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China’s urban developments of Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing showcase the intersection of ancient philosophies and technological advancement.
Consumers stroll along Nanjing Street, where the glow of neon signs brings colorful life to the storefronts of Shanghai’s busiest shopping district.
Known for the abundance of struggling artists operating within its cramped studio spaces, Shanghai's Taikang Road remains much the same today as when it was first developed in the 1920s. Now listed as a World Heritage site, the imperial palace complex of Beijing’s Forbidden City was home to ruling emperors for nearly 500 years after its completion in 1420.
Chinese soldiers stand in formation before taking part in a ceremony outside of Beijing's Forbidden City. Benches lining the walls outside the Forbidden City provide a moment’s rest for tourists visiting the ancient imperial palace in Beijing. Rain doesn’t discourage shoppers from navigating the hundreds of stalls lining Tung Choi Street in Kowloon, Hong Kong. The more than 124 miles (200 kilometers) of subway tracks looping Beijing’s busiest thoroughfares provide transportation to 3.4 million people commuting in and out of the nation’s capital each day. Though China is more commonly known for its rice products, large wheat crops in the north provide plenty of flour for local bakers.
Near the elaborate Chenghuang, or City God, Temple in Shanghai are the famous Yu Yuan Bazaar and Gardens. The 94th floor of the Shanghai World Financial Center tower yields an unmatched view of the city’s urban sprawl.
Shanghai's ever growing network of highways rings the city and links more than 500 cities across 22 provincial areas. Combining Chinese architectural style with cutting-edge technology, the Jin Mao Tower boasts 88 stories that reach 1,380 feet (421 meters) into the booming Shanghai skyline. A man takes an early morning stroll beneath Nanjing's Yangtze River Bridge, a point of pride for Chinese.
Early risers perform traditional morning exercises on the Bund, Shanghai’s famous riverfront boulevard. Worshippers at Man Mo temple in Hong Kong light joss sticks on the second day of the Chinese Lunar New Year, praying for fortune and happiness. A performer dressed as an emperor rehearses his steps for a Chinese Lunar New Year ceremony at the Temple of Heaven in Beijing.

Armed with cell phones, social media, and sometimes just sheer determination, youth from North Africa to the Middle East are struggling to take ownership of their future. See images submitted to My Shot of the people, landscapes, and cities that make the Middle East such a beautiful and historic region of the world. See photos of sights along Marco Polo’s journey across Asia (including Iran, China, India, and more) in this travel photo gallery from National Geographic.
Archaeologists have finally discovered what lies at the end of a tunnel leading steeply downward from a 3,300-year-old royal tomb.
Snakes await at the foot of a steep tunnel in a scene painted on the walls of Pharaoh Seti I's tomb, above the real-life tunnel (file photo). Ancient Egyptian workers carve out and embellish the tomb of Seti I in a cutaway illustration.Painstakingly chipped into high limestone cliffs above the Valley of the Kings, also home to the tomb of King Tut, Seti I's tomb is among the hardest to reach but most rewarding. Zahi Hawass, secretary general of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA), ascends the upper reaches of the newly excavated secret tunnel of Seti I in August 2009.Discovering that the tunnel was left unfinished solves an archaeological mystery. In the shadow of Jerusalema€™s city walls, archaeologists have found a fortress that spawned a bloody rebellion more than two millennia ago. Get facts, photos, and travel tips for this World Heritage site off the coast of Australia. With a cultural map in one hand and a culinary compass in the other, savor authentic views and food in one of Australia's largest cities. Discover the best things to do and see—from incredible beaches to the rugged outback—in this Australian gem. Discover an impressive scenic highway that follows the windswept coastline of the land down under. National Geographic Traveler presents the New Year's must-see places, from Argentina to Oz. Prezentuje on zdjecia najpiekniejszych miast Europy, wykonane przez fotografow National Geographic. Nie zachecamy ani nie akceptujemy uzycia tego programu, jesli wiaze sie to z naruszeniem tych przepisow. Obejmuje to personalizacje reklam, zapewnianie opcji mediow spolecznosciowych oraz analize naszego ruchu. A experiencia do National Geographic: Cities of Europe Screensaver nao e a mesma coisa que viajar para a Europa, mas a qualidade das fotos e boa e transporta voce muito longe do seu lugar de trabalho. No National Geographic: Cities of Europe Screensaver voce encontra o Coliseu de Roma, a Plaza de Espana de Sevilha, a Torre Eiffel parisiense e a Praca Vermelha de Moscou, entre outros lugares miticos. Extraia o arquivo SRC, clique nele com o botao direito do mouse e selecione a opcao “Instalar”. Isto inclui personalizacao de anuncios, oferta de funcionalidades de redes sociais e analise de trafico.
Known as Asia’s Manhattan, Hong Kong is a rapidly growing center of international finance and is home to more skyscrapers than any other city on Earth.Here, a flash of red plies the nighttime waters of the South China Sea as shining skyscrapers mark the prosperity of Hong Kong. In an effort to capitalize on a booming tourist industry, the government hopes to turn Nanjing Street into the Fifth Avenue of China. Friendly relations with Russia during the rule of Mao Zedong in the mid-20th century lead to the implementation of strictly regimented ballet schools for Chinese youth.
A recent influx of world-renowned painters, artists, and fashion designers to the area has sparked the opening of new shops and cafes.

Walls measuring 30 feet (10 meters) high and a surrounding moat kept all but royalty and their subordinates off the palace grounds until 1913, when the gates were opened to the public for the first time. Known as the Ladies Market, the bazaar offers every variety of women’s wear from cosmetics to undergarments, as well as produce and housewares. After winning the bid to host the 2008 Olympic Games, Beijing gave its subway a face lift, adding new lines to the system as well as making maps and signs more visitor-friendly. Steamed buns stuffed with meat or vegetables, known as baozi, are a popular breakfast on the go. Teahouses line the main street, where tourists flock each morning to buy calligraphy, pearls, and antiques. At 1,614 feet (492 meters), the building is the tallest skyscraper in China and boasts the world’s highest observation deck on the 100th floor. The 88th-floor Skywalk gives visitors a panoramic look at the city as well as a bird’s-eye view of the atrium spiraling down below them. Completed in 1968, the bridge came to symbolize the achievements of New China following the Sino-Soviet split. The image adds to evidence that the tunnel may have been planned from the beginning, according to Egyptian archaeologist Mustafa Waziri.
The tomb is the most ornate and largest in the valleya€”and it's growing.The newly excavated stairway beneath the tomb isn't the only tunnel to surprise archaeologists and expand the tomb's square footage in recent years. One scientist says the reef has the most amazing animals shea€™s ever seen on an expedition. Przekazujemy takze informacje o Twoim korzystaniu z naszej strony naszym partnerom mediow spolecznosciowych, reklamowym oraz analitycznym. Se nem seu chefe nem a sua conta bancaria acham uma boa ideia essa viagem, o National Geographic: Cities of Europe Screensaver pode ser uma solucao. Tambem partilhamos informacoes acerca da sua utilizacao do nosso website com os nossos parceiros das redes sociais, parceiros publicitarios e analistas.
The scene may refer to the ancient Egyptian Book of Hours, in which a snake guides good people into the afterlife, Waziri said.While the rest of the tomb is covered with ornate reliefs, the tunnel is almost entirely blank.
In 2008 experts announced they'd found a new tunnel in the tomb proper, which expanded the crypt's length from 328 feet (100 meters) to 446 feet (136 meters). Przepiekne ujecia najwiekszych zabytkow europejskiej architektury sprawia, ze z trudnoscia bedziesz odrywac wzrok od monitora. Mozesz zmienic swoje preferencje dotyczace plikow cookie i uzyskac wiecej informacji tutaj. Podera alterar as suas preferencias quanto a utilizacao de cookies e obter mais informacoes aqui.
National Geographic: Cities of Europe Screensaver to doskonaly wygaszacz ekranu, nie tylko dla obiezyswiatow i podroznikow.

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