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National Geographic Society offers a pair of iPad-optimized atlas appsa€”World Atlas HD and The World by National Geographic. Going Global: World Atlas HD features a global view that you can spin and rotate with the touch of a finger.
Ita€™s a big, wide world out there, and World Atlas has opted to keep the size of the app to a manageable 67.6MB by only preloading a few levels of maps. How Far Must We Go: Tap and hold on the distance scale bar in World Atlas HD, and it becomes an adjustable direction line that shows the distance between two points on the map. World Atlas HD lets you drop pins on the map, but only for your current location and in the capital cities of countries around the globe. There is an especially clever feature in World Atlas HD involving the distance scale bar in the appa€™s upper left corner.
Panning around the globe is fairly smooth, but zooming in and zooming out causes the app to redraw your view.
The World also includes the nation factboxes found in World Atlas HD, but puts its own twist on the feature.
World View: In addition to facts and figures about a particular nation, factboxes in The World by National Geographic include full-screen photos shot highlighting the country you're researching. The photos look great on the iPada€™s screen, but again, therea€™s something of a missed opportunity here. That complaint aside, The World by National Geographic is a decent mobile atlas, if not a standout one. The critically acclaimed, large-format NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC ATLAS OF THE WORLD, TENTH EDITION is an invaluable and easy-to-read resource to understanding today’s dynamic, interconnected world. A World Themes section at the front of the atlas comprises 20 thematic spreads with illustrated maps, informational graphics and narrative that engages and informs readers about rapidly changing global issues.
National Geographic maps, renowned for a century for their accuracy, detail and beauty, have won more awards and received more acclaim than any other U.S.
Through its 360 maps, 70 charts, 56 photographs and 300 diagrams and illustrations, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC ATLAS OF THE WORLD, TENTH EDITION will educate users about the state of the world and beyond, such as hotspots in the news, trending travel destinations and places that inspire curiosity. Atlas spokesperson Juan Jose Valdes is National Geographic’s geographer and National Geographic Maps’ director of editorial and research. National Geographic Books & Home Entertainment creates and distributes books, videos and other print and digital media that inform, engage and entertain diverse audiences about our world. En guvenilir kaynaklar aras?nda gosterilebilecek National Geographic taraf?ndan haz?rlanm?s dunya atlas? uygulamas?. Lutfen yorumlar?n?zda World Atlas by National Geographic crack, World Atlas by National Geographic serial, license key gibi bilgiler yazmay?n?z. Keeping kids entertained while on a long drive can be a challenge, but the National Geographic Kids Ultimate U.S. Now, in its stunning Ninth Edition, the critically acclaimed National Geographic Atlas of the World reports and examines up-to-the-minute geopolitical and environmental changes through detailed, accurate maps and beautiful, engaging design that are its hallmark.
National Geographic cartographers bring nearly a century of mapmaking experience and cutting-edge technology to every atlas product. Whether ita€™s thumbing through a road atlas, spinning around a globe, or sticking pushpins into a wall map to designate where Ia€™ve been and where I want to go, I can find countless ways to amuse myself with a well-designed map. Both apps deliver the world to your tablet, with an easy-to-control interface and a decent amount of data.
Launch World Atlas HD, and ita€™s easy to see why: The app opens to a gorgeously rendered globe, either in portrait or landscape view, that you can spin and rotate with just the touch of a finger. In other words, if youa€™re connected to a network via Wi-Fi or a cellular connection, you can zoom in to your hearta€™s content, right down to road maps supplied by Bing. Tapping and holding to place a pin as you would in the built-in Maps app doesna€™t work here; instead, that behavior summons a pop-up window containing information about the country youa€™re tapping on.

If you tap and hold the scale bar, it becomes a purple direction line that you can drag anywhere on the map. You can start typing the name of a city or country in the search box, and the app will dynamically generate a list of results. The redrawing happens fairly quickly, even on an original iPad, though some users might expect a more seamless experience. Like World Atlas HD, The World launches to a globe that you can rotate and spin in any direction. Call up information on Belize, for example, and The World lists population, language, GDP, and other data; it also includes a brief description of the country. If Ia€™m looking at the photo of Mont Blanc thata€™s included in the France factbox, Ia€™d like to see some indication on the attached map of where that photo was taken.
Students interested in geographya€”and anyone looking for a different view of the worlda€”will find some value in National Geographica€™s offering. We give you the scoop on what's new, what's best and how to make the most out of the products you love.
In creating the tenth edition atlas, National Geographic’s cartographic designers, geographic editors and researchers examined the latest satellite imagery and authoritative data from a variety of sources, including the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), to accurately visualize continental landscapes, the entire Earth and the vastness of space. Every map has been newly researched and updated and reflects the latest changes in the world.
The spreads include population, urbanization, oceans, fresh water, climate, biodiversity, human influences, economy, energy, transportation, migration, health, cultures, the human condition, natural hazards and agriculture.
One side depicts the most recent political world; the reverse side is the first general world map published as a supplement in National Geographic magazine in December 1922. He guides and assists the Map Policy Committee in setting border representations, disputed territories and naming conventions for National Geographic. Annually, the group publishes more than 125 new books for adults, families and kids and releases 250+ new DVDs and digital downloads of the Society’s films and TV shows, and these National Geographic titles are available in more than 35 local-language editions.
Pek cok telefonda bulunan atlas uygulamalar?n? cok otesinde olan bu uygulama uzerinden cal?smalar?n?z? yurutebilirsiniz.
This cartographic masterwork brings to light the most important and relevant topics that grip our planet today.
So if therea€™s an app that can bring that experience to the iPad and tell me a little more about the world around me, Ia€™m eager to give it a try. Unfortunately, neither app taps into the full capabilities of iOS and both left me wanting more.
Youa€™ve got a choice of three looksa€”the sepia-hued Executive view, a brighter Classic look, and Satellite. The information is certainly useful and adds value to World Atlas HD, but if you like to put pins on all the cities youa€™ve visited or the places youa€™d like to go to, youa€™ll likely be disappointed with this app.
Youa€™re able to adjust the start and end points, which gives you a good idea of the exact distance between two points on the globe. Tapping one of those results will make the app jump over to that city or countrya€”but the search results box and on-screen keyboard remain. Note that if youa€™re zoomed in on the Pacific Ocean, you cana€™t pan past the International Date Line; the app will force you to zoom out to the globe view in order to enjoy uninterrupted panning. Certainly, better search and bookmarking features would go a long way to refreshing this app. Here, however, the globe is peppered with yellow dots, each one representing a specific region.
The World doesna€™t do that, and while it certainly isna€™t a deal-breaker for the app, ita€™s one of those things that would have made The World so much more valuable to users. The atlas also boasts the largest and most comprehensive collection of political maps ever published by National Geographic.

National Geographic atlases are recognized for their map design, high-resolution imagery, innovative treatment of geographic themes and use of state-of-the-art mapping technology. It connects readers to global trends and happenings and is a must-have for every family library.
He is also responsible for ensuring the accuracy and consistency of the Society’s maps and map products. While special photographic and film collections, travel books, nature shows, birding guides and atlases are a core focus of the Society’s products, books and videos on subjects as diverse as animals, the human mind, history, world cultures and the cosmos are also produced. Kullan?c?lara en yuksek cozunurlukte bask?ya haz?r haritalar sunan World Atlas ile k?talar? ve ulkeleri kesfetmek oldukca keyifli.
Leveraging these emerging technologies to build smart, well-designed, functional, informative atlases is one of National Geographic's great strengths. The controls will be familiar to anyone whoa€™s used an iOS device: Double-tap or pinch outward to zoom in, or pinch inward to zoom out. It takes a separate tap to dismiss each and get a full view of the result you wanted to see.
Tap on one of those dotsa€”Western Canada, say, or South Central Asia, and the app will zoom in on that region. National Geographic established a cartographic division in 1915 under the leadership of its first chief cartographer, Albert H. Completely updated from the ninth edition and expanded by 16 pages, the political maps section features new maps of Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales, three detailed regional maps of Australia, expanded coverage of Africa, and a map of the strategically important area around the Mediterranean Sea, encompassing North Africa and Southern Europe. Born in Havana, Cuba, and later raised in the United States, Valdes oversaw the development of National Geographic’s groundbreaking new map of Cuba.
State symbols, cool things to do, boredom busters, fun facts, wacky roadside attractions, and games accompany the maps and provide engaging information with stunning photographs that will keep kids engaged for hours. World thematic spreads reveal freshwater scarcity, global warming, world economies, energy resources and consumption, and other critical trends.
Recently, when the 10th Edition was released, I was able to scarf up a copy of the 9th Edition for a ridiculously low price, compared to the price of the current Edition. 3D olarak yerkureyi gorup evirip cevirmek istediginiz gibi hareket ettirmek bu uygulamayla cok kolay. In the back matter, a comprehensive index makes it easy for kids to look up names and places. I love being able to pick it up anytime and find a location anywhere in the world, when I'm reading or watching TV or a movie, etc. World Atlas divides its map library among six continents, with different maps for both the Classic and Executive views.
The space section covers the latest developments in space exploration, with newly compiled maps of the moon and Mars and spectacular imagery.
World Atlas uygulamas?nda arama yapmak, zoom islevini gerceklestirmek gibi islevsel ozellikler var. To top it all off, everything is presented in colorful NG Kids style, allowing kids to learn as they ride and have a blast doing it! Dynamic graphics and compelling visual stories cover the vital developments of our world in the reliable, authoritative, and innovative style that has made National Geographic a leader in the category. Uygulaman?n kendi kutuphanesiyle arast?rd?g?n?z bolgelerin en guncel sosyo-ekonomik verilerine ulasabilirsiniz.Eger telefonunuzda GPS ozelligi varsa bu uygulamayla yerinizi bulabilirsiniz. I would also prefer a simple alert when Ia€™m trying to zoom in on a map I havena€™t downloaded; that seems like a better approach than showing me a grayed-out screen that I have to zoom out of to resume using the app.

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