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The Realview Archive solution allows traditional print publishers and online publishers to convert their back catalogues into useful online digital archives that can be read on any device at anytime. If you are a publisher and have a magazine or journal archive with back issues needing to make the leap into the online world, then Realview’s digital magazine archive service will give your traditional archive publications a new and highly valuable life. The dynamic Realview Digital publishing software provides one of the world’s best and most flexible systems supporting single logins, group logins, enterprise subscriptions, library and university solutions, member subscriptions and online registration.
The National Geographic Society wanted to offer their entire National Geographic Magazine archive on the internet to subscribers for an annual fee or as part of a bundle of products. This landing page needed to be accessible to anyone on the internet with standard web browsers via PC, Mac or tablets such as the iPad and Android.
Realview worked closely on-site with The New Yorker during the development of the viewer and subscription integration.
The New Yorker Magazine Archive was recently re-released using the latest Realview viewer and now has a much tighter integration into the New Yorker website and fits in with The New Yorker digital strategy. Fine Cooking is unique in its 100% focus on food and its mission to give today’s cooks — no matter what their level of cooking skill — the knowledge and confidence to become more talented cooks and enhance their pleasure in all things food. A technician wields a camera larger than himself, a photographer prepares for the field, and a a€?strippera€? makes a map.
When people think of National Geographic, they often think of photographers and writers out in the field. These photos from our archives provide a glimpse of the work that went on behind those walls during the 1930s, 40s, and 50s.

Mailroom employees sort through an unusually heavy load (14 sacks) at National Geographica€™s second location in the Eckington neighborhood of Washington, D.C. Workers place the Explorer II gondola in front of National Geographic Society headquarters. Nous avons demande a Reza, photographe celebre pour la qualite de ses reportages, en particulier ceux du National Geographic, de nous donner sa vision de l’Algerie, a l’occasion du 50e anniversaire de son independance. The simple pdf conversion using advanced digital magazine archive software will see each of your issues presented as exact digital replicas of the original publication, page by page, cover to cover.
Take the leap with the advanced digital archive solution from Realview and make your print archive available to a whole new generation as an easy to use, advanced online digital archive that can be read on any device including iPad, Android devices and tablets. Fully featured and ready to use and with a flexible architecture and API, the Realview online subscription system can easily be integrated with your own fulfillment provider or database including CDS, ESP, TCS and CMS. Requirements included that the complete archive be accessed from a dedicated password protected archive landing page within the National Geographic website. Through the landing page subscribers can search or browse the archive and read the full print replicas of every issue. Specific workflow and messaging was created to cater for a variety of subscription options to ensure a smooth and easy process for readers. But most staff members dona€™t spend their days trekking the worlda€”rather, they spend them at Nat Geoa€™s offices in Washington, D.C. Murayama was very detail-orienteda€”he may have been studying a spider under his microscope as he drew his illustration.

On November 11, 1935, Explorer II rose 72,395 feet (22,065 meters) into the stratosphere, giving us the first photo of Eartha€™s curvature.
Si les grandes villes ont beaucoup change, certains des lieux captures par Reza semblent suspendus dans le temps, probablement tres proches de ce qu’ils etaient il y a un siecle ou plus.
Not only does this online magazine archive software allow you to retain the look and feel of your original magazine, but allows publishers to comply with the original copyright. Army Air Corps Stratosphere Project to reach new atmospheric heights and take steps toward space travel. Lorsque nous avons discute a son retour, il m’a dit son etonnement : les paysages, loin de se limiter au desert, offrent une diversite qu’il n’imaginait pas avant d’y passer plusieurs semaines. Falaises enveloppees par la brume qui font penser a des fjords, montagnes recouvertes de neige… Reza a aussi su saisir la vie quotidienne du peuple algerien dans les villages, sur les marches, dans les mosquees. Au regard de ces images, on comprend la nostalgie des pieds-noirs qui ont du abandonner cette terre splendide en 1962. Louis Mazzatenta sur l’armee chinoise de terre cuite dont on a retrouve les couleurs originelles.
C’est a la fois superbe et emouvant d’observer ces milliers de statues toutes differentes, armees et peintes dans des teintes flamboyantes.

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