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With less than a week to go before the WWDC keynote, where a new Apple TV is expected to be unveiled, the existing platform has gained access to the National Geographic Channel's next-day content.Owners of the second- and third-generation set-top box will find the channel as part of their lineup automatically on Tuesday.
As a contemplating "cable cutter", I don't see the value in adding all these channels that can only be used if you're a cable subscriber. When I got my first ATV, I loved how simple and uncluttered it was - far superior to the inconsistent, bloated mess that came on my "smart" TVs and Blu-Ray players.
There's little doubt we'll see a new Apple TV soon, but I wouldn't use that logic to support the idea.
Apple dropped the price of Aperture form $499 to $299 and finally $79, before waiting three years to abandon it. I only buy electronics to run benchmarks on them, and if the new AppleTV doesn't measure up, I'm going to tell the Internets how disappointed I am and how Apple is doomed. This is a great addition, now Apple please add SyFy, Amazon, FOX News and 4K support to ATV!
We started by presenting ideas that helped Fox land highly sought after real estate on Charter’s Facebook page. By providing players with incentives (a prize package of popular board games) and an easy vehicle to share scores (via Twitter and Facebook posts), we created a sticky environment. With this app, we’re driving more exposure for “Brain Games” the show and helping National Geographic Channel and Charter Communications meet their business goals.
Fuseideas LLC is not affiliated with or endorsed by Fuse LLC of Burlington, VT and New York, NY. Prince Gustav Channel After having parked in the ice overnight, we awoke to find the National Geographic Explorer still locked in the ice. Santa Fe-based photographer Ralph Lee Hopkins is founder and director of the Expedition Photography program for the Lindblad-National Geographic alliance. While we took off in the charter plane to see the Himalayan mountain range in Nepal and the Everest, at first I was disappointed because of the blurred plane windows which were really annoying because I just couldn’t see a clear glimpse of the range.
In 2016, guests have the choice of a 9-day or 8-day trips aboard our 54 foot motor yacht Great Bear II to enjoy the Haida culture and the biodiversity of Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve and Haida Heritage Site. Your home for this amazing voyage of discovery is our 54 foot ship, Great Bear II, equipped with all the latest navigation and safety equipment, a 16 foot Zodiac for excursions and tours ashore and kayaks for experiencing the inter tidal life and the serenity of our coastal anchorages. One hundred kilometres west of BC's north coast, on the edge of the Pacific Continental Shelf, the archipelago of Haida Gwaii, with its shores bathed in warm, nutrient rich waters, is often referred to as the Canadian Galapagos. During our travels south, into Gwaii Haanas, we visit the old village sites of Skedans, Tahnoo, Sgang Gwaay, (a World Heritage Site), and also Gandll K'in, (Hot Springs Island). Because Haida Gwaii has been separated from the British Columbia mainland for so long and much of the land escaped the last ice age, there exist many unique and genetically different species that cannot be found anywhere else in Canada. Haida Gwaii are a bird watchers 'eden': you may see Tufted Puffins, Peregrine Falcons, Bald Eagles, Trumpeter Swans, Sandhill Cranes, Murrelets, Shearwaters, Cormorants, Oyster Catchers, some of which only come on land to nest in the summer and spend the rest of their lives at sea.
A "float" through in Burnaby Narrows in the zodiac or in the kayaks with our on board Naturalist, at low tide is one of the highlights of our trips in Haida Gwaii.

In late October 2012 after the 7.7 earthquake rattled Haida Gwaii, the hot pools at Gandll K'in dried up and the earth became cold.
With our small group sizes of 2 to 5 guests, our guests enjoy a more intimate experience wherever we travel.
First class BC wilderness cruises, coastal tours and charters on the West Coast of British Columbia aboard the 54 ft. Cuverville Island & Neko Harbor Our morning began with brilliant sunshine as we passed through the very northern end of Gerlache Strait on a southward route parallel to the mainland of the Antarctica Peninsula. And, with many ISPs (including mine) putting usage allowances in place, by the time you pay $30-40 for a "streaming package" and a "big" Internet package or overage charges, you're right back up to what you were paying for cable! This was the perfect place for daily engagement with Charter’s subscribers, and the ideal home for our “Unlock Your Brain” Facebook app. For more than 20 years he has lead expeditions from the Arctic to Antarctica and points in between. But fortunately they let me go to the small plane cockpit from where I saw this heavenly sight of the Himalayan range with the Everest. Because the Haida First Nations People had such an abundance of food, they had time to develop one of the world's most powerful and creative aboriginal cultures. In each of these sites, Haida Watchmen will greet and share with us the life and culture of each of these awe inspiring and very spiritual places.  You will be able to walk alone on trails through these old villages, and have the time to see, hear, and smell, all that makes these sacred places so special!
Those days are thankfully long gone and the whales have returned, and the whale watching is great! Below you, in the tidal channel stretches an endless carpet of sea life: tiny Bat Stars, small to huge sun stars, anemones, sea cucumbers, clams of every description, mussels, some tiny, and some the size of your hand, clinging to the seaweed drenched rocks, colourful red turban snails and huge moon snails. Our route took us through the Errera Channel, formed between the rugged steep island of Ronge” and the Arctowski Peninsula of the mainland. Bob's blend of experience in technology and his passion for the natural world make him a unique workshop leader. If you subscribe 20 channels from the providers, you need to go in Apple TV to get activation codes for those fucking channels separately and go online 20 times to enter the damn codes.
Then, Apple started adding all these junk channels that couldn't be hidden except through parental controls. But when it comes to helping our clients connect with consumers, both sides of our brains kick into high gear.
We took a cerebral (and cerebellum-y) approach to the app by developing four challenging games which each targeted different brain regions. Not only did they interact with the Charter and Nat Geo brands—they pushed them virally as they shared scores, challenged friends and posted about what they’d learned through the app.
The Haida culture & art and the unique flora and fauna of BC's Haida Gwaii are the main focus of our tours in Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve and Haida Heritage Site. Off the southern islands, we have often found ourselves surrounded by large groups of Humpbacks - as many as 50 whales!

Apple finally addressed the last part, but now it's like playing Whack-A-Mole deleting all these useless, junk channels - especially for those of us who have multiple Apple TVs. Crabeater seals dotted the frozen landscape while groups of curious Adelie penguins came by to see what all the activity was about. This important heritage centre celebrates the living culture of the Haida people, and includes an interpretive centre, carving sheds, theatre, and art school. His interests put him at the forefront of digital photography with the first Nikon 35mm digital SLR.
Or “Optical Illusions,” which proves dizzying no matter how developed your visual perception may be.
Also, due to my ISP's usage allowance, I intentionally lower the resolution of my ATVs to reduce data usage, but over the last half-dozen or so firmware upgrades, the damn resolution settings won't stick and randomly reset themselves back to 1080p. We leveraged our own minds to make the app and used our creativity and technical know-how to ensure a seamless experience. With over 5000 pairs, we had a wonderful opportunity to photograph these subjects as they leaped from the water and as they nested in colonies. From my perspective, the user experience has declined over time and this constant barrage of useless channels is the biggest culprit. The steep snow covered mountains across the bay provided spectacular backgrounds for our pictures. I expect this junk from Sony, Samsung, LG, and others, but the Apple TV is becoming very un-Apple-like (or perhaps Apple is now abandoning their roots and beginning to conform to the masses).
I kind of like the "old" Apple at a time when none of my friends had Apple products - they were more exclusive. This bay was lined with glaciers and form an indentation into the mainland of the peninsula. Here we were able to make a trek up the snow covered hillside to a rocky point overlooking the bay and surrounding glaciers. I don't know why I want these things, but AppleInsider forums exist so I can post this wish list. Our gentoo colony also had a couple of visitors – one chinstrap penguin and two Weddell seals hauled out on the beach.
The gentoo colony boasted a large number of recently born chicks, with many demanding food from their harried parents.

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