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Judging from recent apocalyptic films This is the End and World War Z to “what if” disaster shows like NBC’s Revolution or Nat Geo Channel’s upcoming American Blackout, to reality fare like Doomsday Preppers, it’s safe to say that the “end of the world as we know it” is on everyone’s mind.  But what effect has TV shows and films like these had on the prepping movement? Check out his blog for more of his thoughts on this topic as well as general information on “protecting and growing self and wealth in these uncertain times”.
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Watch the world premiere event of American Blackout on Sunday, October 27 at 9P, followed by a new season of Doomsday Preppers on Tuesday, October 29 at 9P. Scott, we have no time for 12 year olds sitting in their underwear in their mom’s basement.
The episode regards this guy that plans on doing his own C-section for women who are pregnant, makes his own armor, plans on having a group that will go out and raid and prey on other prepper types and thinks that what he has planned is going to easily protect him and whomever is with him. I do not even know where to begin on this one… First his armor is a joke and is not going to protect him from anything at all.

When Doomsday Preppers first came out, many of the preppers had some solid ideas and some solid designs in their preps..
Someone like I just saw in this episode who also states outright he intends on going after other preppers is just not running on all cylinders. While I am all for people prepping, coming up with unique and cost effective designs and tools as well as individual training, I think there has to be a line and in this case, I think this episode did a dis-service to all preppers. The November 12 show was totally irresponsible on NatGeo’s part by publicizing that idiot Tyler Smith and his plan to raid other preppers for supplies. Check out this trailer about a new doomsday novel from Alaska that’s been getting a lot of attention here and nationally. I particularly enjoy the episodes where military veteran preppers, contribute to your shows.
Training, discipline and common sense always play most important roles in any survival situation. The Doomsday Prepper shows are great because they are leaning more to the education side vice a bunch of nuts. I found a video of a guy you flew out for the premiere, looks like he had a good time and got in the movie.

I do think the Marauder Preppers show was the worst because the guy just did not have any common since but I understand you need to show it from both sides of the coin. I wish the show would expand more on the practical ideas of some of these people then just breezing over the ideas. Snipers and other spec ops veterans can take various commercial rifles and zero them in for kill shots beyond 800 yards. Here in Florida, there is a large group of veterans, dating back to Korea and recently returned combat vets who have started forum on armed convoys and special evacuation measures for a bug out and building a compound in an undisclosed location.
With all that being said, survivalism is not just stocking up supplies and ammunition, it’s a mindset that requires self-discipline, common sense and the willingness to do things that may make the average person squeamish, like being able to gut, skin and prepare anything from a squirrel to feral pig for the stew pot. In fact, if one were to read everything in the Operational Orders for FEMA and DHS, people living off the grid or in self-sustaining communes may be much better off than under government supervision.

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