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James Cameron Photos - Titanic: The Final Word with James Cameron - National Geographic Channel - AsiaWe use first and third party cookies to improve our service, personalize your advertising and remember your website preference. Cookies are very small text files that are stored on your computer when you visit some websites. Investigate the remains of the ship and its contents sprawled across a thousand acres of gently sloping seafloor.
The wreck sleeps in darkness, a puzzlement of corroded steel strewn across a thousand acres of the North Atlantic seabed.
In recent years explorers like James Cameron and Paul-Henry Nargeolet have brought back increasingly vivid pictures of the wreck. On closer inspection, though, the site appears to be littered with man-made detritus—a Jackson Pollock-like scattering of lines and spheres, scraps and shards. Here, in the sweep of a computer mouse, is the entire wreck of the Titanic—every bollard, every davit, every boiler.
Bill Lange is the head of WHOI’s Advanced Imaging and Visualization Laboratory, a kind of high-tech photographic studio of the deep. This imagery, the result of an ambitious multi-million-dollar expedition undertaken in August-September 2010, was captured by three state-of-the-art robotic vehicles that flew at various altitudes above the abyssal plain in long, preprogrammed swaths.
For some the sheer extravagance of Titanic’s demise lies at the heart of its attraction.
But something else, beyond human lives, went down with the Titanic: An illusion of orderliness, a faith in technological progress, a yearning for the future that, as Europe drifted toward full-scale war, was soon replaced by fears and dreads all too familiar to our modern world.
The RMST exhibit is well-done, but over the years many marine archaeologists have had harsh words for the company and its executives, calling them grave robbers, treasure hunters, carnival barkers—and worse. In recent years, however, RMST has come under new management and has taken a different course, shifting its focus away from pure salvage toward a long-term plan for approaching the wreck as an archaeological site—while working in concert with scientific and governmental organizations most concerned with the Titanic. Scholars praise RMST for recently hiring one of the world’s preeminent Titanic experts to analyze the 2010 images and begin to identify the many unsorted puzzle pieces on the ocean floor.
When I met him in Atlanta, he was parked at his computer, attempting to make head or tail of a heap of rubbish photographed in 2010 near the Titanic’s stern. In essence Sauder was hunting for anything recognizable, any pattern amid the chaos around the stern. Sauder zoomed in on the image at hand, and within a few minutes had solved at least a small part of the mystery near the stern: Lying atop the wreckage was the crumpled brass frame of a revolving door, probably from a first-class lounge.
Find National Geographic - Secrets of the Titanic at Amazon com Movies & TV, is strictly a documentary. Suomalaisen kuvaajan yritys kertoa vihertyvan Kiinan puunistutushankkeista muuttuu painajaiseksi, kun vastaan asettuvat metsateollisuusyrityksen mainetta puolustavat viranomaiset. Erittain mielenkiintoinen dokumentti ja taman nakeminen sai aikaan vahintaan sylkemisreaktion StoraEnson suuntaan.
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Myohemmin tuli toinen paatos, hallinto-oikeuden, jossa todettiin yksimielisesti ettei isa ole pedofiili ja vanhemmat ovat vastuullisia.
Hovi-oikeus vapautti tastakin ettei kyseessa ole lapsipornografiaa vaan tavallinen kotivideo.
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Nyt oli tultava kun on uusimpia kattonut sanoon etta tuo ei muuten pida mielestani paikkaansa.

Jotenkin on kyl karu sarja kattoo, pilotit tuo puolet koneista tonttiin ja puolet johtuu siita etta ei ees haluta tehda putomatonta lentokonetta, vaan lentokone joka lentaa 99,99% ajasta ihan jepa. Mielenkiintoinen ja hyvin tehty futisaiheinen patka, aivan kasittamatonta fanikulttuuria, vahan ymmartaa heita kun yhdessa vaiheessa joku sanoi jalkapallon auttavan unohtamaan hetkeksi kaikki muut huolet, etta riittaako rahat ruokaan ja muut vaikeudet mutta aivan overiksi menee osalla Maradona-kirkkoineen jotka palvovat Diegoa oikeasti jumalanaan.. Vaikka en itseani kyseisen musiikin suureksi ystavaksi luekkaan, niin oli helvetin hyva dokkari.
Pari tanskalaista lukiolaispoikaa paattaa kayttaa 50 000 tanskalaista kruunua tietokoneyrityksen perustamiseen ja pyorittamiseen Tansaniassa. Heti ensi minuuteilla olin aika tapinoissa, silla tiesin jo etukateen, etta Afrikka on mahdollisuuksien maa, jos vain tahtoa ja sisua loytyy homman pyorittamiseen.
NORTHWEST -- The 3D version of filmmaker James Cameron’s Titanic made its maiden voyage in Washington on Wednesday evening, during a special movie premiere party hosted by the National Geographic Channel, Paramount Pictures, and USA Today.
The venerable TV network arm of the National Geographic Society literally rolled-out the red carpet at its parent company’s sprawling world headquarters on 17th Street, for a truly immersive event.
Attendees could play with a variety of tech-heavy interactive displays to learn more about the ship’s doomed journey while simultaneously enjoying more traditional museum attractions, such as a model of the Titanic or replicas of some of its bridge equipment.
A special photo booth had even been setup to allow passers-by the chance to have themselves photographed on the bow of the boat (everyone can be the ‘king of the world’ at National Geographic)! After a leisurely stroll through the Society’s tranquil courtyard, amidst the glamour of every movie premiere’s mandatory step-and-repeat, guests were then invited to grab a bag of popcorn and a pair of 3D glasses for the night’s feature presentation. Prior to the start of the blockbuster film, however, everyone was treated to a special preview of the National Geographic Channel’s upcoming documentary about the Titanic. As Kate Winslet’s character says in the film, “You jump, I jump, right?” And audiences will clearly jump to see Titanic in 3D and National Geographic’s exclusive follow-ups!
You can remove any cookies already stored on your computer, but these may prevent you from using parts of our website. In a tricked-out trailer on a back lot of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), William Lange stands over a blown-up sonar survey map of the Titanic site—a meticulously stitched-together mosaic that has taken months to construct.
Lange turns to his computer and points to a portion of the map that has been brought to life by layering optical data onto the sonar image.
What was once a largely indecipherable mess has become a high-resolution crash scene photograph, with clear patterns emerging from the murk.
A few blocks from Woods Hole’s picturesque harbor, on the southwestern elbow of Cape Cod, the laboratory is an acoustic-tiled cave crammed with high-definition television monitors and banks of humming computers.
This has always been a story of superlatives: A ship so strong and so grand, sinking in water so cold and so deep.
They are mostly ordinary objects made extraordinary for the long, terrible journey that brought them to these clean Plexiglas cases.
Piped-in sighs and groans of rending metal contributed to the sensation of being trapped in the belly of a fatally wounded beast. Robert Ballard, who has long argued that the wreck and all its contents should be preserved in situ, has been particularly caustic in his criticism of RMST’s methodologies. In fact, the 2010 expedition that captured the first view of the entire wreck site was organized, led, and paid for by RMST. Government agencies such as NOAA that were formerly embroiled in lawsuits against RMST and its parent company, Premier Exhibitions, Inc., are now working directly with RMST on various long-range scientific projects as part of a new consortium dedicated to protecting the wreck site. Bill Sauder is a gnome-like man with thick glasses and a great shaggy beard that flexes and snags on itself when he laughs. Most Titanic expeditions have focused on the more photogenic bow section, which lies over a third of a mile to the north of most of the wreckage, but Sauder thinks that the area in the vicinity of the stern is where the real action will likely be concentrated in years to come—especially with the new RMST images providing a clearer guide. It is the kind of painstaking work that only someone who knows every inch of the ship could perform—a tiny part of an enormous Where’s Waldo? It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.

Kiva kun kattelee jotain tollasta niin tormata onnettomuuteen jossa kuollu satoja ja ite ollu armeijassa ja ei koskaan edes kuullut asiasta. Jos koneessa hajoaa about ihan mita vaan, niin se kone tulee taivaalta alas lahes 100% varmuudella.
Tai sitten peruskoulu on muuttunut hurjasti sitten 90-luvun tai omat oppilaitokset ovat olleet merkittavasti erilaisia. Never have we been able to grasp the relationships between all the disparate pieces of wreckage. At first look the ghostly image resembles the surface of the moon, with innumerable striations in the seabed, as well as craters caused by boulders dropped over millennia from melting icebergs. Lange was part of the original Ballard expedition that found the wreck, and he’s been training ever more sophisticated cameras on the site ever since. These ribbons of data have now been digitally stitched together to assemble a massive high-definition picture in which everything has been precisely gridded and geo-referenced.
Why, a century later, do people still lavish so much brainpower and technological ingenuity upon this graveyard of metal more than two miles beneath the ocean surface?
More than 25 million people have seen this exhibit and similar RMST shows that have been staged in 20 countries around the world.
In a reversal from years past, the company now supports calls for legislation creating a protected Titanic maritime memorial. Lautakunnanjohtaja uskoi, etta kun viranomainen kuuli, etta joku kertoi, etta lapsi on insestin uhri, niin lapset kannattaa pitaa pois vanhemmilta. Kyseessa oli 47 sekunnin patka, jossa lapset tulivat uimasta ja leikkivat iloisesti alasti. Jotenkin varmaan niin vitun vaikee juttu, en kyl tieda miten oikeessa tilanteessa mutta ihan vaikka lentosimuja pelanneena niin jos koneesta menee tehot niin kukaan veda nokkaa ylos, samaten jos nopeus putoo niin luonnollista lyoda se nokka alas.
Siis miten vitaliksessa jos joku unohtaa laittaa ruuvit johonkin perasimeen tai joku ei kayta aikaa jaatymisen poistoon voi oikeesti tuoda koneen alas? Ehkapa oli liian siloiteltu kuva sen takia, etta haastateltaviksi otettiin jotain mallikansalaisia eika harmaata massaa. Now we can see the Titanic’s bow in gritty clarity, a gaping black hole where its forward funnel once sprouted, an ejected hatch cover resting in the mud a few hundred feet to the north. Why, like Pearl Harbor, ground zero, and only a few other hallowed disaster zones, does it exert such a magnetic pull on our imagination? It took two hours and 40 minutes for the Titanic to sink, just long enough for 2,208 tragic-epic performances to unfold, with the ship’s lights blazing. Studded with rivets, ribbed with steel, this monstrosity of black metal reminded me of a T. The image is rich in detail: In one frame we can even make out a white crab clawing at a railing. One coward is said to have made for the lifeboats dressed in women’s clothing, but most people were honorable, many heroic. The captain stayed at the bridge, the band played on, the Marconi wireless radio operators continued sending their distress signals until the very end. Juman kekka noi lentokoneet nyt niin ihmeellista matematiikkaa ole, Kylla sen koneen voisi sunnitella niinkin etta vaikka perasin puuttus niin se pysys ilmassa, saati etta joku 1 pieni osa irtoaa jostain ja seuraavaks kone on palasina ja sakkaa, silleen etta sita ei ees voi pelastaa. How they lived their final moments is the stuff of universal interest, a danse macabre that never ends.

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