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In Clay County, Kentucky, Sheriff Kevin Johnson and his deputies are anticipating a very busy weekend. Lipfird and his deputies follow every lead possible to prevent an innocent person from getting hurt.
Before the officers have a chance to warm up their squad cars, they get a call about a domestic disturbance that leads to a foot chase. They believe they have narrowed in on a suspect, but without evidence and a solid lead they are forced to get creative. Using his good old Kentucky charm, he is able to coax a confession out of the woman who started the fire, but the victim, who is like a mother to the offender, shows no mercy and decides to press full charges.

Then, while serving a warrant for first-degree assault, the guys get a tip pointing them to some meth cookers.
He relies on his team of dedicated deputies and sergeants to both patrol and set up sting operations to bring down dealers and make the county of Harlan, Ky., a safer place. They find a friend of the suspect who happens to have a few warrants of his own, which means leverage for the officers.
The sheriff and his deputies will have to utilize all their skills and training to bring these bad guys in. This season kicks off with a harrowing gunfight in the more affluent neighborhood of Ivy Hill.

When the suspect escapes out the back, Travis realizes he could have missed his one chance at ever catching a criminal.

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