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The common direct maternal ancestor to all women alive today was born in East Africa about 180,000 years ago and her direct line survives into current generations.I am a grand-daughter of Helena (see Brian Sykes' "Seven Daughters of Eve") because I am from Haplogroup H. Several relatives outside close family have now been tested and I've found a few genealogical connections with strangers who are DNA matches on one of the DNA testing sites (23andMe, Family Tree DNA, and AncestryDNA), which has enabled me to start creating some chromosome maps – it's amazing being able to identify the ancestors from whom the DNA that either I or my close relatives have inherited on various locations on our chromosomes. Your paternal line runs along the top of the Pedigree Chart through your father, his father, etc. ETHNIC DNA TESTING #2: Mitochondrial DNA Testing of Your Maternal LineYour maternal line runs along the bottom of the Pedigree chart through your mother, her mother, etc. ETHNIC DNA TESTING #3: Autosomal DNA TestingYour Y-DNA came exclusively from your father down the paternal line. NOTE: 23andMe recently added FDA-approved health test results and increased the price to $199. At the moment, there is one additional SNP to test at FTDNA (Z242), to identify whether this is the actual terminal SNP, which I'll go ahead and have tested at some point. They also provide Ancestry Composition by chromosome (Figure 5), showing the various chromosome segments by the geographical area associated with the individual's markers, which is a novel presentation – although with only subtle changes of blue, blue, blue, and blue being used to color the chromosomes within European regions, it's not quite as easy to spot everything as it could be (!!). See My Chromosome Maps for some examples, and I'll keep on adding to these and adding new maps. A hilarious blog posting, likening AncestryDNA's ethnic percentages to Hans Christian Andersen's "The Emperor's New Clothes". The test that connects people in the maternal line is mitochondrial DNA testing, often abbreviated mtDNA.Since a mother passes on her mtDNA to ALL her children, both males and females can take this test.

Since each is undiluted by marriage, these types of ethnic DNA testing are highly accurate. The SNP was discovered in a study of data from the 1000 Genomes Project (Source: Rocca et al. The author, genetic genealogist Roberta Estes, includes a statement her old Dad made, which I haven't heard before: "integrity is like virginity, you only get to lose it once". The fundamental limitation is that they only represent a small fraction of your total ethnic ancestry.Go back just four generations and you have 16 great-great grandparents. From everything I know about my family, the only ancestors I've located have been from England, Wales, and Scotland. It is these mutations that begin distinct branches and let genealogists find people with recent common ancestors.Only men have a Y-chromosome.
By introducing yourself to your genetic cousins and pooling your genealogical knowledge to identify that common ancestor, you may be able to place yourself in a specific tribe. But ethnicity estimates for Family Tree DNA are still in beta testing and updates are expected at some point. Even if you dona€™t know all the names and dates, you can draw or imagine a family tree that looks something like the following Pedigree Chart. These types of ethnic DNA testing will totally miss the people in the center of that Pedigree Chart. I've paid for all the tests myself, with the exception of the autosomal DNA test from Ancestry (AncestryDNA), where I was offered (together with thousands of others no doubt) to be involved with the beta-testing phase of their test for free (I only had to pay shipping costs).

If you're a woman, you can still get answers about your ethnic heritage by testing a male in your paternal line, e.g.
Go back several more generations and you have hundreds of ancestors, each of which contributed to your personal DNA.You May Need to Test Someone ElseYou can still use Y-DNA and mtDNA tests to identify the haplogroups of others in your known family tree.
You just have to clearly understand the concepts of paternal and maternal lines and find the right people to test.For example, suppose you believe that your great grandfather was a Native American.
Just follow his paternal line forward in time through his sons and their sons to find an appropriate living male for the Y-DNA test.If no suitable test subject is available in your great grandfathera€™s paternal line, consider the female lineage. For example, results once defined as Western European are now being broken down into subgroups such as English and Irish or French and German etc. Results only defined as African are starting to break down into specific countries.Such refinements will simply appear in your report over time at no additional charge.
The person you use for an mtDNA test can be male or female as long as that persona€™s mother is in the proper maternal line.

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