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Which of the landmark Kolkata monuments looked most different from the way they have been viewed earlier? Well, given a chance, I would love to capture my whole beautiful country in this way not just cities. To be honest, there are so many great photographs of Kolkata from various photographers that it is hard to mention any specific name for the purpose. I think Kolkata's cinematographers are well-aware of advantages and challenges of this approach very well, probably much more than I do. You have gone on record to state that there are still areas where you aren't completely satisfied with the end result. I would love to make a video showing the modern Kolkata including New Town and Rajarhat at some point. Thanks to the advancement of technology, now anyone can buy a small quadcopter and see how our world looks from above. Regarding the book, I have been approached by a company publishing a book with work of drone photographers around the world, which would be published this year. My friends and colleagues already were aware of my hobby since long time and they were always very supportive and encouraging.
Being a scientist, I stay busy most of the time in my research work but photography has become a lifestyle choice for me. I did not go to anyone to show the video myself, simply because I did not know anyone personally. Ever thought of using your expertise to promote the concept of Incredible India or offer your services to the West Bengal government to promote the State's tourism? MUMBAI: Music Broadcast Private Limited (MBPL) owned radio venture Radio City has ventured into the internet radio space with a live online radio christened ‘Fun ka antenna’. Although many FM radio stations in India have their presence on the web, Radio City could well stake claim to becoming the first Indian radio station to stream live music over the web. The station, hosted on Radio City’s website Planet Radio City, broadcasts shows for 10 hours from 10 am to 8 pm.
The catalogue of music on Fun ka Antenna is not limited to Bollywood, but also has slots dedicated to international hits. The internet radio also plays dedications from listeners in its show, ‘Dedication Top 10’ from 12 pm-2 pm.

Radio City forayed into the web space in 2008 with two properties- ‘Radio Rocks’ and ‘Planet Radio City’. The station also launched the Radio City School of Broadcasting (RCSB) in February last year and it is likely that the internet radio serves as a platform for aspiring RJs studying in the institute.
While private FM radio continues to be denied permission to air news and current affairs, the internet radio station has been airing news snippets on the latest happenings in the country.
All in all, if you wish to tune into uninterrupted music with minimal RJ talks and no ads, Planet Radio City could well be your destination.
It is a short aerial video titled 'Waking Up With Kolkata' that has gone viral within days of it being uploaded on Youtube. I think it was not possible before for someone to appreciate the symmetry and octagonal geometric design at the base of the Minar. So, I don't know exactly how much one would have to pay if someone wants to buy it in India. I have used this in Switzerland in various places and recently made a video in Canary Islands (Spain) during my recent travel. Almost every single photographer I know from Kolkata or has travelled to Kolkata has some unique image of the city. I always carry a camera, at least a small one, everyday and I take pictures whenever I see something interesting. But many people including photographers, videographers and musicians have got in touch with me expressing their admiration after I published my work. But now that people are familiar with my work, I would be really happy to be part of such projects. Stay in the know about the best in men's health, relationships, fashion, power, money and more with India's largest men's lifestyle platform. The morning slot 10 am -12 pm ‘Wild wild west’ hosted by RJ Shruti has rocking chartbusters spiced with Hollywood gossip.
The first site was launched with an intention to evangelise radio as a medium and raise awareness about the medium among media planners and buyers. Those who have watched it on his facebook page and his website insist that Kolkata's monuments - Victoria Memorial, Shaheed Minar, Howrah Bridge and the Vidyasagar Setu - have never looked so beautiful before. In terms of videography (which are not part of any movies), I am not aware of many such videos portraying our city. For example, the composition of approaching near Shaheed Minar top could have been better, the composition near top of Victoria Memorial Hall could have been much better.

I am really grateful to all of them for their support and I look forward to work with some of them in future.
It would be ideal to be part of such government projects to carry out such works as that would give much more freedom and options. The person who has made this possible is Kolkata-born Switzerland-based scientist Dr Sandip De. In recent times "Let Calcutta Surprise You" by Priyanka Rungta and "Kolkata Timelapse" by Jayanta K Ghosh are two videos which I liked a lot.
While science keeps me motivated to work on challenging problems, photography gives an way of expressing my creative outlook and gives me immense joy in free time. Towards the evening, RJ Rubina brings romantic ghazals in a contemporary style in Soul Lounge from 6pm-7 pm.
A self-taught photographer who has mastered the art by following 'free online material' and doing his own experiments, De completed his Physics honours from St Xavier's College before moving abroad.
For my aerial videos, I mostly draw inspiration from aerial works done by National Geographic and Discovery channel cinematographers. There were too much fog and poor light, which resulted in too much noise in the video which was not possible to get rid of completely in post-production. Last month one of my aerial photo of wine valley of La Geria (click here for the slideshow) got published in National geographic.
The last slot is the popular series ‘Maya’- diary of a young girl, which used to be aired on Radio City. Currently, he is a scientist working on the next generation machine learning algorithms for materials discovery at Switzerland's research university - The Ecole polytechnique federale de Lausanne.
In fact, I asked my friend, Kalyan Dey, who was with me during the shoot, to go with me again the next day to re-shoot some of the scenes.
Unfortunately, the weather condition did not improve and I could not stay longer in Kolkata.

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