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In this episode, we're singling out the two halves that make up the whole brain, to discover how the two sides operate and whether or not one side of your brain dominates the other. All the latest research says that your brain is no different than the muscles in your body: it needs exercise to stay youthful and fit. Una masa gelatinosa de un kilo y medio controla tus pensamientos, tu memoria, tus movimientos y tus emociones. We're going to put you through a series of games and experiments to find out if there's science behind the notion that your left brain is more creative while the right brain is more logical.

In this episode, wonder junkie Jason Silva and deception specialist Apollo Robbins are going to put your brain to the test with a serious workout. No te asustes, es tu cerebro, esa supercomputadora increiblemente poderosa y eficiente que te ayuda a dar sentido al mundo. Host Jason Silva, with some live musical accompaniment, will show you how your left and right brain can sometimes cross wires.
And do we really see every color of the rainbow or is our world just a 'pigment' of our imagination?

If you play along, you'll come out with a few unexpected ways to boost your mind's flexibility, concentration, and memory.
We'll show you that when it comes to processing colors, things aren't always as simple as black and white.

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