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Exclusive National Geographic Cabin Size Suitcase with stunning National Geographic picture "Jumper". The National Geographic Luggage has four turning wheels, safety TSA lock for your trips to the USA and the handle is in anodized aluminium. National Geographic designed the new Adventure of Life Luggage Collection for all those travellers who love nature and wild life. National Geographic Luggage is guaranteed to be your best friend during your adventurous journeys! Delivery Costs are displayed by adding the product in the cart.Shipping after 3 days from the receipt of Payment. Original National Geographic Hard-side Suitcases with stunning National Geographic Pictures on the front side.
Voormi Fall Line JacketThe first thing many gear testers do with a new waterproof product is wear it in the shower, have their kids spray them with the hose, or dunk it in water.
Patagonia Merino AirEveryone knows that wool is a miracle fabric, but, like down, this age-old natural insulator is getting 21st-century treatments to make it even better. Nau Copenhagen Recycled Down TrenchOutdoor apparel makers have made great strides cleaning up the ethics of their supply chains, but there are still gaps—and policing suppliers halfway around the globe isn’t easy. Black Diamond’s Mission Pro PantsAvalanche transceivers are typically worn with a chest harness under the clothes, where they’re safe from getting ripped from the body in a slide. Jetboil Genesis Basecamp 2Keeping your kit organized is half the battle, and few camp cooking brands have better furthered the cause than Jetboil, which pioneered the integrated pot-stove system. Sierra Designs Convert 2The Convert name has been in Sierra Designs’ line for ages, but forget anything you think you know about this four-season model: This season’s tent is all new, with an innovative design that’s both practical and livable.
Trek Stache 9If it seems as if the bike industry keeps inventing entirely new forms of mountain bikes, that’s because it does. Light and Motion's Urban 850 TrailIt’s astounding how much bike lights have shrunk in size and heft.
The North Face Modulator ABSInflatable avalanche packs herald a revolution in snow safety, promising to help keep a skier or boarder atop sliding snow once their airbags are filled.
Julbo Aerospace VerticalGoggle manufacturers have been struggling to fight fog ever since they first started manufacturing goggles with all kinds of solutions, from double-layer lenses to fans to all kinds of coatings. Salomon’s MTN LABThe alpine touring boot market has been dominated by smaller, backcountry-specific brands for most of its existence, but in the last couple of years the big boot brands have gotten involved, and this winter one of the biggest has brought out a major new model. Fischer ProfoilsAnyone who’s spent time touring in the backcountry knows that climbing skins can make the difference between pleasure and misery. Sony Alpha 7R IIThe Sony Alpha 7R II may be the first camera that has pros seriously considering abandoning DSLRs in favor of smaller, lighter, quieter mirrorless systems. Peak Design Everyday MessengerPeak Design wanted to raise $100,000 in its Kickstarter campaign to put the Everyday Messenger camera bag into production. The camouflage that weedy sea dragons use to hide in the temperate marine vegetation they derive their name from is so successful that once they reach adulthood they have no natural predators. Capturing Portraits on the Fire LineNational Geographic photographer Mark Thiessen is our inside man when it comes to stories about fire. While enjoyed by people of all classes at breakfast, the habit of drinking tea in the afternoon was mostly reserved for upper-class women. The Maya cultivated cocoa beans in what is now southern Mexico, and ground them on a millstone called a metate. The National Geographic Luggage Collection is perfect for all of those people who love travels, adventure and nature.
The bike gets a tune-up, three-season tents and bags get washed, and the trail runners go on the shelf until the snow melts. So when I tested this product, I have to admit that it was completely bizarre to watch streams of water run off a wool jacket exactly the same as it would off a traditional poly shell. Patagonia’s Merino Air, tested in the Merino Air Crew base layer, uses sustainably gathered merino and blends it with recycled polyester, then spins a yarn with more space between the fibers.
Eiderdown, which is shed by eider ducks and collected from their nests by hand, is the most ethical, but it’s terrifically expensive to collect. But accessing them in an emergency, when every second counts, can be awkward and time consuming. You’re a new footwear brand competing against established giants and want to attract attention.
Now the innovative brand has brought its same imaginative thinking to the car camping stove, and the result is inspired—a two-burner cooktop that folds into its own five-liter pot.The Genesis Basecamp 2 runs on common propane canisters, pumps out 10,000 BTUs per burner, and even can be expanded by connecting a traditional Jetboil to heat up water for cocoa, tea, or coffee. Traditionally, four-season tents have been constructed of a single wall of waterproofed material, allowing them to be sturdy and capable of handling the worst weather. Fat bikes have been the hot new thing for the last few seasons, and for good reason: They’re awesome.
Back in the early days, systems weighed pounds and had batteries the size of water bottles, but now, with models like Light and Motion’s Urban 850 Trail, you can crank out a spotlight’s worth of illumination at a fraction of the footprint.This little guy, for example, clocks in at just four ounces, yet pumps an endurance-race-worthy beam of 850 lumens.

But such packs, oof, they’re expensive, and heavy, and who wants to haul around extraneous gear when you know you’re spending the day inbounds?
Stuck to the bottom of your skis or splitboard, they can become frozen with ice and packed snow, get saturated with water, and pick up pine resin in the spring.
The reason is MIPS, an acronym for multi-directional impact protection system that is becoming synonymous with the best head protection on the planet.The trick with protecting your noggin is getting the helmet, not your skull, to absorb or disperse forces.
The built-in heart monitor makes calculating effort and calories burned far simpler and more accurate than having to lash an electronic pickup strap to your chest, and Apple's Activity app is remarkably effective at getting you out of your desk chair every hour or pushing you to walk more.Will it supplant a full-featured device?
This compact, full-frame shooter has a huge 42-megapixel sensor that captures extremely large files, either in RAW or JPEG format, enabling superhigh-resolution images—as well as the ability to crop and still get print-quality shots. When the campaign closed, the Bay Area company had generated—are you sitting down?—almost $5 million. Then you have to choose the Jumper Collection made of Cabin, Medium and Big Size Suitcases with a stunning Jumper Picture on their front side. Afternoon tea was served with a dish of sweets, generally biscuits or small cookies that could be eaten without having to remove onea€™s gloves. Choose you favourite National Geographic Picture and take it anywhere with you during your holidays thanks to the National Geographic Suitcases. More space means more room to trap heat, which makes the garment lots warmer, while still maintaining tons of stretch and breathability.
Black Diamond’s Mission Pro pants, on the other hand, are created with a stash pocket inside the right zippered pocket, designed to hold your transceiver securely, and, more important, readily at hand.Black Diamond owns transceiver brand Pieps, but the pocket will also fit most other units, such as those from Ortovox, keeping them securely and (relatively) unobtrusively against your upper leg. So, yes, your outlandish color schemes and wild patterns help you stand out and bring focus to your platform of maximum cushioning. You can attempt to get clean with the anemic dribble of a solar shower, which is simply a fancy name for a leaky plastic bag. But while those four- to five-inch tires are fantastic in snow and sand, beyond that, well, they lose their advantage pretty quickly. Most gloves that are worthy of deep powder days have such little dexterity it’s like someone took away your opposable thumbs. Nobody.Now The North Face has a very smart solution—the Modulator ABS straps onto any backpack and turns it into a safety device.
The ideal boot, whether designed for resort trails or the outback, is going to become progressively stiffer as you press forward, giving more power to the ski. On rolling terrain or downhills, they also have an annoying tendency to stop or slow suddenly, pitching a skier headfirst into the snowpack—good times, especially when you’re carrying a big pack.Fischer addresses these complaints by creating lightweight, polyethylene skins and kicking the synthetic furry models to the curb. In addition to shock-absorbing foam—typical in helmets—a MIPS lid like Range has two shell components that can shear apart on impact. The backside-illuminated CMOS sensor is much, much better in low light, with a maximum ISO of 104,000—you might not think those high-ISO shots clear enough to put on your wall, but they’re certainly good enough for online posting, and in the range of 3,200 to 6,400 you’ll be shocked at how low-noise this Sony sensor is.One criticism of the Sony Alpha cameras has been a lack of good, top-level lenses, but there are now 11 full-frame, e-mount models, including five supersharp options with Zeiss glass. Celebrate this most English repast, gloves on or off, with this charming set of tea and biscuits. Recycled down goes through an identical process of testing, sorting, cleaning, and certification, and by the time it gets into this waterproof and breathable trench, it has the same warmth-to-weight ratio as virgin down.And what does that get you in terms of a garment? There’s a sewn-in lanyard to thwart dropping your lifesaver in the snow, as well as a clip that keeps it from sliding out of its sleeve.The Mission Pros are constructed of Gore-Tex Pro, which is waterproof and breathable, and have a modern cut—loose, but not too loose. Just a thought, though—perhaps you could consider adding a more subtle color option to the offerings of your new winter boot, the Tor Ultra Hi waterproof, for those who might not want their feet to look quite so Cirque du Soleil.No, you’re right, it’s really none of our business, but here’s the thing—few models of footwear are so comfortable in mixed conditions and mixed use as the Tor Ultras.
High, but not as high as being laid low in the middle of the trip of a lifetime.Pump filters are great at catching sediment, protozoa, and bacteria, but the Guardian uses a hollow-fiber membrane that’s small enough to catch rotavirus, hepatitis A, and other nasty viruses—a feature that normally requires chemicals, UV light, or boiling.
Or you can come home feeling fresher than when you left with the RinseKit, a portable, simple, easy-to-use outdoor shower. The design, for example, is double-walled—there’s an outer weatherproof shell coupled with an interior breathable one. Now, as bike brands so often do, they’ve split the difference, coming up with a style that’s not quite fat, not quite traditional.Why? The Profoils borrow a fish scale-inspired pattern from the brand’s waxless touring skis, which gives equally solid climbing grip, but much better flat and downhill glide. Imagine a glancing blow—the outer shell rotates with the crash, sucking up some of the wham, while your head and the inner liner continue moving, slowing down on their own terms, not the ground’s.Would you use a lap seat belt if a shoulder belt were available? More exciting for those considering coming to Sony from other brands, especially Canon, is that non-Sony lenses will work with aftermarket adapters with almost no loss of auto-focusing speed, thanks to 399 phase-detection focusing points on the sensor.That sensor has a five-axis stabilizing system—its little computer brain is smart enough to counteract motion in the camera—to help keep shots sharp. Blended by a long-established tea purveyor in Dorset, the tea and cocoa come in tins marked a€?Keep Calm and Carry On,a€? the 1939 poster designed to encourage Britons to remain calm on the outset of the Second World War.
Lighter, more versatile insulations allow one garment to cover you from warmth of Indian summer to the chilly bluster of spring.
Two words that haven’t really gone together until now, but this is the first time a single-layer fabric has directly incorporated a weatherproof membrane inside the knit of the textile. This hybrid design, one part boot, one part shoe, with its high ankle wrap and fat squishy padding underfoot, lets one travel through dirt, mud, and slop, over rocks and across tree roots, while running, scrambling, jogging, and hiking as well as any model we’ve tried.

The MSR pump, however, catches those little gremlins without hindering treatment time: Purifying two and a half liters takes just 60 seconds. This two-gallon system is far from the first attempt to bring cleanliness to being outside, but it’s the first to do it well and with a minimum of effort.To fill the RinseKit, you thread an adapter on an outdoor spigot, snap on the hose, turn on the faucet for 20 seconds, and … you’re done.
Rather than use leather in the palm and fingers for durability, flexibility, and feel, the Lithic uses thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) that’s welded in place, eliminating the water absorption that can occur with leather (TPU is thinner and lighter, too).
It fits in regular alpine bindings or Dynafit-style tech binders (yay!), has a buckled power strap at the cuff that doesn’t loosen like Velcro (hallelujah!), and gives you a 47-degree-range-of-motion walk mode that you enable with the flick of a metal switch (right on!). Out of the box, they’re lighter than mohair or synthetics, and of course being plastic they won’t absorb water, either, keeping the weight consistent. Things might change when Apple releases the second version of Watch’s operating system, which will allow apps to function on the watch alone, rather than the slow-poke process of communicating with your paired iPhone.
A three-inch screen shares focusing and review duties with an electronic viewfinder, and there’s even a fully silent shooting mode, helpful for wildlife or street photography.
PD’s promos for the Everyday Messenger promised the moon, and in fact the company not only delivers, it surprises with all kinds of unexpected delights. The outer hard-shell layer is made of 60 percent cotton and 40 percent recycled polyester, and a waterproof zipper hides behind a snapped storm flap. These “plus-size” bikes, like the Trek Stache 9—manufacturers are calling them all sorts of things, but "plus" is the most common—have tires around three inches or so, which lets you run air pressure as low as 13 to 15 psi, about half of typical mountain bikes. The bag is comfortable to carry, protects both cameras and other electronics well, and is easy to use in the field when running and gunning. First I look for a background that has some depth and the residual smoke of a burned-out area helps with this effect. And if you’ve used other systems, the first time you use the spray nozzle you’ll expect a less than inspiring flow, but what comes out is a legitimately strong stream of water, with seven types of flow, from jet to shower. And lower pressure means stick-to-the-ground traction and cornering, the taming of rocks, roots, and bumps, and a more comfortable ride. The main compartment is divided by three removable, origami-ish dividers, which, in addition to separating cameras and lenses, can be folded so their little cubbyholes aren’t quite so deep—a clever trick that will make photographers who use smaller mirrorless cameras just as happy as those carrying bulky pro kits.
The Guardian maintains itself by routing about 10 percent of the water back to the source, flushing contaminants out of the system. There’s enough force to remove mud caked on your shoes, pond filth from your dog’s coat, or sand from your surfboard.Nice, right?
Better traction also makes climbing in loose conditions a somewhat shockingly pleasant experience. As for the cover flap, it snaps into place with a magnetic latch—even if you forget, it will latch itself against accidental opening.
This is the same kind of strobe you would place on top of your camera, but I’m putting it in a softbox. But what if you’re caked with sweat at the end of a great day of autumn riding in Moab and the sun’s going down and the temperature is dropping?
And if you’re trying to get to your gear faster or quieter, there’s a zipper across the top that provides access to cameras without opening the lid (and to a small stash pocket perfectly sized for a large smartphone).The strap swivels on metal pivots, so the Everyday Messenger settles nicely against your body whether carrying it high on your back, low-slung for shooting, or messenger-style on a bike. RinseKit is insulated, so if you fill it with hot water it will stay warm all day, and soon the company will introduce a car power adapter for heating it on the fly.
Trek achieved this first by opting for a hardtail frame—full suspension is more complex and heavy.
A waist strap stays out of sight until needed, and there are no loose or dangling slings of nylon. Second, it kept the chainstays and wheelbase relatively short, as stretching out the frame would make the bike less responsive and slower through turns.
Your 13- or 15-inch laptop hides in a zippered rear compartment, which also has a spot for a tablet. I placed the softbox on a light stand pointing at the subject and shot below it.I make several test shots and adjust the strobe so the light falling on the subject balances with the ambient light falling on the background. And there’s even a color-coded organizing section in the main compartment for storing memory cards and other media—green on the left side means available, red means it’s been shot (or vice versa if you’re a contrarian).
Although I’m using a 24-70mm zoom lens, I prefer to back off and zoom in to avoid wide-angle distortion. That extra girth helps reduce flex and allows greater tire clearance.The Stache 9 is also highly adaptable. It will take traditional 29-inch wheels, 27.5-plus wheels, or 29-plus (as tested), each of which will give the bike a slightly different character (on a scale from more snappy to more stable), but all of which will make you feel like you’re riding a cheater bike—one that makes you a better rider in almost all conditions because of the way it smoothes the trail.

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