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This is new TV Streaming website with a very clean UI, Big repository of tv shows and almost no ads. One distinction that becomes abundantly clear after watching just a couple episodes of Snake Salvation is that these people believe that God will protect the righteous from the venom (unless it is his or her time to go), not from being bitten.
The other bite occurred while the men were on a snake-hunting trip to Louisiana looking for cottonmouths. Nuestra Belleza Latina es un programa lleno de mA?sica, color y, por supuesto, mucha belleza. A look at the life of a woman, who is a soap opera star, and the drama that goes on behind-the-scenes with a group of spirited cast and crew, all competing to win the spotlight, irritating network executives and a familiar new onscreen love interest.
Imagine if your path into heaven was contingent on holding deadly snakes above your head while speaking and singing in tongues. Pentecostals who call themselves “Holiness” followers have been handling deadly snakes for more than a hundred years in the United States. For nearly 20 years Pastor Jamie Coots has led the Full Gospel Tabernacle in Jesus Name, founded by his grandfather, in Middlesboro, Ky. Pastor Andrew Hamblin used to be a member of Pastor Jamie’s congregation, and he is close enough to Jamie to call him “Dad.” Now Andrew, only 22 years old, has started his own church of “sign followers,” and though he is young and passionate, he is still working to prove himself to his flock.
Each episode of Snake Salvation will follow Pastors Jamie and Andrew as they fight to maintain their struggling churches. Also, going to be interesting to see whether or not the reported cases of potentially lethal snake bites rises due to the light shed on this religion. Luke 4:12 And Jesus answering said to him, It is said, You shall not tempt the Lord your God.
Next time you are moved by Andy Hamblin acting like a fool, please stick your head in a deep fryer. I think they NEED to READ and Live by the Entire Bible, not just one verse that has beeb MISUNDERSTOOD scince it was translated from its’ original text. I believe the state should forbid all the minors from the church,because the parents are exposing them to a dangerous environment.
I don’t know the number of people that die annually from worshiping with serpents, Had they not been doing that, don’t you think the would still be alive to enjoy their families!!!!!!!!
That verse says to take up serpents, all snakes are serpents therefore they could handle non-venomous snakes. We have countless numbers of Pentecostals in Louisiana and I have never seen or heard of any Pentecostals taking up serpents and dancing with fire. Haloamovies has managed to create safe and user friendly environment for watching all you films. Most all of the main characters have numerous stories of being bitten, including Pastor Jamie Coots’ harrowing and graphic tale of being bitten on the finger and then watching it slowly turn black and fall off!
Based on a Bible passage that suggests a poisonous snakebite will do no harm as long as its handler is anointed by God’s power, some devotees of this unconventional ritual practiced in 100 churches in the U.S. ET, follows two pastors of this creed who frequently battle the law, a disapproving society and sometimes their own families to lead their faithful followers to righteousness.

Since its founding there have been as many as 100 reported deaths from church-related snake bites.
His father, Greg, was also a snake-handling minister, and Jamie’s son “Little Cody” hopes to one day carry on the family tradition.
He is struggling to provide for his wife, Elizabeth, and their five children while on food stamps, and he is on a mission to grow his small church by appealing to a younger generation. Their biggest obstacle is their most important: finding and sustaining a collection of venomous snakes to use in their services. Each day, many times I pray for those around me, those that are less fortunate , those that lead ,and those who follow. One of the pastors in this show admits to being on welfare, which probably means he cannot afford proper caging with heat for these animals, or has money to feed them. Just watched the newest episodes in which young Cooty is bitten and is nearly recovered in a few short weeks (3-5) and found it facinating.
Very few mysteries to be seen on the program other than why people flock to watch some simple minded folk abuse wildlife. Some of the Beyhive’s private investigator drones have identified Becky as fashion designer Rachel Roy, but a spelling mix up has some of B’s bees swarming on Food Network chef Rachel Ray! For pastors Jamie Coots and Andrew Hamblin, the work is always hard, but always worth it, as to them, handling snakes is nothing short of a commandment from God.
Though Pastor Jamie lost half of a finger to a rattlesnake bite, he still believes he must take up serpents to follow his faith. Each will take viewers along as they head out on snake roundups, racing to find dens of their coveted cold-blooded reptiles before winter starts and the snakes go into hiding. I know by training and experience that evenomation by a large CottonMouth is nearly always Serious and generally leads to at minimum loss of tissue at and around the bite site and frequently significant deformation, permanent nerve and muscle damage.
More people die from car accidents(by an enormous amount) every year – not to mention the last 100 years. Keep reading to see a huge selection of the hilarious comments left on Rachel’s most recent Instagram photo of a pulled beef sandwich.
You can call them crazy, but they are determined to keep their tradition alive no matter the cost. His biggest supporter is his wife, Linda, who plays instruments at every church service and adheres to their faith’s strict tenets that forbid women from cutting their hair, wearing makeup or wearing pants.
With both pastors too financially strapped to purchase their supply, they are often forced to get creative to keep their stock thriving, be it snake trading at Repticon, the reptile convention, or illegally transporting venomous reptiles from warmer climates across state lines. They admit to being on food stamps, so it is hard to believe these people have the money to provide proper caging with heat and feed these snakes. The verse these two apostate retards keep quoting is being taken completely out of context.
What’s even more sad, they are letting their children do this, I think cps should step in. I was truly amazed at how little the kid really suffered and how quickly he showed appreciable signs of recovery, with what appears to be minimal residule.

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Though she gets nervous watching her husband at work, Linda feels no fear when handling snakes herself — describing it as “a calm” that overtakes her. Even if they can keep their snake population thriving, and stay out of jail, they’re also challenged to find and retain followers to their unorthodox faith.
The reason these people always need more snakes is probably because the ones they have on hand die from bad care. Call it DUMB LUCK or help from a higher authority, regardless it very rarely turns out so well. So wise up preacher, do you wanna die from a snake bite or live with a loving wife and watch your children grow up and have grandchildren to enjoy.
Many community members scoff at their bizarre practices, members of their own families teeter on faithfulness and reformed criminals use it as their best defense against backsliding into sin. The cages are overcrowded, look dirty and appear to have no heat, in these conditions a snake would get a respiratory infection and die without care from a vet (i doubt these people would ever take a snake to a vet).
If you have to disobey the law to obtain the snakes to get your adreneline rush, it’s wrong. Those who criticize another’s walk with the Lord need to look at themselves and stop judging others. I have no problem in how a person believes or worships the LORD thy GOD,as long as they ARE worshiping God and not some type of idol (including snakes. Collecting from the wild is hard on snake populations, which already deal with habitat loss and pollution. In Genesis GOD cursed the SERPENT for all eternity,and now it seems to be the right thing to do is to worship with a serpent the GOD himself cursed at the beginning of time. But the pastors’ own faith never falters that they’ll be able to inspire their masses to seek their personal Snake Salvation. He sent his spirit to live with and among us so that we would always know that he is here among us.
But to broadcast it on National TV without representation from any other Religion in the area is just outright Malicious. This destroys the den for other snakes, birds, rodents, and tortoises which also use them. The fact that the snakes do not usually bite these hicks when they pick them up, jump around and shout in nonsense words just goes to show how little these snakes want to bite people (they just want to be left alone).
Snakes are an important part of the environment, they control the rodent population and should be respected and left alone when encountered in the wild away from people.
National Geographic should not alienate it’s intelligent viewers to pander to morons and get ratings.

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