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From a charging buffalo to an erupting volcanoa€”see the winning pictures of the 2010 National Geographic Photo Contest. A canceled trek turned into the opportunity of a lifetime for photographer Aaron Lim Boon Teck, who captured an active Indonesian volcano in his image "Eruption of Gunung Rinjani.""Trekkers [who] were able to make it up to the crater rim on time [were] able to camp overnight to witness the eruption [the] whole night long," Boon Teck, of Singapore, wrote with his submission to the 2010 National Geographic Photography Contest. A two-million-dollar rodent eradication program flopped in the South Pacific, and now scientists think they know why. From insults to terms of endearment, Shakespeare turned to the animal kingdom to get his point across. Thrill-seeking kayakers negotiate a perilous suspension bridge soaring over Costa Rica’s Savegre River, near Manuel Antonio National Park. Costa Rica’s Independence Day—September 15—commemorates its declaration of independence from Spain in 1821. Of the 42 neotropical toucan species in Latin America, six can be found in the lowlands and rain forests of Costa Rica.
With over 700 miles (1,130 kilometers) of coastline touching both the Pacific and Caribbean Oceans, Costa Rica offers an endless supply of waves. The Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve is the home of gnarled, ancient trees draped in mosses, ferns, and epiphytes. A massive maze of stalls, the Mercado Central in San Jose’s city center caters mostly to locals.
Positioned about 340 miles (550 kilometers) south of Puntarenas, Cocos Island is an oasis in the eastern Pacific Ocean.
Stars streak over Arenal Volcano as it puts on a fiery display for the district of La Fortuna in this time exposure.
Glass frog is the common name for amphibians belonging to the family Centrolenidae, so named for their translucent abdominal skin.
At the base of the dormant Cerro Chato Volcano in central Costa Rica, La Fortuna waterfall drops about 230 feet (70 meters) into a greenish-blue swimming hole. During the winter months, blue whales congregate in the Costa Rica Dome, an area of the Pacific Ocean 500 to 800 miles (800 to 1,300 kilometers) west of Costa Rica, though its exact location changes every year. Tourists take in the spectacular sunset view from a beach in Manuel Antonio National Park on the central Pacific coast. More than two miles down, the ghostly bow of the Titanic emerges from the darkness on a dive by explorer and filmmaker James Cameron in 2001. With her rudder cleaving the sand and two propeller blades peeking from the murk, Titanic’s mangled stern rests on the abyssal plain, 1,970 feet south of the more photographed bow.

The first complete views of the legendary wreckEthereal views of Titanic’s bow offer a comprehensiveness of detail never seen before. The first complete views of the legendary wreckTitanic’s battered stern is captured overhead here. This porthole is among more than 5,500 objects retrieved from the ocean floor around the wreck of the Titanic. A gentleman’s pocket watch in a sterling silver case may have been set to New York time in anticipation of a safe arrival. See the Titanic like never before in the award-winning iPad edition of National Geographic magazine. Investigate the ship’s remains and its contents sprawled across a thousand acres of gently sloping seafloor. Snaking through a lush rain forest filled with tropical birds and pristine waterfalls, the Savegre is a spectacular stretch of coastal white water. These festive dancers, dressed in traditional costume, put on a show for the crowd at a carnival in Cartago.
These bright-billed birds inhabit the canopy layer of the rain forest, where they build nests and protect their young from forest-floor predators. Warm water, clean beaches, affordable prices, and consistent year-round conditions make it a surfer’s paradise. True to its name, the cloud forest is typically blanketed in cool fog, but it is this ubiquitous moisture that encourages the forest’s exuberant plant growth. A protected national park and a UNESCO World Heritage site, Cocos Island is best known for its extraordinary biodiversity.
After lying dormant for hundreds of years, Arenal erupted in 1968 and has since earned the title of Costa Rica’s most active volcano.
Indigenous to the cloud forests of Central and South America, 13 species of cloud frogs have been identified in Costa Rica. Horseback and hiking tours bring visitors through tropical forest to the base of the waterfall for a refreshing dip.
Scientists have discovered that the dome serves as a key location for feeding, breeding, and calving.
Solitary, arboreal, and nocturnal creatures, sloths use their long, prominent claws for climbing around the rain forest canopies of Central and South America.
It may be the smallest of Costa Rica’s national parks, but Manuel Antonio is one of the most biodiverse areas in the world, made up of mixed terrain including rain forests, beaches, and coral reefs.

The ship might have survived a head-on collision with an iceberg, but a sideswipe across her starboard side pierced too many of her watertight compartments.
The sands sparkle against a backdrop of towering granite boulders, worn by time and weather. The celebrations begin on the evening of September 14 with a parade of homemade lanterns representing the news of the country’s independence arriving at night.
Backpackers often use the nearby village of Santa Elena as their base for exploring the reserve. In addition to teeming populations of sharks, rays, and fish, four species of sea turtles have been recorded inside the park’s marine boundaries. These nocturnal tree-dwelling frogs stay camouflaged during the day on the underside of leaves. The world’s slowest mammals, sloths spend an average of 18 hours a day sleeping and are most active from dusk until dawn. Straddling the Equator southwest of Sri Lanka, the 1,102 islands that make up the Maldives form 26 atolls. Just 18 miles (29 kilometers) long, this lush little slip of land lies in a protected lagoon edged by white sandy shores, the best being at Matira Point. The unspoiled shoreline begins around Southampton and runs east to the end of the island at Montauk. The waters here are relatively calm, and there’s plenty of sand to use for sunbathing or castle-building. This World Heritage Site is an ecologist’s dream, with 640 square miles (1,664 square kilometers) of unspoiled natural paradise.
Lodgings here accommodate a wide range of tourists, from the backpacking ecology lover to pampered resort fans.St. With beautiful secluded beaches, fine French cuisine, and gracious hotels, this tropical playground is popular with the Jet Set. If your vacation wishes extend from uncrowded white sands and clear waters to lush green forests, you will find yourself content here. Datai Bay, located on Pulau Langkawi, is a heavenly retreat on the Andaman Sea.Kauna'oa Bay, HawaiiLocated on the Kohala Coast of the Aloha State’s Big Island, Kauna’oa Bay is the quintessential Hawaiian spot.

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