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Browse through a collection of our world-renowned cartography, then purchase your favorite to hang on your wall. Interact with maps and information graphics illustrating the human condition, our relationship with nature, and our connected world. The National Geographic World Atlas app lets users move through the cards, make a search, zoom in separate parts. His favorite places you can celebrate on the map using a special tool to sustain and provide them with annotations. The World Atlas application features Retina display compatibility, a redesigned user interface and added features, along with National Geographic's impeccable research and cartography.

Take a look behind the scenes of the full redesign of National Geographic World Atlas IOS App. National Geographic wanted to completely refresh their very first iOS app, the World Atlas, so they approached us to rebuild it from the ground up. As the main highlights is the service there are various cartographic development of National Geographic. With the camera and GPS, service allows you to save photos from geo-tags and automatically centers the map on the location of the user. The design process included examining and updating the features in the existing app, with a focus on elegant typography and usability.

In addition, Bing offers the opportunity to watch satellite images with multiple increase of up to one house. Perhaps the most interesting side-effect of rebuilding the app was the effect it had on the National Geographic cartographers – seeing their cartography on a responsive, interactive globe inspired them to start thinking differently about digital maps.
Since release, the National Geographic World Atlas has been featured several times by Apple, including the weekly Best New Apps section and 2015’s Best of April.

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