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Description: Watch national geographic, a great documentary channel, live streaming online.
Description Serafinosays features a daily spoonful of all that’s beauty from the kaleidoscopic perspective of Kristan Serafino, a world-renowned hair stylist and her friends. It seems you are using a browser that isn't fully supported and some of our features may not work as intended. National Geographic Channel has purchased television rights for climate change documentary Chasing Ice. Listen to your favorite National Geographic news daily, anytime, anywhere from your mobile phone. Now…before you commit electron to email and blast me with something along the lines of "Don't be a nimwit (again)!", please allow me to clarify. You see, during my recent stay in Palau, there were some days when I didn't go out on the water. So get this: while I was engrossed in a documentary called Kingdom of the Blue Whale, I recognised a friend at the 40-minute mark! Of course, I immediately broke out my 2012 humpback whale calf ID summary file to confirm the onscreen ID, but there was no doubt in my mind…the humpback whale female that appears in the documentary is the same female that is the mother of calf 201217 Juunana.

If you'd like to confirm this for yourself, download my humpback whale calf count summary, v3 (71 pages, 29MB) and refer to pages 34-36. The mother of 201217 is the first female humpback I've confirmed with three calves: 200816 (Chibi-chan), 200929 (Floppy), and 201217 (Juunana). Recognising the adult whale in the video footage, of course, begged the question of whether the calf on TV was one of the three babies previously ID-ed, or perhaps a completely different one.
According to the DVD cover, the Kingdom of the Blue Whale was released in 2009 by National Geographic.
I rushed out, grabbed Ron, dragged him to the TV screen and spat out a convoluted concatenation of high-velocity syllables at him. Being fluent in gibberish, Ron groked the situation right away, and commented that out of 6+ billion people on the planet, I'm probably the only person who could've made the connection.
Anyway, I've updated my 2012 humpback whale calf count PDF file to reflect this exciting discovery.
If anyone has friends at National Geographic Television or National Geographic Channel who might be able to help suss out this bit of information, please put me in touch! Update 13 December: The humpback footage in the program was stock footage from BBC Motion Gallery.

National Geographic Channel airs non fiction television programs produced by the National Geographic Society. Try a fun new color to get you through those rough phases when you just want to cut it all off.
On one of those occasions, I was chilling at my friend Ron's house, catching up on programs I've missed. I don't, of course, know the exact year in which the footage incorporated in the DVD was taken. Like History and the Discovery Channel, the channel features documentaries with factual content involving nature, science, culture, and history.
It's impossible underwater to see 800 feet, or to see the ship all at once," said James Cameron. So that means this I can document that this female humpback has had babies in 2002, 2008, 2009, 2012!

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