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The National Geographic Channel, also called Nat Geo, is a subscription television network that features documentaries produced by the National Geographic Society. Synopsis: Enter the Audi R8 factory in Neckarsulm, Germany, and follow the crafting of a road car modelled after a champion race car. It features some programming similar to that on the Discovery Channel such as nature, science, culture and history documentaries.

With the introduction of the R8, Audi breaks out of its elegant sedan image to create a sports car that rivals the likes of Porsche and Lamborghini.
Modelled after the R8 race car that dominated at Le Mans, the Audi R8 road car is a mid-engine two-seater with explosive power and a smooth ride.
Audi has combined all of its engineering innovations over the last few decades into this one sports car all-wheel drive, an ultra-light aluminium space frame and high-tech fuel injection.

This car is grabbing the attention of sports car fanatics, photographers and automotive journalists all over the world.

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