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The guys are in Gettysburg, Pa., at the historic battlefield where Abraham Lincoln struggled to keep the Union together. The National Geographic Channel is launching a new TV series about a father and son business, International Military Antiques, that specializes in antique and historical arms. An international authority on antique weapons, Christian Cranmer first started collecting military antiques at the age of twelve. Hi Again, Another point, Some guns are worth thousands, some guns can, and ought to be, a good price for the entry level collector or shooter, as long as the prices are reasonable, no one should be unhappy about paying a good price for a good piece.
Family Guns–It would be nice to see at least one family member drive an American car, from either GM, Ford or Chrysler.
All I can really say is, if Alex was my son I would fire, disinherit and disown his whiny spoiled ass, then have him prosecuted for theft. Back home in Montana, the boys stop in at KG's mom's place to look for a ring she lost four years ago.
KG and Ringy are on a mission: dive headfirst into Civil War history and hunt for artifacts from 1863. Nat Geo’s new show, Family Guns, has solid production values, and the stars of Family Guns are more reputable than the clowns featured on some other gun-oriented cable TV series.

In the 1970s he began dealing antiques and traveled around the world collecting weapons from government arsenals that were being emptied.
It would take over 30 years, but he would find this stockpile and make the greatest purchase of military antiques in his career. I like watching this rich spoiled guy acting reckless while he treats his dad like complete sh*t.
Alex is a salesman, and takes it upon himself to be responsible for the hard task of staying afloat in a hard business world. P.S, shooting the civil war prototype tightened the sphincters of all of us who appreciated the historical significance of the piece.
They both strike it lucky with a few impressive discoveries, including flat buttons and a used bullet. He established a reputation as having unrivaled knowledge of military history and antique arms. The amazing purchase amounted to over 55,000 firearms, with over 50,000 of them antique—Including 146 bronze cannons, a huge array of edged weapons, musket balls and parts. The first is right around the corner from my place or work and I’ve met the supposed owner Will and lets just say if you think he is a prick on TV wait till you meet him in person.

I really don’t see how this show will make it as there is so little real substance to it.
But, to sweeten the search, KG and Ringy bet over who can find the most historical pennies.
Tonight’s debut episode features 1920s-era Tommy Guns and two rare, mint condition World War II sniper rifles.
I have shot with Joe from the show before and he is a bright guy which leaves me wondering why he is there to begin with.
P.S, these old guns should be ndt tested before test firing, American safety precautions, and standards, i have noticed, leave alot to be desired ! KG and Ringy give it a shot with the outdated equipment, and lo and behold, there's gold in them there hills! As for American guns, do people in Colorado really overpay that much for guns all the time?

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