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Orth, a practicing Catholic, who certainly knew about Mary before this assignment, said she learned a great deal from talking with scholarly experts and reading mystics who wrote about the life of Mary but whose observations didn’t make it into the article.
She also witnessed the deep faith of many who have traveled great distances to be where apparitions of Mary are said to have taken place such as Medjugorje, Bosnia-Herzegovina, where six village children said they first saw Mary in 1981 and continue to see apparitions there.
In the small village, Orth met four stage-4 cancer victims last November: Two have since died, one is under treatment and another shows no signs of the disease.
A 59-year-old hockey dad from Boston told Orth that in 2000 one of the Medjugorje visionaries prayed with him for a cure of the cancer that riddled his body, giving him only months left to live. One of Orth’s most inspiring stops for the story, primarily because she had not been unaware of it, was the small village of Kibeho, Rwanda, described as the place where Mary appeared to three young girls in the 1980s and foretold the genocide that took place in that country in 1994.

The girls, Orth writes, “said they spent countless hours in conversations with the Virgin, who called herself Nyina wa Jambo, Mother of the Word. But even though Mary is said to have spoken of the love of Jesus and gave these girls motherly advice, she is also said to have shown them images of heaven, hell and purgatory along with horrific images of genocide that she warned could happen if Rwandans did not renew their hearts and dispel evil. Orth pointed out that very little is known about Mary from the Bible, but as her story reveals, the lack of details about Mary has not stopped people from reaching out to her in prayer and devotion as a way to better understand and approach God.
Read the 4 books of the History of the Blessed virgin Mary (The City of God) by Sister Mary Agreda and you will see how powerful She really is because God has granted theme to Her as the Mother of God. One had been killed in the genocide, one became a monastic sister in Italy, and the third fled to the Democratic Republic of the Congo and then Kenya during the three-month onslaught when the majority Hutu attacked the minority Tutsi and more than 800,000 people were killed.

Orth visited several countries and interviewed dozens of people with strong devotional ties to Mary -- from those who claim to have seen her to those who believe Mary's intercession has healed them and those who simply seek her spiritual guidance.
When he went back to Boston a week later, a CT scan at Massachusetts General Hospital revealed that his tumors were almost gone. Their stories have been consistent throughout the years, and they also have undergone extensive questioning from Vatican officials.

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