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Although this sounds awfully familiar to what another group suffered during the Shoah, the lionized Elie Weisel opposed Roma inclusion in The Holocaust Memorial. But surely since the end of World War II, Europe has a attempted to atone for its murderous past, and the world has a newfound sense of empathy and understanding?
Other women, such as Jana Bogliyova, charge that sterilization was used by the state as a bargaining chip. While Roma women have their advocates, well-regarded gynecologists including Libor Kavan dismiss the claims. Comcast will soon let you stream live TV channels outside your home via mobile device apps, starting with a selection of 35 channels including CNN, ESPN, National Geographic Channel, and Fox News.

The good thing about having chronic migraines is lots of time to watch television, since you are in too much pain to be productive to society. So, out of the people who will watch that show, how many will know fun facts about the persecution Roma have faced, despite being in Europe for hundreds of years? Not only have they been subjected to continued persecution and abject poverty, life in postwar Europe has been especially cruel to women.
Bogliyova, who had six children, said a social worker warned her that another baby would result in her children being removed from her custody. Spritzer writes of the forced sterilization practices that plagued women well into the 20th-century in the former Czechoslovakia.

In 1990, then 21-year-old Alena Gordova says she was coerced into sterilization after the birth of her second child.
As she explains, “He (the physician sic) told me just before the birth that I needed a sterilization and I was not sure what that meant.

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