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I beyond excited to share the news that I had two images since April 22nd recognized on National Geographic online in their editors picks and daily dozen.
What I think I’m most excited and proud of is that two very distinct and different images were noticed from my submissions. Thanks so much to al of my couples that offer me such great opportunity and to Heather and Alejandro pictured here for allowing me to share in their wedding story.
National Geographic has published a gallery of the best travel photos of 2015, featuring 50 superb images from around the globe.

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You can see the rest, plus more great photography, on the National Geographic site.Highlights include the northern lights swirling in the night sky above Iceland, fishermen using lanterns to attract eels, and a young woman gasping for breath as she is crushed by crowds in Pamplona. The Cuernos (Horns) del Paine grab the early morning light in Chile's wild Torres del Paine National Park. The winning photos were submitted to Your Shot, a forum where members can take part in photography assignments, get expert feedback, get published, and more.

Once the haunt of a few stalwart climbers, the park now attracts more than 100,000 visitors a yearGleb Tarro, National Geographic Your ShotNorthern Lights Over Iceland. The best time to see the light show in Iceland is on a clear night in winter – visibility improves the colder it getsDaniele BoffelliSan Rafael Falls, Ecuador.

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