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Neil deGrasse Tyson interviews Star Trek’s George Takei and discusses the legacy of Star Trek with studio guests Leighann Lord and Charles Liu.
Neil deGrasse Tyson reads some choice tweets regarding his opinions on sci-fi and space movies from his Twitter feed. NOTE: Due to scenes with sexually suggestive content, and others with brutal violence, viewer discretion is advised.
Rather than a straight depiction of the Gospels, Killing Jesus presents the unique perspective of all the forces at play: political, religious, and cultural. This particular dramatization attempts to understand everyone’s point of view, the spheres of influence and power (and the limitations thereof), where each person is coming from, and what drove their decisions. Every moment, not just when he’s flipping tables in the Temple, is imbued with passion and urgency.
This broken heart also expresses itself in some surprising places, most notably the Sermon on the Mount. Much of Jesus’s dialogue is direct Scriptural citation, and when imbued with such conviction it resonates even more. Miraculous signs are also absent, most conspicuously at Jesus’s baptism when neither a dove descends nor the Father speaks, and few actual miracles are re-enacted (and of the two that are, they could just as easily have been coincidences).

So yes, while Killing Jesus has its problems, it also has its virtues – including ones that even the best Jesus films have not previously displayed. Killing Jesus ends on a bit of a surprising note considering how it intentionally avoided labeling Jesus as the Son of God.
Yet it would be unfortunate if those obstacles kept Christian viewers from checking out this worthwhile (if Scripturally sketchy) dramatization.
We see how Jesus is disrupting their order, and it gives us a macro view of the competing interests that were unwittingly on an historical collision course. Previous Jesus films have, in effect, staged this as the most pastoral TED Talk of all time.
Thankfully, Jesus does eventually proclaim that his Kingdom will not be of this world but, on balance, his journey to that point is imbued with too much doubt for the sensibilities of true believers.
Each category is further divided into areas important to you and your Christian faith including Bible study, daily devotions, marriage, parenting, movie reviews, music, news, and more. Subsequently, the Jesus we see depicted here does not personally posses an all-knowing vision of his purpose and destiny. His willingness to confront builds to such a volatile point you almost get the sense that Jesus himself is intentionally orchestrating his own destiny, stopping just short of actually yelling to the Romans and Sanhedrin, “What are you waiting for?

While it never veers into Last Temptation of Christ territory (that Jesus actually grieved over his own sins), Killing Jesus gives us a Christ that is often human to a fault. In addition, some deviations from Scripture, while inoffensive, remain total head-scratchers, like setting the two thieves crucified with Christ far off to his right rather than flanking him on either side. But in other respects, this is the cinematic Jesus that many Evangelicals have long been waiting for. Instead, he grows into it, evolving from the non-Christian version of Jesus (a mere prophet) into the Christian one (Savior of the world) over the course of the 3-hour broadcast run. Jesus isn’t the bad guy here, but now we also get to see the traditional bad guys as actual humans. This starts as early as his birth, when Joseph flees to Egypt based on a hunch rather than Angelic intervention (and returns from Egypt under the same intuitive pretext).
These figures aren’t reduced to cruel elitists with a bloodlust for the meek Messiah.

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