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Each afternoon on White Beach (Boracay Island, Philippines) catamaran sailboats are launched to capture the evening winds. The first thing that catches my eye is that a feminine woman braves the ecotrails of the rugged Philippine landscape. The idea that a female does kayaking, mountaineering, adventure trailing and can traverse these mountain regions, forests and seas and is doable is indeed very encouraging and one which makes me want to explore the many hidden and untouched ecotourism sites that our islands have been blessed with. The travel documentary showcases the indigenous people’s inside stories, the breathtaking landscape that tourists may rarely see and the concept of conservation and preservation of these wonderful ecotourism sites. The Philippines is located in Southeast Asia, between the Philippine Sea and the South China Sea, east of Vietnam and north of Indonesia and Malaysia. Islands Insider is the first travel documentary series to be aired at the National Geographic Channel.
The first travel documentary series on the Philippines to air on National Geographic Channel.

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Les cookies sont de petits fichiers texte qui sont automatiquement stockes sur votre ordinateur des que vous surfez sur un site. What exciting news could there be when a travel documentary series on the Philippines called Islands Insiders will be aired on the national geographic channel this june 23 2012 , Saturday at 8:30 pm.
Since we have so many islands , Filipinos seldom explore the Philippines in its entirety due to factors like transportation, facilities and roadwork connectivity. Ginggay Hontiveros who is the hostess and producer of the travel documentary works with a team of extraordinary film artists such as scriptwriters Gabby Malvar of who penned the famous “Viajero Chronicles and Palanca Awardee Froilan Medina and the cinematography performed by Gawad Urian nominee Takeyuki Onishi and Dondi Narcisio (Batad episode).
We need Sustainable Tourism development practices to preserve the rich biodiversity of the Philippines for now and future generations to come.
It is composed of 7,107+ islands covering a total area of 300,000 square kilometers (sq km).

Globally, National Geographic Channel is available in more than 380 million homes in 165 countries and 38 languages.
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Now I have seen travel documentaries focusing on the Philippines but the teaser videos that i have seen created by our very own Filipino artists and producers at The Extra Mile Productions in cooperation with the Department of Tourism sets the bar for Philippine travel documentaries. Aside from writing the stories, Malvar also served as director with the help of assistant director Carlo Alvarez.
Over 60% of the population live in coastal areas, with Luzon (the largest island group), accounting for more than half of the entire population.

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