one knows how many will be axed today,” an unnamed source inside National Geographic told News Photographer magazine Tuesday. The National Geographic Society and the National Geographic Channels are in the process of reorganizing in order to move forward strategically following the closing the NG Partners deal, which is expected to occur in mid-November. The entities combined have about 2,000 employees, and all staff have been advised as to their status as of closing.
Also axed were picture editor Kim Hubbard, 28-year veteran picture editor Nancy Lee Ott, photographer Michael Nichols, and numerous others.
One must wonder how National Geographic can maintain editorial control when many of those who were “separated” from the company were editors and other decision-makers. We update our site with news articles and full-length documentaries free of charge, with no registration needed. In any case, the numbers which are injected to add a layer of scientific plausibility were likely concocted by the original writers who repeated the meme. I guess there’s this idea that, in the not so distant future, all human types will blend together to form this dull unifrom coffee coloured slightly aisan looking race. With Nicole Kidman I wouldn’t bother with the smell test and neither would you if you were honest. President Barack Obama’s speech at the Hannover Messe Trade Fair opening ceremony on Sunday, April 24, 2016 in Hannover, Germany. President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel at a joint press conference on Sunday, April 24, 2016 in Hannover, Germany. Bernie Sanders rally in in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania featuring Kendrick Sampson and Susan Sarandon on Monday, April 25, 2016 at Drexel University. The discomfort was made up for by the sporadically placed portholes, revealing the most spectacular white world outside. Running the length of the corridor were some of the most interesting people I have ever met. This research impacts not only those living in New Zealand or at Scott Base, but people from all across the globe. At the bottom end of the food chain and calling the bottom layers of sea ice home, are the extremophiles (algae). Kiwi-born Cambridge PhD student, Craig Stuart and his two-man team, Ricky and Tom are conducting a two-year study the level of the Antarctic ice-shelf melt on the Ross Ice Shelf.
For weeks at a time they battled wind, crevasses, melting ice and sastrugi (windblown ice formations that stop a skidoo in its tracks) to document the makeup and changes in the ice shelf.
In other words, almost all of my city of Melbourne, Australia would be underwater, and my town of birth, Byron Bay, would not exist anymore.
The more Amy and Hamish learn about the dynamics of penguin population, the more we understand about the complex nature of global climate change and bird species. It wasn’t until the baby penguin ran to Marli and me for support that I broke from my tripod impersonation. I can only hope to play my part to preserve this amazing part of the world and perhaps be so lucky to make it back to experience it again. You can remove any cookies already stored on your computer, but these may prevent you from using parts of our website.
But a study to begin this month under the direction of Sam Tisherman and Patrick Kochanek at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Presbyterian Hospital will see if there's a better way: cooling the body after the heart has stopped beating, to the point where all other functioning virtually ceases as well. If the protocol works on the first group, investigators will refine the procedure as necessary and try it again with another ten patients. The surgeons will then reinfuse the body with blood, restart the heart, and let the patient slowly return to a normal body temperature over the course of the next two hours. Military surgeons at the time noted that the leading cause of combat death was rapid blood loss in the first 5 to 20 minutes after injurya€”even though about one-third of the soldiers had wounds that wouldn't have been fatal in a typical emergency room.

The next hospital to come on board will be at the University of Maryland, where teams of trauma surgeons, cardiac surgeons, and perfusionists are currently being trained in EPR.
But the Food and Drug Administration, which must eventually approve the procedure and the devices useda€”several of which are patented by Tisherman and Kochaneka€”allows for exemption from informed consent in the case of life-threatening emergencies. After all, National Geographic has traditionally been one of the most well-known sources of scientific information, and Fox News is where any semblance of scientific knowledge goes to be beaten mercilessly with socks full of pennies before being unceremoniously dumped in a vat full of acid in Bill O’Reilly’s basement for easy disposal. If you know that someone on your staff will be out of the office on November 3rd, please let Tia or Yvonne know by 3 p.m.
I am proud of how our teams and our organization have approached and responded to this transitional period.
Involuntary separations will represent about 9% of the overall workforce reduction, many in shared services and a voluntary separation offer has also been made to eligible employees. Will we soon be seeing headlines like “Global Warming: The Great Scam of the Century” and “Who Needs Polar Bears, Anyway”  gracing the once-reputable publication?
I read it regularly between the ages of about ten and sixteen, but only casually since then. It’s an amazing bond that is formed at the bottom of the globe when everyone reveals themselves in ways only 24 hours of sunshine allows. Martin and his colleagues are able to assess the likely survival of such a key part of the ecosystem if things carry on the way they are trending. This is the largest chunk of floating ice on the planet – about the size of France and between 100m and 800m thick!
Their radar, attached to an old wooden dog sled, bounces back from the different densities of ice, giving a profile of the ice below. If the current study, funded by the Department of Defense, is successful, medics may someday bring the supercooling technique to the battlefield using portable equipment. The Pitt investigators also provided a layer of implied consent by conducting a series of town hall meetings in the surrounding community to describe the study and give people the option of wearing a bracelet declaring their wish to opt out of participation in the project. Looking ahead, I am confident National Geographic’s mission will be fulfilled in powerful, new and impactful ways, as we continue to change the world through science, exploration, education and storytelling. Only time will tell — but this sudden layoff of a large percentage of the staff does not bode well for any who were holding out hope that the Fox merger would not permanently damage the integrity of National Geographic. It’s probably a notch below the Smithsonian and Natural History, and two notches below the Scientific American, but better than almost every daily newspaper or general interest magazine except maybe (not sure) Harpers and the Atlantic.
That seems a bit low to me, given imperialism, which had men from Europe all over the planet for a good long while. It’s when human actions disrupt these cycles and produce drastic climate change that it becomes a potentially catastrophic concern.
The mix of untouched beauty, relentless extremes, cutting edge science and the people that are attracted to the place makes the whole experience like no other. As it circulates, it will chill first the heart and brain and then the rest of the body, until the patient's body temperature is also 50 degrees. If the experiment works, the patient will return to full functioning, none the worse for wear for having been, for about an hour, clinically dead. While it's not a perfect system, Elizabeth Chaitin, a professor of palliative care and medical ethics at the University of Pittsburgh, notes that the effort is important in establishing community trust in the scientists. Thereafter, check back for the full replay video and transcript text which be added as soon as available. Looking out the kitchen window at Scott Base, at the sheer scale of the continent, I had not a clue as to how the scientists find a creature invisible to the naked eye. The cooldown will take 15 to 20 minutes, at which point the patient will have no blood, no breath, no movement or any other outward sign of life. I try to explain the nature of genetics and how, as long as there are always people carrying the red-haired whatever gene, there are always going to be red haired people popping up in the gene pool.
To be honest, some of the most stunning looking specimens of humanity, that I’ve met, have had a nice blending of human genomes in their ancestory.

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