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WASHINGTON (July 24, 2012)—National Geographic Kids’ bestselling kids’ book series, National Geographic Readers, is now available on Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble’s Nook, Amazon Kindle and Kobo. Filled with stunning photography, bold text and colorful illustrations, National Geographic Readers e-books explore high-interest nonfiction topics that children — including even the most reluctant readers — can’t get enough of, like dinosaurs, tigers, planes and trains. The titles are leveled from pre-reader to fluent to ensure that choosing books is simple and to help kids along their own paths to literacy. National Geographic Readers e-books are part of the National Geographic Super Readers program that provides fun incentives to keep kids reading, and games and activities that enhance learning and excitement.
The e-book format allows parents and kids portable access to more books and saves bookshelf space. The 34 titles currently available are “Elephants,” “Whales,” “ Butterflies,” “Amazing Animal Journeys,” “Deadliest Animals,” “Cats vs. National Geographic Kids inspires young adventurers to explore the world through award-winning magazines, books, apps, games, toys, videos, events, and a website and is the only kids brand with a world-class scientific organization at its core. Once upon a time, long ago and far away, there were precisely seven planets: Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, all apparently revolving around a solidly fixed Earth.
National Geographic Readers Trains - Train Books For Kids Train Books for KidsChildren story books about train engines. Audio narration not only makes reading more fun but also allows greater flexibility for self-guided instruction. The program includes an interactive website with downloadable posters, incentives, activity pages, book excerpts and games. Kids can collect National Geographic Readers from each level as they increase their reading skills and can keep all of them handy on an e-reader for other family members to enjoy.

National Geographic Kids (10 issues a year) and Little Kids (6 issues a year) are photo-driven publications available on newsstands or by subscription, in print and on tablets. Though smart enough to become theme park tricksters, dolphins are first and foremost wild mammals. Young readers will joyfully immerse themselves in this awesome adventure at sea, in which stunning National Geographic photos reveal hidden worlds of action and beauty. Moving forward, every new print National Geographic Reader will have an e-book version that will go on sale simultaneously. Melissa Stewart's lively text outlines our responsibility to conserve their natural environment. The recent actions of the International Astronomical Union have put every solar system book out of date. He said the Sun was really in the middle surrounded by six planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth (with Moon), Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. For those devices that support it, readers will have the option to read the e-books with or without accompanying narration. National Geographic Kids Books is the leading nonfiction publisher with as many as 100 nonfiction titles each year, including the New York Times’ bestselling “Kids Almanac.” National Geographic Kids Games engages kids to learn through play with games like the online virtual animal world of Animal Jam and the interactive TV experience of Nat Geo Kinect TV. This high-interest book also offers an interactive experience to boost awareness of these adorable creatures.
Many kinds of animals make annual migrations, and their stories reveal incredible strength and will to survive. In response, National Geographic joins forces with David Aguilar of the Harvard Smithsonian Astronomical Observatory to revise our 2008 book—and to update young readers on the high-interest topic of space.

Using simple text and spectacular photorealistic computer art by the author, this book profiles all 13 planets in their newly created categories—plus the sun, the Oort Cloud, comets, and other worlds being discovered. It was all very simple and elegant.Three centuries after Copernicus, things were no longer so simple. In 1781 another big planet, Uranus, was found, and then a lot of small ones were given names like Ceres, Astraea, Flora, Hygeia, and Kalliope. By 1854 there were 41 planets, and astronomers cried a€?Enough!a€? So they all decided there were eight large planets, and the little guys werena€™t really planets but minor planets.Today astronomers know that the solar system is much more complex and interesting than anyone dreamed of in the 1850s. Astronomers now have orbits for nearly 500,000 minor planets, half of which have been assigned numbers, and about 15,000 of which have been given names. Almost all of them are irregularly-shaped rocks, but at least one, Ceres, is massive enough for its gravity to pull it into a sphere, so it is a dwarf planet.
And there are the comets, hoards of them in the deep freeze beyond Neptune.Occasionally some of these huge chunks of dirty ice get nudged into the inner parts of the solar system, where they thaw out and sprout long, beautiful tails.
And a few of these ice balls are massive enough to pull themselves into spherical dwarf planets.
Undoubtedly more of these icy dwarf planets await discovery.For now, there are eight classical planets and five dwarf planets, making thirteen!--Dr.

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