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National Geographic Channel's World's Deadliest and Nat Geo Wild's World's Weirdest series premiered this winter!
After an impressive 10-year run, father and son reunite to build their final bikes on the very last season of Discovery’s riveting reality-series, American Chopper.
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood premiered this fall with new friends, new things to learn, and lots of fun!" title="Cerebral Lounge and Clean Cuts worked on promos for PBS KIDS' most gurrrific show launch ever! Pulitzer Prize-winning author Michael Chabon's latest novel, Telegraph Avenue, released last September to critical acclaim!
A reality show team of ghost hunters uncovers something far beyond the paranormal when they travel to the small town of Bitterford, Maine. Big Fish recently released their pirate strategy arcade game Plunder!, the anticipated follow up to the 2010 release. HitPoint Studios and Microsoft Studios have proudly announced the worldwide release of their epic adventure game, Adera. The player follows protagonist Jane Sinclaire as she uncovers the secrets that rule the mysterious hidden island of Adera. Clean Cuts provided content for all areas of audio including a full original score, voice casting, and sound design.
PlayFirst teamed with Sony Pictures Animation to develop Hotel Transylvania Dash, a free mobile game based on the hit film, which premiered September 28th. Step into the boxing ring to swipe votes away from the presidential candidate of your choice in Ballot Boxer, a free mobile game by Skunk Studios. Frozen Planet, Discovery’s highly anticipated 7-part series, premieres this Sunday, March 18th, at 8PM.
Cerebral Lounge devised some graphics, an end page, and a launch promo for National Geographic Channel’s new series, American Weed. Clean Cuts worked with NBC Sports Agency on the 2012 IZOD Indycar Series open for the NBC Sports Network.
MSG Networks featured some of this year’s NHL and NBA Playoffs – and Clean Cuts created an exciting thematic music package to accompany the teases and promos. ID’s hit series, Fatal Encounters, examines relationships between killers and victims as their paths intertwine. We teamed up with PBS to promote their Election 2012 coverage and renowned primetime lineup, which features some of the world’s most respected journalists. Matter Creative Agency "busted out" one intense and compelling launch spot for the National Geographic series, Locked Up Abroad. Cerebral Lounge and Clean Cuts edited, scored, sound designed, and mixed the promo campaign for Nat Geo Wild’s fascinating new series, Built for the Kill. We got our gears in motion with Matter Creative Agency to promote Velocity’s High Performance Block. Amish: Out of Order, a 10-part series on National Geographic Channel, profiles people who leave their Amish community behind and drastically change their lives. Clean Cuts collaborated with SmithGifford to cast, sound design, and mix the radio campaign for National Geographic Museum’s new exhibit, Titanic: 100 Year Obsession. Both companies paired with PBS Primetime to uncover TV promos and radio spots for the fascinating, multi-platform series, America Revealed. Clean Cuts overloaded on cute-cuddly-foopsie-woopsie-wittle animals and their bestest friends by hatching sound design and 5.1 mix for Nat Geo Wild's Unlikely Animal Friends. Cerebral Lounge and Clean Cuts hopped aboard the PBS KIDS Dinosaur Train: Dinosaurs A to Z by editing, creating 2D graphics, and mixing the station promos. Clean Cuts created supplementary custom sound design for Aeria Games & Entertainment’s newest fantasy RPG shooter title, Eden Eternal.
Clean Cuts cast and produced the voice talent for Gameinvest’s newest game, Fantastic Creations: House of Brass.
Clean Cuts sound designed and mixed the second season launch promo for Science Channel’s An Idiot Abroad: The Bucket List! Taboo, now in its eighth season on National Geographic Channel, continues to push viewers out of their comfort zones, this time with dynamic 5.1 surround mixes and a new opening title track by Clean Cuts. Cerebral Lounge and Clean Cuts collaborated with Outlaw Advertising on a powerful ground-breaking video for House of Ruth. Clean Cuts and Cerebral Lounge 'scratched' together editorial, sound design and mix for Nat Geo Wild’s Big Cat Week event sell. On Red Hot Saturday Nights, catch ID’s new 'romance gone wrong' series, Scorned: Love Kills.
Clean Cuts sound designed and mixed TNT’s latest national radio campaign for Southland, a critically acclaimed drama about the LAPD. Cerebral Lounge and Clean Cuts post-produced the tie-in promos for ID’s The Devil You Know and The Devil Inside, now in theaters.
Check out the sound design and mix by Clean Cuts on the launch spot for Travel Channel's new crime series, Hidden City, starring host Marcus Sakey. Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan migrated over to Nat Geo Wild for its eighth season, and Clean Cuts created a tail-wagging title track for the hit show.
Clean Cuts provided the sound design and mix for the jaw-dropping promo for TLC’s new show, Virgin Diaries. Big Fish Games’ Mystery Case Files: Escape from Ravenhearst features Clean Cuts original music throughout this psychological thriller, and sound design for its riveting conclusion. Clean Cuts constructed 5.1 surround mixes for National Geographic Channel’s Ultimate Factories series. Although Marressa supports her husband, she told us that she remains more skeptical than Kelly about its curing abilities, even though she has grown more accepting over time.
Even with his pain, Kelly still finds time for fun and brought us to his garage to show us his hobby.  Kelly is an avid dart player, and he told us about the first time he was in a dart tournament and fell in love with the sport.

Tonight on American Weed: Buds on the Ballot, as Election Day nears, anxiety builds for those for and against the medical marijuana dispensary ban in Fort Collins, Colorado. I think that the people who are trying to ban weed for medical use should have to spend so time taking care of cancer or AIDS patients when regular meds either cause severe side effects or just don’t work anymore. Fort Collins, Colorado EX-mayor Ray Martinez is nothing but a modern day Hitler who hasn’t a clue where he even gets the stats he uses to put down medical marijuana from! I suffer with 2 chronic illnesses, both cause me a great deal of pain, and are at this time, still incurable. I have always been one with a high tolerance to pain, until now as my level of inflammation has ravaged my body to near mind-twisting pain. Due to the chronic inflammation that ravages my body, my organs are beginning to show signs of failure due to my body trying to heal itself, has now turned against itself. I think if America would legalize medicinal marijuana, just think of the jobs that would create in America. Can anyone tell me what song they were singing by the campfire at the end of “Pot or Not” episode? According to the government surveys of 25 million people that smokes marijuana in the past year, says it’s harmless.
I’ve been following this series and wish the best for all the people that really need the medical Marijuana.
Anyway as far as the radio debate with Josh Stanley and that Martinez guy, when Martinez said that weed was being abused and falling into the hands of people that don’t need it, well the same can be said without a doubt about prescription drugs, tobacco and alcohol. The federal government should make marijuana legal all over the united states not just for medical use but recreational also, tobacco and alcohol is and how many people have they killed and then compare it to marijuana. The medical marijuana vote came up here in TN just recently but even if it passes this place will be another Fort Collins with the same end result of the community not allowing the sale of it here, they voted to make the sale of rolling papers here illegal just a year or two ago.
I can attest to what it looks like to someone from the outside looking in because I was a stoner 25 years ago and am quite knowledgeable of how stoners act and appear.
With my condition I can get a very high level of unexplained anxiety that can be eliminated by a conventional drug like Xanax or Valium. PEOPLE THAT REMONSTRATE AGAINST WEED ARE USUALLY UNEDUCATED, GOD FEARING LIBERAL CHRISTIANS!. I have been unable to find any where appropriate on this web site to place this comment so I find this location be as good as any. Follow these Gloucester, MA fishermen as they use rod and reel to catch the elusive bluefin tuna. Explore the fascinating facets of your cranium with brainteasers, experiments, and hard science. Explore the lives of otherwise ordinary Americans who are going to great lengths to prepare for the end of the world. There’s nothing in the federal Liberal budget about cannabis legalization, which is a little surprising since Trudeau campaigned on legalization and the whole world knows it. John Musselman reports on what the federal government's promise to legalize marijuana could mean for Toronto. With the Liberals expected to legalize marijuana, Shaun Majumder talks pot with the founder of the Marijuana Party. Cerebral Lounge and Clean Cuts found out by editing, creating graphics, composing original music, sound designing and mixing three high-octane videos for the sleek new model’s latest web campaign. Cerebral Lounge custom-crafted the promo campaign and Clean Cuts revved-up sound design and mix. Clean Cuts and Producer Scott Sherratt recorded actor Clarke Peters’ (best known for his roles on HBO’s The Wire and Treme) dynamic interpretation of the 'must listen-to' audio book, which won an Earphones Award from Audiofile Magazine." title="Pulitzer Prize-winning author Michael Chabon's latest novel, Telegraph Avenue, released last September to critical acclaim! Clean Cuts and Producer Scott Sherratt recorded actor Clarke Peters’ (best known for his roles on HBO’s The Wire and Treme) dynamic interpretation of the “must listen-to” audio book, which won an Earphones Award from Audiofile Magazine. Pick up where the team left off in Mystery Case Files: Shadow Lake, Big Fish’s newest installment of the hit MCF series. To accompany the player on their high seas adventure, Clean Cuts composed seven level tracks, created a palette of swashbuckling pirate themed sounds and cast and produced the eccentric voiceovers.
Your mission is to help Dracula tend to his ghoulish guests and transform his monsters-only hotel into a “5 Stake” resort. Each level of matching marbles further unfolds the story of Sansang, a monk on a quest for truth.
Fun fact: We specifically sound designed with current Indycar engine sounds because the cars’ sonic identities change every year. The film peeks into the present lives of world-famous supermodels and their long-term relationships with physical appearance. Using your virtual avatar, you can take classes, start a new career, find your dream home, raise a family, and meet and hang out with friends around the city of Metropoville! Quest through dangerous missions, capture powerful monsters and prepare your hero to battle his heart out in this vivid and colorful game. Discover clues that uncover the past of the mysterious Edwin Cogglethorpe as you explore his steam-driven House of Brass. Kelly and his wife, Marreesa, told us they moved to Colorado from Kansas after Kelly was charged with a marijuana-related misdemeanor. She believes that marijuana can relieve someone’s pain, but the user may still not figure out what is causing the pain.
When they were just 17, he and his friend Joey managed to get in the bar where the tournament was held because Joey’s mom worked there. Medical marijuana dispensaries are facing the possibility of extinction as the upcoming vote on Question 300  threatens to ban all dispensaries within city limits.  Dispensary owners and supporters feel that the dispensaries not only provide an invaluable service to suffering patients in surrounding areas, they also support the town through paying taxes as any other legitimate small business .
I have been in nursing for 20 years and wish that pot would be made available to patients here.

I am on 3 different narcotic painkillers, along with at least 5 other drugs currently that I take on a daily basis just to make it through the day. All I get is sleepy, and relief from the constant pain the I suffer with in rest or in activity..
Even though they voted to close the despensaries, the others left open within the state should consider re-naming some of the strains…why some may ask? All I can say is keep up the fight and don’t vote for the idiots that vote against making medical marijuana legal nationwide.
Find out what happens when a small town must decide whether or not to legalize a budding industry. Featuring the stories of the Cop, the Patient, and the Grower, in a potentially billion dollar industry. Cerebral Lounge worked with Big Fish to conceptualize the game intro and trailer, then provided the edit, visual effects, and graphics for both. Clean Cuts created kooky and spooky original music and sound design to match the Halloween spirit of Hotel Transylvania. Clean Cuts produced organic sound design to accompany the Zen background track provided by the Clean Cuts Music Library. Now, the past is bringing you back to uncover the disturbing disappearance that caused the camp to close. Clean Cuts provided original music, custom sound design, casting, and voice talent production for this simulation game. Kelly said that the expense of travelling farther for $10 of medical marijuana to treat symptoms such as nausea, from which he has been suffering for the past 10 years, may not be worthwhile. The boys battled for first and second place, and to this day Kelly does not remember who actually won. Supporters of the ban are certain that the dispensaries have corrupted the community and are harming their children . Over the years I don’t know how many people I have watched suffer because their meds became ineffective or the side effects became more than they could deal with.
The only dangerous thing about it is the black market and actually smoking it may cause lung cancer but there are safer ways to ingest it. Eighteen months ago I was in a severe motor vechile collision which left me with a severe break to C5,C6,C7 vertibraes.
Clean Cuts composed original music and crafted sound design for the trailer, intro, and several psychic vision scenes.
Clean Cuts cast and produced the dynamic voiceover for the characters Bark Lady, Alyssa and Atlantia. Colorado’s medical marijuana laws made it seem like a good place to call home, especially after Kelly’s kidney cancer diagnosis. He revealed that he wakes up and immediately smokes, even before putting on his glasses or kissing his wife, to deal with the nausea. Marressa noted that sometimes a cure is not found even if the cause is known.  So far the doctors haven’t found the cause of Kelly’s nausea. He has since created a slogan, “It’s not about luck; it’s about skill,” and is entering another dart tournament. Those on both sides of the issue rush to put in their last campaign efforts to either save or do away with medical marijuana dispensaries in Fort Collins, Colorado. If that’s not enough, I also have sacriilitis, a arthritic condition of the L5 of my back down to my tailbone.
The name of it puts fear into the unintelligent-uneducated fools that voted to shut them down. Tobacco and alcohol can be bought and sold so that tells me the government doesn’t give a hoot in hell about public safety. I have to deal with alot of side effects because of the meds I have to take that just help me get thru the day. Grocery day, better yet, grocery day on a icy cold day when my pain is at it’s worst would be a good time to try. It’s ALL about money and if weed was made legal people would stop buying the poisons the pharmaceutical companys produce.
I’m not on either side of the fence here, I can see both arguments when looked upon from a political stand point. He explained the hardship of finding a job, since employers often require drug tests, because they do not want to hire users. I am sure there are those that get the card from the dr and really dont need the marijuana, but prescription drug abuse and addiction is out of control.
Doctors in fear of addicted patients to morphine and other federally controlled drugs, dispense with a tight-fisted hand. I always wondered if their drugs work so well why do they have to advertise them to the public, wouldn’t doctors know what’s best?
The main objective in posting this is simple so that hopefully some one from the dispensary reads it so that they can realize when a faithful viewer of the show American weed, and some one realizing that some people do require medicinal marijuana, and when I would like to see them to stand a fair chance in this battle, then why for gods sakes would you have a person like Alex be one of the people the world views as a medical marijuana spokes person ? To be quite honest seeing his reactions , comments , and attitude it makes me understand why people don’t want it in there community. I think people that haven’t lived with a chronic painful illness or condition have no idea what it is to be in constant pain, and the side effects of opioids, damage they can cause. He makes the world judge medicinal marijuana in a negative light when you see his comments made on the show.

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