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Camels and trucks travel on a main desert road in Abu Dhabi while rain descends in the background. Now a Swiss company, Meteo Systems, is poised to earn a pretty penny in Abu Dhabi with a controversial weather modification system said to be responsible for dozens of rain showers in the desert last summer. The claim is difficult to verify but certainly has raised a storm of skepticism among many leading weather modification experts. While typical weather modification effortsa€”which began in the mid-20th century and continue in nations from the United States to Chinaa€”make use of natural clouds and attempt to a€?seeda€? them to produce precipitation, Meteo Systems purports to create the clouds themselves. Their system uses arrays of 33-foot (10-meter) electric towers that produce negatively charged ions, according to the company. Joseph Golden, a weather modification expert who once chaired the now-defunct Atmospheric Modification Program at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), also has serious doubts that the technique could work. The Technical University of Municha€™s Peter Wilderer, winner of the 2003 Stockholm Water Prize, said people have been attempting ionization techniques for decades.
Wilder added that reviews of radar images suggested to him that ionization could possibly have some effect, under proper meteorological conditions.
NOAAa€™s Golden is interested in hearing much more from the scientists trying to make it rain in the desert. The directors of the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, who have been erroneously linked to the project via media reports, released a statement expressing a€?distressa€? that the scientific organization had been associated in any way with the work of Meteo Systems. NCARa€™s Bruintjes noted that the UN-based World Meteorological Organizationa€™s expert team on weather modification research met in Abu Dhabi in March 2010, and issued a report on the state of the science that cautioned against just this type of technology. Golden said people who are simply desperate to fool Mother Nature often pay for modification techniques that are unproven at best, including the hail cannons mentioned in the WMO report. Bruintjes put his point bluntly: a€?The rotation of the Earth, the energy of the sun, and moisture from the oceans cause these things.
Firos Syed, from Qatar, came in second-place with a photograph of a man cycling through a puddle.

The competition received more than 80,000 entries from across the Middle East,  more than twice the entries it received last year.
One of seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi and its capital city of the same name combine desert and coastline, urban sophistication and cultural tradition.Here, visitors snap photos near the Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al Nahyan Mosque, also known as the Grand Mosque. Traditional sailing dhows—including this 60-foot (18-meter) boat owned by Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi—race between Sir Bu Na’air island and the emirate of Dubai during the Al Gaffal in May 2010. Gardens, fountains, and views of an ever changing city skyline draw early morning activity on Abu Dhabi’s seaside Corniche. The interior ceiling of the luxurious Emirates Palace hotel in Abu Dhabi reflects the opulence of the city, which can also be seen in its ultramodern office towers, shopping centers, and pristine infrastructure. The oasis city of Al Ain is seen from the top of Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road, which climbs the peak of the same name, one of the highest in the United Arab Emirates and a popular tourist attraction.
Located in the Baraimi Oasis in eastern Abu Dhabi, the city of Al Ain was once a stop for ancient caravans. Every year camels and prize-seekers converge on Abu Dhabi from across the Arabian Peninsula for an annual beauty contest. The illuminated Grand Mosque brightens the sky near a luxury hotel in Abu Dhabi, where guests dining poolside can take in the view. These ions bind with tiny solid and liquid particles, supercharging the particlesa€™ ability to form clouds and precipitation. Despite press reports to the contrary, he has never personally witnessed any rainfall events produced by Meteo Systems.
They added that rainstorms were part of unusual weather patterns in the Middle East last summer. I try my best to attribute images, videos, and quotes to their creators and original sources.Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited - Cairo, Egypt. One of the largest in the world and an Abu Dhabi landmark, the mosque welcomes both worshippers and visitors.

The mosque houses the mausoleum of the late president for whom it is named, a significant and beloved figure in the modern history of the UAE. A portrait of the late President Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al Nahyan is seen in the background. Walks or drives along the promenade are a highlight for visitors to Abu Dhabi, who can enjoy its public parks and beach access. Such events are part of modern life in cosmopolitan Abu Dhabi city, home to Emiratis, expatriates, foreign workers, and international students. Numerous corners and smooth asphalt make the road a favorite of drivers and cyclists alike. The desert landscape, which covers much of the emirate, includes part of the vast Rub al Khali, or Empty Quarter, in the south.
Here, falcons perch on wakirs—decorated stands for falcons at rest—during a desert hunting expedition. Expeditions across the area’s massive red dunes by camel or vehicle—known as desert safaris—are a top attraction for visitors to the region. Established by the emirate's ruling family, the pageant can attract as many as 24,000 contestants.
During the nine-day event, camels are paraded before a grandstand as their owners compete for extravagant prizes.

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