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For my part in this program we went to New York City and I did the standard memorizing names of people as they pass by. From there we approached people at the wax museum in New York City and I memorized a deck of cards in front of them.
There was also a unique challenge were I would approach random people in NYC and challenge them that I could memorize the serial numbers on the dollar bills in their pockets. National Geographic Channel joins top scientists at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory in conjunction with NASA on a historic mission to the edge of our solar system with the goal of capturing the first clear images and data ever recorded of Pluto.

We'll meet specially trained agents and officers equipped to combat the border problems that prevail in South Texas.
Create your own Wicked Tuna fantasy crew to compete with the fleet & friends and dominate the leaderboard! How cool is it to be a part of it with one of the coolest guys, magician David Copperfield! If I could then I got to keep the cash and if I couldn’t then I would double the $$ and give it back to them.

For the prospectors in Canada's Yukon, the race is on to search for every last speck of gold.

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